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Ploth reviewed on 10 Oct 2013
Binary Nights is an amazing dev - Forklift is the best FTP I have used... but Locko needs a lot more work.

There simply has to be ios counterpart for a serious password app for business use IMO.

There needs to be a pop up or toolbar for auto save when Locko detects a log in. The log in needs to have the option to be put in categories and auto login or not.

There should be multiple fields in log ins, different categories for log ins, credit card details etc.
Importing would be nice too (from Lastpass or 1 Password).
I want my computer to stay logged in to Locko indefinitely not just 30 minutes.
I want to swap & use Locko but it's not ready for us...YET!
I expect this to grow & hopefully soon I will love it as much as forklift!
[Version 1.0]


Ploth reviewed on 11 Apr 2011
This widget is GREAT - but has a serious bug.

If you type an SMS with the # symbol - it cuts off the rest of the sms. It also doesn't honor the Sender ID if this happens.

As I found this bug I can work around it - but it was a huge problem until I figured out what was happening.

Other than this there needs to be the ability to only sync a certain category / categories from contacts to ake that feature usable.

With a history this would be 10x better too - so you could see who you recently sms'd (or even better WHAT you sent them too!)/
[Version 1.1]


Ploth reviewed on 01 Oct 2010
What a nightmare to update! Took me a week! I hope you have a better time.

The whole reason I upgraded, was to to move my 200+ apps into new categories - but you can't! Probably ok if you don't have any serials to start with.

No wait - it's a bit of a pain then too. Try downloading MUP bundle serials (say 9 serials at a time). Now I have to select 9 times the category I want (instead of bulk select).

Ok I go through and do this - now the second bundle - I rename the category I want them in to appear first in the list. Nope still wants to put them in the other category! Ok I'll do it manually.

Now it won't import the serials form the second bundle (presumably because there are the same apps in there - though with different serials numbers). ??

This is a downgrade for me.
Another problem I noticed was with versions. I have say version 1.2 of Appx, then I pay for version 2. App Shelf makes a new version file - but it only shows in the list as version 1.2 A quick look and I can't see the correct version. To find if I have another version I have to click around & select other (hidden) versions.

Has great potential but it's like the app was released before it was ready / thought out properly.

I'm going back to version 1 - though am about to download licencekeeper & my apps to see if they work better.
[Version 2.1.2]

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Ploth replied on 02 Oct 2010
I can't edit the above so...

I have finally figured out how to move the apps to new categories. Click on the old category folder and from the view on the right hand side drag the app icon to the new folder. It is easy - just not the expected behavior if you are used to using version 1. You can not do it from the app list on the left.

Ploth reviewed on 22 Feb 2010
Bought this on special & thought I would only use it a few times.


It is so easy to use - it has changed the way I arrange my library & made things MUCH more neat & easy to find.

Very Stable

Tech support is great too.

It could do with a few extra sections for adding details and I would argue it can all be in one pain to make navigation a little easier / quicker but great app!
[Version 1.1.5]


Ploth reviewed on 22 Feb 2010
I have used Aperture 2 for about a year and have liked it though with limitations.

Aperture 3 nearly threw me as it said the trial can not update your library. I got scared...

Anyway I tried it and although it did take a long time (even on my 8 core 3.2Ghz Mac Pro with 16 Gig Ram) there were no issues what so ever. I left it running over night (I think the library I updated was nearly 500Gig).

The new features are GREAT and run fine on my machine - though I agree the performance should be better for slower machines. Apple need to address this as photos get bigger & bigger.

I was optimistic about the FACES feature but I found it a huge let down. VERY slow, and freezes aperture for periods while it scans faces. You can't turn on faces for specific folders / projects so it is useless to me. It is not very clever & doesn't add anyone to the persons file - possible matches are WAY off. It would be as easy just to select the photos & add a tag.

One bug I have found is with the brushes - like dodge / burn. If you use a scroll mouse while brushing (finger held down on the left mouse button) this changes the size of the brush...BUT in Aperture 3 although the brush size changes the effect of the brush stays at the old size! Most annoying bug!

Over all I am very happy though surprised that a few bugs found their way through the Apple 'Net'.
[Version 3.0]


Ploth reviewed on 22 Feb 2010
This is quite stable & VERY easy to use.

It has crashed a few times on me but generally pretty good.
it's biggest benefit is being able to import files from bundles bought - which is very handy.

You can easily add programs & serials manually too with many fields that contain everything you will need ( apart from storage for license files).

Things I don't like:
- Crashes
- Sorting - it doesn't sort the list by alphabet until you add a new program / delete one.

Things I would like to see:
- Categories ( ie for apps I no longer need & am going to sell or apps I haven't tested yet etc)
[Version 1.6]


Ploth reviewed on 22 Feb 2010
Looks very promising but it is a windows app. Wouldn't work for me - and I can tell you that it won't work if you use Aperture for your images.

I use Aperture but do have a few files in iPhoto but Masaika couldn't find anything at all.

the dev is friendly & responsive but says it will be some time before it will work for Aperture IF he decides to add that 'feature'
[Version 1.0]


Ploth reviewed on 22 Feb 2010
This has GREAT potential, but it doesn't work properly.

First off I found it very counter-intuitive in a few areas. It also crashes regulalry with a few features.

But my biggest gripe however is that after spending all the time to get the chapters in the correct place and separate them into individual movies, it gave errors for each one and the files don't play in anything.

I emailed the developer & the replies were very fast - until he asked for logs etc - I supplied right away and then nothing. Silence. more emails still unanswered.

I think this software is ok for some but if you have issues of it not working for (even the advertised) features too bad as the dev will just ignore you.

Very disappointing as I would be using this daily if it worked. Now to find something that does work....
[Version 3.9.2]


Ploth reviewed on 04 Jan 2010
As others have said the developer is very friendly & responsive (what else would you expect from an Aussie?!).

I haven't really used this to it's full potential but it is well worth the money and has many useful features.

The Clips part was the main draw card for me - and it does work very well. It has a few great features though really could use integration to the Right Click Menu and a popup clip'board'.

Autofiler is great, as is typer. Notes is amazingly powerful - I really should use it but I find I only really use todo's that sync with my iPhone.

This is among the best value software I have bought and I hope the few missing features are added to keep it at the top!
[Version 1.23]


Ploth reviewed on 27 Dec 2009
I bought the pro version at the very high price. I did not expect to be slugged for an upgrade within a few month of buying it.

One of the main things I wanted to use it for didn't work properly either.

After complaining to support they tried to tell me I was wrong & they were justified in their charging schedule. They offered me a reduction - but then just stopped responding to emails. My complaint about the lack of functionality was met with "pay for the upgrade"!!

Avoid this developer.

The software itself is very limited. It does make banners very easily but they are very 'template-ish' and don't offer much adjustment.

It is quite easy to use but does have some very time consuming and annoying traits especially when trying to add images / re-arrange. I have used it on a few websites but wish I had never gone near them.

I am tempted to do a charge-back - that's how unhapy I am. But of course I am wrong!
[Version 2.1.1]

Ploth had trouble on 20 Dec 2009
This software is NOT to make the original DVD smaller to fit on one disk. This just puts the file on your computer with no protection so it can be used.

You need to use the free handbrake program to convert to a smaller size or a commercial program to make it fit on one disk.
[Version 1.4.6]

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