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Prokos_j reviewed on 17 Dec 2009
I own a license for this and really like it, use it all the time. Having said that, there are some basic features missing. Spotlight compatibility is a very important feature that is absent. Having to do a separate search within ShoveBox is an annoyance. ShoveBox's search feature also has it's problems, after doing a search and browsing through the results the search is automatically cancelled if the user closes any of the opened windows forcing the user to start his search from scratch. That effectively doubles the trouble. Another missing feature is sync ability with multiple copies of ShoveBox, say one on a laptop and another on a desktop. Yet another feature missing is the ability to see not only recently added clips but recently opened clips as well. I have emailed the developer asking for these over the past many months and while they are receptive, have implemented none of them to date. Updates/releases are very slow for an application as tiny and costly as this one is. Again, I really like it. I just wish the developer gave it more attention, I get the feeling it's sitting on the back burner.
[Version 1.7.6]

Prokos_j commented on 14 Dec 2009
I think this is a great services bundle but I can't justify spending $25 for it. So, I will wait until it is discounted. Unfortunately I just missed it the last time it was discounted on MacUpdate.
[Version 4.1.2]


Prokos_j reviewed on 06 Dec 2009
I have been a DiskWarrior fan for many years. In general I like the software, it has fixed various directories on systems that I have run starting at Mac OS 8. So, I have been increasingly frustrated with their update/upgrade system. Here I am, an Alsoft DiskWarrior license holder and a holder of one Apple Snow Leopard license and I still have to pay over $20 just to get a copy of a DiskWarrior DVD that will start up my computer and run the software I own licenses for. From my perspective that disk should cost about $5.00 including the stamp to put in the post. Each time Apple releases a new box, your old disk won't work with it anymore, regardless of the operating system you are running. Obviously this has turned into a profit making scheme for Alsoft. When I bought my license way back when I don't think it was $100 either… you can buy an entire operating system for not much more.
[Version 4.2]

Prokos_j commented on 13 Nov 2009
I would like to download this but it seems like a waste of bandwidth to download the entire database each time Apple releases a few new gadgets. Seems to me it would be more efficient to develop some sort of update package since that would invariably be only a few kilobytes in size. Just a suggestion.

This is not the only transgression of this kind out there. Having to download a 100 MB UniveralBinary/Multiple Language software package to find out that only 50 MB of it are needed on my system… well, that's annoying.

The answer in this time of multiple Apple systems running different processors and OSs in different countries is to have a selection, not jam every possible configuration into one package. I don't think that adding a download package for English only, one for PPC and one for Intel would be so difficult. Of course, I am not a software programmer.
[Version 5.0.11]

Prokos_j tipped on 31 Oct 2009
Link no longer works,,,,, again.
[Version 1.1]

Prokos_j commented on 21 Sep 2009
A heads up on 1Password version 3…

As of version 2.11 I really like this software, the interface is simple and uncluttered and works perfectly. I don't like what's happening with this software in version 3. The simple interface as been changed. The yellow highlight marker for copy mode, come on, that's the best they could think of. That in no way blends in with the Mac OS. Please at least ditch that Agile.

So for those who like this software and agree with me that function is more important than an upgraded design take a look at the beta before it's design is permanently embedded in stone and shipped out. Send an email and tell them that it is function that's important. Remember you are paying for the upgrade, I already have.
[Version 2.11]

Prokos_j commented on 20 Sep 2009
I have been looking for a replacement for iuTime by iUni. So far there is nothing… I wish this developer would incorporate iuTimes features, then it would be a no-brainer.
[Version 3.4.1]

prokos_j commented on 16 Aug 2009
I was taking a look at this and went to the website… no email address for the developer. There are forums but I am too lazy to fill in the fields. I was going to ask if it were possible to have FOREX rates as well as stocks in the app.
[Version 1.1]

prokos_j commented on 03 Aug 2009
Before Apple went from OS9 to OSX I had three software titles from this company. I was hooked because they professed that they would give free updates for life. Well, if there aren't any updates what does it matter how long you get them for. I see that last time they produced anything relevant was in 2008. Stay away, or get hosed.
[Version 4.0.4]


prokos_j reviewed on 02 Dec 2008
I downloaded the Demo version of VR Worx 2.6.2. First of all, developers, don't cripple your demo software.

For software that costs $300 the user interface is very poorly designed. I would expect that from a version 1.0 shareware product, not from this software. There are so many glitches that it makes the software virtually impossible to use.

There is no way to delete multiple imported images at once, the user is forced to click on one image at a time and click a clear button. That means 24 clicks to delete a 12 image panoramic! The other choice is to start over from the beginning.

After getting to the build pane and changing options and tolerance settings the panoramic won't build again. The user has to go back to the previous step again. In this same window there is no way to tilt individual images - all of the images tilt at the same time, even if just one is selected.

The list of quirks goes on and on.

The user who suggested Photovista… that software is windows only.

I give it stars because it seems to have a good "engine" under the hood, just needs to have the interface adjusted.

Meanwhile try something else.
[Version 2.6]

prokos_j had trouble on 17 Aug 2009
I have been using Shades and recently discovered that it is interfering with the custom screen calibration on my iMac. Shades switches my custom calibration off even though it is selected in the Monitor Preferences. The only way to get my custom calibration to stick is to open Shades preferences and cycle it off. I am guessing it has something to do with the position Shades is loaded at system startup because this wasn't happening before.
[Version 1.2b2]

prokos_j had trouble on 15 Jan 2006
This is works perfectly other than it will over-write files with the same name in the same directory without warning you first. If you are printing from Safari you won't get a chance to see what the name is until it's in the directory.
[Version 2.0]

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