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PetrieLM reviewed on 02 Feb 2004
iCosmos 1.2 is very easy to install. After several clicks you will be able to enjoy some great pictures of our solar system. The images are amazing, and put you in a trance when you watch it. My screen saver was on in class today, and people told me that they were paying much more attention to the screen saver than to the class, so it is to tell you how nice the pictures are.
The only negative thing about iCosmos 1.2 is that I wish that there were a little more diversity in the preference panel.
This freeware should be on every MAC. Get it!
[Version 1.2]


PetrieLM reviewed on 29 Jan 2004
Have you ever felt dumb buying an iSight, because you didn't have any "close" friends that you could video chat with, because they either don't have an iSight, or they are windows users (Yes, I know you do have friends like that!)? Well, now you will feel dumb, but entertained! With ToySight 1.01, you will re-experience childishness with a smile. It is funny to see how this Application made my friends buy iSights! Just get this application and you'll feel much happier to own one of the most elegant and powerful web cam on the market.
[Version 1.01]


PetrieLM reviewed on 28 Jan 2004
iSync 1.3 is so promessing. It is easy of use, looks good, and works fine! It works fine depending on what devices you are using. For example, for people who own a Sony Ericsson P800, it is the beginning of a long nightmare. The iSync 1.2 version was suppose to support the P800, however, you were not able to sync your iCal with it! How useful! iSync 1.3 is suppose to sync everything, but the problem is that it syncs once in a blue moon! It is pretty sad to see that such an inventive and useful application such as iSync 1.2 keeps having problems. Afterall, we MAC users, are used to things that works, and when you use an APPLE application that DOES NOT WORK, you get... Hum... Excuse my French: Pretty pissed off. I am waiting for the release of the next version of iSync 1.4 in order to finally sync my cell phone every day, and not once in a blue moon!
[Version 1.3]


PetrieLM reviewed on 28 Jan 2004
It is true that not all the covers of the albums that I have in my library are available, and sometimes it even gives a total different cover art for some albums I have, but Fetch Art is a brilliant little script that gives a total other dimension to your iTunes library. Finally you can see the cover art of your favorite bands and even if you cannot find the cover art for some bands, you always have the possibility to actually find it on line, and incorporate it in your iTunes library. I would like to say that I was actually expecting APPLE to ad this feature in the "so-called" new iTunes in iLife, but alas, it did not happen, and thanks to the people with integrity who made this script, for bringing the pleasure of the eyes with the pleasure of the ears.
[Version 1.1]


PetrieLM reviewed on 28 Jan 2004
I was so exited to see that some people out there finally gave the opporutnity to people who owned a USB web-cam to use iChat AV. Thank you! However, I have to say that even if I downloaded the iChatUSBCam 1.1.2 version more than four (4) times, it never worked! It also seems like it actually messed up my Fire Wire connection, for I cannot use my Digital Camcorder anymore with my iBook. So, sorry mates, it was a good idea, but it did not really work! I do not advice anyone to install iChatUSBCam 1.2.1 at all.
[Version 1.1.2]


PetrieLM reviewed on 28 Jan 2004
Life was so nice when iChat came out, but life got so much nicer with iChatStatus 1.2.1. Now, you can have a real time "connection" with your friends on line. They will know what you are listening to and will figure out if you're in the mood to party (i.e if you are listening to Moby) or to cry (i.e if you are listening to Tori Amos). I've never had a problem with iChatStatus 1.2.1, and its configuration is as fast as a blink of an eye. The use of a prefic and sufix makes iChatStatus 1.2.1 even more personal, for you can put whatever you want before and after the song's name. iChatStatus 1.2.1 also features the use of scripts which can be found on the net very easily. You will then be able to rotate the song's title, the artist's name, and the album.
A brilliant and un-boring little application that iChat (AV) users should have to bring away messages to another level... Thank you David Remhal for your creativity and following of the APPLE doctrine: "Think different!"
[Version 1.2.1]


PetrieLM reviewed on 28 Jan 2004
GarageBand 4.0 is a very user friendly application (well, it is made by APPLE, so it is of course, user friendly). The interface is easy to understand and it's "vintage" look makes the person using the software comfortable enough to be creative.
GarageBand 4.0 is the perfect tool to make easy music for your videos, or even for a little personal CD for your lover for valentine's Day. However, do not think that you will make a PRINCE album with GarageBand 4.0. It is not REASON 2.5 or some professional music software. You have a limited control over the sound that you might create, for there is only one nob to balance the music left or right.
Also, the use of samples is made easier with the "loop browser" capability, and makes the whole experience of creating music as easy as say... MAC!
Garageband 4.0 is a good application overall. We will be listening to "Reasy-home-made" music that will change the entire music industry. Thank you APPLE, once again!
[Version 4.0]

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