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Pir_anha reviewed on 15 Dec 2013
very fast little utility and finds most things i've been wanting to find. also like the compact interface.

my main problem with it is that the search options are a bit rudimentary. eg i can't do case-sensitive searches, and i can't exclude the file extension from the search. for example if i am looking for an ebook about developing PDFs, but can't remember the exact filename, only that 'PDF' is part of it. "find any file" will spit out every file with a .pdf extension, of which i have tens of thousands. not helpful in this case.
[Version 1.3.1]

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Pir_anha replied on 15 Dec 2013
sorry, i looked at too many of these utils today. ;) replace "find any file" with ifilex. comment stands; it was meant for ifilex.
Pir_anha commented on 05 Oct 2013
there is a newer (2013) version available now.
[Version 2011]

Pir_anha commented on 13 Sep 2013
i am currently reviewing recipe managers, but unfortunately i cannot give this a spin because there is no trial version. sad foodie is sad.
[Version 1.12]

Pir_anha commented on 13 Sep 2013
sorry: no trial, no sale. paprika looks really nice, but with software i use as much as a recipe manager, how it behaves in actual use really matters. with physical goods i can return them if they turn out not to "fit" me, but with digital content that is not possible. please consider making a trial version available.
[Version 1.4.2]

Pir_anha commented on 23 Jul 2013
the latest downloadable version is 0.9.9, and they're providing a web version that integrates with iphone and android apps. i've not tried it yet, so no rating; just wanted to update others on the state of the software in the meantime
[Version 0.9.7]


Pir_anha reviewed on 26 Dec 2012
fabulous piece of software. haven't found anything among my music files yet that it couldn't convert, and convert well. i'd pay for this, but thank the developer for keeping it free (and downloadable outside of the app store). much appreciated! it's a pleasure to come across software that works this well.
[Version 20121222]

Pir_anha commented on 26 Dec 2012
so finally there seems to be a decent app that does what apple should have given us with the OS -- and it's only available through the app store. that's just a tad ironic, and incredibly annoying. seriously, devs, do NOT get sucked in by apple's landgrab; in the long run this is a terrible idea both for you and users. please make your app available through other distribution channels.
[Version 1.5]

Pir_anha commented on 04 Nov 2012
there is no free personal edition anymore; the download link is dead, and when investigating on the site, it appears that only a 30-day demo version of the professional version exists now.
[Version 5.2.1]


Pir_anha reviewed on 20 Jun 2012
since stanza is abandonware, calibre is overkill for just a quick look into an epub, and other apps are only available from the appstore (dear developers -- don't do that), this has become my go-to app for anything i can't read in preview. i'm not particularly into the skeuomorphism, but it is nice eye candy for people who like that sort of thing -- it looks like it belongs on the mac compared to a lot of cross-platform software..

it can bookmark, search, change covers, fonts and sizes, has configurable themes. it's stable, and under steady development -- the price is definitely justified.
[Version 3.8]

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Pir_anha replied on 07 Sep 2012
@MisterE -- yes, selling through the app store only is a crying shame. i left a comment about this for the developer on his website -- might be useful if other people did that as well.

the only good news is that version 3.8 is now available for free from his site, and that's perfectly serviceable, and in fact the only option for people still on snow leopard (version 4 requires 10.7).

Pir_anha reviewed on 25 May 2012
*sniff*sniff*. yeah, smells bad. maybe your program really is legit, "emma", but the glowing reviews are incredibly suspicious. don't do this; it's called "astroturfing", and when people find out, you will discover your product gets trashed everywhere, and rightly so. astroturfing cheats, and makes us distrust our fellow reviewers, which damages the review system.

if your product is good, it can stand on its own.
[Version 1.0.0]

Pir_anha had trouble on 13 Sep 2013
dear macupdate -- the "download" link just goes to the dev's blog; there is no downloadable version available that i could find (app store only, *sigh*).
[Version 1.2]

Pir_anha had trouble on 31 Jul 2013
neither download nor developer link work; they get hung on http://searchresultsguide.com/?dn=dotsw.com&pid=7POZW26M3
[Version 4.2.4]

Pir_anha had trouble on 26 Dec 2012
both the download link and the developer's site are 404. sounds iike it's no loss anyway since apparently the app never worked. might want to remove it altogether.
[Version 1.0]

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