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Phaleron reviewed on 07 Sep 2013
Great product!
[Version 4.4.1]

Phaleron commented on 13 Aug 2013
If done right, this could rival Little Snitch and Hands Off. I am particularly interested in the per-site access control, i.e. cutting cookies for some sites but not other. To my knowledge (and I could be wrong) this control is still lacking in both LS and HO, which are rather application-oriented, instead of site-oriented.

I'll be watching development for this tool with interest.
[Version 3.0.3]

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Phaleron replied on 14 Aug 2013

Didn't know about DoNotTrackMe. Thanks, I will download it. I upgraded Little Snitch under the false impression I could now set access preferences for each site.

I agree LS is great, but Hands Off (which I recently got as well) has a great feature LS is missing: file-level protection. I don't think HO is inferior to LS. In the past couple of months of using both, I am spending more time in HO than LS.
Phaleron commented on 25 Jul 2013
The $50 entry-level for Accordance probably offers less than many free, open source bible programs (i.e. MacSword). The often touted advanced search features mean little if the modules that use it will cost hundreds extra.

I have been interested in purchasing Accordance for a while, but whenever I looked at what I was getting I always came away disappointed. I have been using MacSword, and Online Bible Deluxe which I bought on CD for $100, with tons of add-on modules.

Still looking for a good, fully tagged Original Languages Study program under $150.
[Version 10.2.1]

Phaleron commented on 15 Jul 2013
Here's my little rant:

I hate it when System support is dropped mid-version. I only recently bought Espresso 2.0.5, but now I cannot benefit from any bugfixes because my system version is no longer supported.

Dear developer, don't be unethical. Please, maintain support for the system you begin a version with, or else tell us upfront you'll be dropping support so we don't invest in a dud.
[Version 2.1]


Phaleron reviewed on 05 Jun 2013
I have finished my 2-year subscription with VirusBarrier today, and the app ceased from running altogether, locking me out from the web using Safari (I am using Firefox as I write this).

If I recall correctly, in my previous subscription VB stopped updating the virus definitions - which I thought was fair enough - but now, the application is greyed-out and totally disabled, all configurations are deactivated, and worse, it interferes with my web surfing, holding me hostage until I renew my subscription.

I was going to upgrade at my convenience, but, I have just decided I will not. I realised its value is much less than I thought at first. The application should at least have allowed access to the web with the previous settings.

Very poor user experience, Intego!
[Version 10.7.2]

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Phaleron replied on 06 Jun 2013
I don't know if this is related, but one of my email accounts was also disabled at the same time I lost Safari access to the web.

It may be that I clicked on the wrong button on a warning dialogue in my mail browser, but with VB being now inaccessible I cannot find what caused it, or correct it. I wonder whether trashing VirusBarrier will fix the problem or make it worse.

Any help is appreciated.

Phaleron replied on 08 Jun 2013
All things are now back to normal. Safari web access is back, as well as my lost email account. The culprit was VirusBarrier, as I suspected.

I write this for those who might have the same problem:

If, after VB expires, you click on a VB threat warning dialogue by mistake, you permanently loose access to the link using that URL (in my case, about 90% of all my links, including MacUpdate). The problem is that although VB is no longer functional or accessible, you can still disable URLs that may be perceived as threats, but you have no way to reverse this action. This virtually turns VirusBarrier - as already mentioned on the web - into malware.

The way I returned to normality was to find the old installer, run it again, and from there to uninstall the application. Then, I rebooted. All seems to work fine now.

Phaleron reviewed on 11 Mar 2013
As an organizational and archival tool, DevonThink Pro would be a fantastic application, if it would work right. But, several problems prevent it from being that.

Capturing a page from a web-browser (whether as Text, Webarchive, or PDF) is useless, because, except for tags and folders designated as favorite, not all paths in the database are available from the save panel. The same issue is encountered when saving a page via the scripts from the script folder.

Equally frustrating is it's inability to make hyperlinks in a page, because, again, not all paths are available. This was true in Leopard, and it continues to be true in Snow Leopard.

I have for a long time refrained from rating DTP because I really like what DTP does, waiting update after update to see this resolved, but time is up. I will revise my rating as the developer corrects the problem.
[Version 2.5.1]

Phaleron commented on 09 Feb 2013
The developer's website states:

"Edit any website's CSS and see it update in real-time. No need to save, publish or reload."

Does anyone know where and how this feature can be invoked?
[Version 2.0.5]

Phaleron commented on 07 Jan 2013
Lovely app, but I will not buy it through the App Store.
[Version 1.6.0]

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Phaleron replied on 09 Jan 2013
Thank you; that's super!
Phaleron commented on 25 Jul 2012
Can I buy, install, and run Mountain Lion without my Apple computer being connected to a telephone line?
[Version 10.8]

Phaleron commented on 18 Jun 2012
I was pleasantly surprised to find an alternative demo link for those of us staunchly opposed to the AppStore-only philosophy. Thank you.
[Version 2.0.3]

Phaleron had trouble on 24 Jul 2012
Version 2.3.1 will not fire up in Leopard.
[Version 2.3.1]

Phaleron had trouble on 02 Mar 2011
I tried to update the original v4 DW disk, but it is ejected, and the process fails without further explanation.
[Version 4.3]

Phaleron had trouble on 08 Aug 2010
I have two problems with the latest version:

1. Multiple ref string entries into the search-field do not produce the respective text in the window. The page remains blank.

2. Bookmarks with multiple refs, which are given a title and saved show up in the sidebar often without the title. To get the title shown, the bookmarks must be dragged out and back inside their folder.

Both the above occur intermittently.
[Version 2.2.7-1654]

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Phaleron commented on 08 Aug 2010
Here are a couple more issues:

3. Bookmark folders are occasionally turned into bookmarks.

4. In field input with long ref strings some of the refs are omitted, eg. Mt 3:16,17 returns only Mt 3:16

Phaleron replied on 09 Aug 2010
Sure, I will do that sometime today.

Regarding the ref search-string, I think I found that what causes the problem is related to entry format. Below are 2 examples, the second works correctly, the first omits Ro 8:15-17 and 2Co 13:14 :

Mt 28:19 Ro 8:9,14-17 2Co 13:14 1Pe 1:2 Jude 1:20,21

Mt 28:19, Ro 8:9,14-17, 2Co 13:14, 1Pe 1:2, Jude 1:20,21

This first method is legitimate, and it would be nice if it worked without the need for commas.
Phaleron had trouble on 06 Aug 2010
On this last version, switching the editor (visual, source, both) consistently crashes CSSEdit, except when nothing is open.
[Version 2.6.1]

Phaleron had trouble on 23 Mar 2010
How does one upgrade from version 2?
[Version 3.0]

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Phaleron replied on 23 Mar 2010
Great! It worked. Thank you.
Phaleron had trouble on 09 Jan 2010
There are some problems with Notes:

- When Notes are dragged into Folders, the original note remains where it was, creating thus duplicates.
- Editing both Notes and Folders is neither easy or obvious

Having said this, I am very happy with the direction and progress of MacSword. I am spending less time with OnlineBible and more with MS. Great work!
[Version 2.1.0-463]

Phaleron had trouble on 09 Sep 2009

This version requires a licence upgrade for pre-v3.5 licensees.
This is strange, given that we are not up to v4 yet. Be prepared to downgrade after trial period runs out.
[Version 3.8]

Phaleron had trouble on 30 Aug 2009
There are some serious issues with this version. All files were lost. I was able to recover part of my work by using TimeMachine but it seems the more recent work is gone.
[Version 2.0]

Phaleron had trouble on 29 Aug 2009
Bookmarks are unpredictable. Problems include:
–Inability to click-select and highlight bookmarks (intermittent)
–Inability to change bookmark stacking order (intermittent)
–When bookmark stacking order is moved, the old position is retained resulting in 2 bookmarks.

Other issues: Side panel limited width adjustment
[Version 2.0rc3-232]

Phaleron had trouble on 30 Apr 2009
It does not seem to work on 10.4 any more.
[Version 0.9]

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