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Ponti commented on 17 Jul 2011
Works really well, nicely designed, at just $8 today, it's a no brainer.
I'm pissed, however, to hear of the developer's lack of civility in not responding to emails.
Support sucks, apparently.
Oh well, for $8 I'll take the plunge.
[Version 3.18]

Ponti commented on 04 Apr 2011
A big middle finger to the MacCrapStore and apps that don't offer demos.
If I can't test out an app, then I'm definitely not interested in purchasing it.
[Version 2.0.5]

Ponti commented on 10 Feb 2011
"Execute your strategic battle plan and enjoy the carnage that ensues". Whoop dee do, what are we usin'? Nukes? White phosphorus? Chemical/biological weapons? Lots and lots of napalm, I hope; can't enjoy inflicting carnage and mayhem and suffering on others without it. During the Viet Nam war era, US troops called napalm 'barbecue sauce',
And lets not forget the depleted uranium...gotta have plenty of that.
Guarantied to cause birth defects and cancers in the "enemy" population for generations to come...and in "our" side's forces and their families as well.
Yeah, I know, it's only a game. That's what your sayin', right?
[Version 2.1]

Ponti commented on 28 Jun 2010
Too many cities omitted to be really useful AFAIC.
WeatherDock is far, far superior. "But WD not a widget", you say. Widgets? Feh!
[Version 2.1.1]

Ponti commented on 20 Jun 2010
Well now, SecretBox is now $35 plus $23 for CD ROM if you want it with only 90 days worth of free tech support; A years tech support is $59 and unlimited support, $119.
The trial version is somewhat crippled. As stated on their website:
"With the trial version of SecretBox, you cannot :

- Create more than 10 secrets
- Use the Import menu options
- Use the Export menu options
- Print your list of secrets
- Sync with the iPhone / iPod touch version

Ok, fair enough. It seems to work nicely but Data Guardian, normally $20, works just fine for my needs and Koingo doesn't gouge you for support after 90 days as does SecretBox's developers, App4Mac.
I'm staying with Data Guardian.
[Version 2.0.5]

Ponti commented on 11 Jun 2010
While I've experienced absolutely no problems with Safari 5 and do find it a bit faster than my default Browser Firefox 3.6.4 I still prefer Firefox(in its present incarnation); it's plenty fast for me and I feel that it's a much more intelligently designed browser than Safari....its features, including a plethora of useful, handy add ons just blow Safari out of the water IMHO.
I find that Firefox provides me with a superior user experience.
Safari 5 is my secondary browser, though.
I don't want to get into a browser debate though. Different strokes for different folks.
[Version 5.0]

Ponti commented on 11 Jun 2010
Sure would be sweet if Safari Cookies had the ability to block cookies....i.e. tracking cookies , ad.yieldmanager.com and the like.
An exceptions list like Firefox or Camino have, which allow one to choose to accept, accept for session or block cookies.
Safari browser's own cookie control is pretty mediocre, even in Safari 5.
[Version 1.4.2]

Ponti commented on 08 Jun 2010
Well now, I'm still using version 2 which works quite well....I've still got its .zip file stashed away.
If the developer dude abides and brings the version 3 price back down to $10, I'll go for it; at $16 I just don't feel it's worth it, sorry.
I've also got "Hardware Monitor" (excellent) which is also $10 currently. Check that one out if you don't wanna pay the $16 for iStat Menus.
I don't really need iStat Menus time and date readouts or calendar since I've already got "iClock Pro", also excellent, going in my menu bar.
Anyway, I'm sure iStat Menu's developer would sell more downloads if he priced it at $10; jacking the price up to $16 in these rather difficult economic times just doesn't make sense.
[Version 3.02]

Ponti commented on 01 Jun 2010
Yeah, G-Force is a really fine visualizer but not to the point of having to shell out $15 every year after the first year's purchase, for upgrades.
I'd go for $15 for three years worth of upgrades though, that would be fair and equitable.
What's really nasty though is that they don't give you access to any previous versions that you've already paid for(in the event that you, for example, need to reinstall it).
I've got version 3.9.4 and if it becomes corrupted and fails to work any more I'll just live without it.
But $15 year after year is a bloody outrage, and I've had enough.
[Version 3.9.4]


Ponti reviewed on 25 May 2010
3.6.4 build 5 is totally stable and fast. Firefox has been my default browser since v3.6.
Its selection of features and add-ons blows Safari out of the water IMO.
I think that Firefox is more intelligently designed than Safari.
Anyway, for those who prefer Safari, no problem. Whatever floats your boat.
[Version 3.6.4build5]

Ponti had trouble on 23 Jul 2011
v1.4 download won't launch for me.
I'm running OS 10.5.8.
There doesn't appear to be a contact email address at the developer's website.
[Version 1.4.0]

Ponti had trouble on 24 May 2010
While Miro is great, I've found that my MacBook Pro's CPUs often go up to 100% while running Miro, causing my MBP to run at hotter temps and fans to spin at high rpm.
[Version 3.0.2]

Ponti had trouble on 19 Apr 2010
Download doesn't seem to offer a usable demo. Asks for a serial number to be entered before playing.
[Version 2.2.7]

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