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Philmac commented on 20 Nov 2012
You can't get Shade from the links above, but it is in the Mac App Store, still for free.
[Version 1.0]

Philmac commented on 16 Jul 2012
The author has abandoned the application and open-sourced the code:

* Unfortunately, I don't have the time to maintain and support it
* anymore. *But* there's still a group of people using the app, and
* goodness knows, Craigslist still has the ugly.

* I won't be accepting pull requests, but I will happily link to any
* interesting forks that are. Just let me know.
[Version 1.2.6]

Philmac commented on 14 Apr 2010
Thanks for the heads up. On closer review, it is Java and - well, considering that, I'll take your word for it that it can wreck the iTunes library! I'm skeptical of multi-platform tools getting into Mac-specific files and filesystem schemes.

Too bad no one's stepped up with something to do this job that's in between free and unreasonable.
[Version 3.3.0]

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Philmac replied on 15 Apr 2010
[Misplaced. Apologies.]
Philmac commented on 26 Mar 2010
The site is up, and a 3.0 version (free to those purchasing now) is promised “*very* soon.”

I believe it because Rob Griffiths (macoshints founder, Macworld) is now aboard, handling “all aspects of the business side of the company,” including support.

In announcing that, the original developer stated bluntly, “I've had no interest in the ‘business' side of the software industry,” which explains some things. It seems he is now free to code merrily away while Mr. Griffiths keeps bills paid and users happy.
[Version 2.0.2]

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Philmac replied on 26 Mar 2010
The link:
Philmac commented on 24 Mar 2010
Anyone know if SafariStand works with the new Safari release (4.0.5)?
[Version 4.0SL170]

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Philmac replied on 11 Apr 2010
After getting positive replies from others, I went ahead and upgraded to 4.0.5, and SafariStand 4.0SL170 works fine for me.

Philmac commented on 19 Apr 2010
10.6.3. I have Glims and Click to Flash installed as well. And I don't really see why this would matter, but I am running Path Finder rather than Finder.

SafariStand is working, though I have noticed increased instability lately. You might want to try repairing/adjusting it and its folder's permissions.
Philmac commented on 05 Oct 2009
If there were notable new features, I would pay to upgrade, as I have in the past. But all that's happened is a switch to 64-bit.

Now, I know that is not necessarily a simple task. At the same time, though, I can't bring myself to fork over more cash for the same user-experience - especially not when there is a free alternative.

I'll keep an eye out to see if Saft evolves: I don't mind paying for functionality. (Textarea backup, for example, would be nice.) In short: the developer needs to get creative again!
[Version 12.0b4]

PhilMac commented on 05 Sep 2009
Typinator is great (and now *very* fast). But with the advent of Snow Leopard, we need to know why an app like this is worth installing. Even the names of these apps - Typinator, TextExapander, TypeIt4Me - highlight a function that is now performed by the OS: "for example," says Apple, "'pnc' can expand to 'privileged and confidential,' and your initials can expand to your full name." This essentially the opening sentence of the Typinator webpage.

Typinator can insert images and rich text, and you can use different expansion sets with different programs. Anything else important I've forgotten?
[Version 3.5.1]

PhilMac commented on 11 Jan 2009
I'm not an audiophile, but I notice a huge difference in the music quality when using this program -- so much so that I bought AirFoil (as one must) in order to be able to use the plugin when playing music over AirPort Express speakers.

There is one thing that irritates me, though. The "auto-preset" feature adjusts the equalizer to match the genre of your music as defined in iTunes, which is better than nothing. It would, however, be much more useful to me if it matched the "Equalizer Preset" defined in iTunes (when one has been chosen). I don't want to have to choose the "Acoustic" genre for the one song on a "Rock" album that sounds best with the "Acoustic" equalizer preset.

PhilMac tipped on 04 Mar 2008
I believe that Leopard has changed the way a certificates is made trusted and added to one of your keychains. [DISCLAIMER: I am no expert at this -- just a guy who spent a few hours on this problem and found a solution that worked for him. Backup your keychains and the certificate.]

To accomplish this, I used the "add-trusted-cert" command in Security (accessed via the terminal). I entered a command like this one:

security add-trusted-cert /Users/YOU/Desktop/rootca.der

You will need an administrator password. To import the certificate into one of your keychains, I think that after this you will have to double-click the file. It should open in Keychain Access, which will ask you which keychain you want it in (again asking for a password). Then it should import, and you should see that it is trusted!
[Version 0.1]

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PhilMac commented on 06 Mar 2008
MY MISTAKE. What I wrote above is actually useless advice. Sorry! Really you should just be able to double-click a certificate file in the Finder and Keychain Access will ask you what keychain you'd like it in.

That said, Leopard has in fact changed something about certificates. Namely, new system root certificates do not go in the X509 Anchors keychain, but in the System keychain. (Note however that as of this writing, some Microsoft programs insist on continuing to use the X509 Anchors keychain in Leopard. Google for more info.)
Philmac had trouble on 24 Sep 2010
When GrowlMail gets the body of a message, it also loads images, even if you have turned off "Display remote images" in Mail's preferences.

The bug is known and is slated to be addressed in version 2.0.

The workaround is to select "Show a summary or received emails" in GrowlMail's preferences. (That means GrowlMail won't show the text of messages, of course.)

The issue is discussed at

If it matters to you, you can express that by starring the ticket:
[Version 1.2.2]

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