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Parthiban M reviewed on 21 Jul 2009
This is an amazing little app! It's powers are only limited by what kind of workflow/script someone can conjure up in Ruby, but the provided default scripts are pretty good themselves. It's surprising this app hasn't caught on yet. If more people who are familiar with Ruby use Dropzone's API to write little scripts, this thing can seriously overpower OS X's Automator app! since it's much more easier to use this than Automator (for a novice). The only downside is that I want to see more scripts for Dropzone. Once this little gem catches on, there is no doubt that it will be the next wildfire of an app for OS X, like how Bowtie, Coverflow, Bluebird, and the likes of others were.

Highly recommended.
[Version 0.2.6]


Parthiban M reviewed on 13 Jul 2009
Seriously, these 5 stars are 100% deserved. This is without a doubt one of those MUST have apps for any Mac user (or Windows user). It's reliability thus far has been nothing less than superb on my MacBook Pro, and its so easy to use, like almost too easy. You just install, direct it to a folder, and forget about it, thats it! Dropbox handles the syncing of that folder online so incredibly smoothly that if you're backing up, and your internet gets cut, or something happens to the connection, don't worry, it will automatically resume when the connection is sorted out. It is THE most simplest, yet at the same time the most powerful backup software out there thus far. Everyone should at-least have the free service, which you get 2GB for even if you don't want to dish out $100 for the 50GB or $200 for the 100GB packages.

The online interface that you can use to check out the sync is extremely intuitive and thoughtfully laid out. It clearly tells you things that you have updated, added, deleted, etc and the design is so minimalist, yet dare I say very 'web 2.0' that its a joy to use. I swear if Apple had this kind of service with MobileMe iDisk syncing....their service would be golden. But, compared with Dropbox, literally every other syncing service out there is garbage in comparison, including iDisk syncing. Seriously, it takes iDisk 1 hour and 35 mins to upload about 4.32GB worth of files (my iTunes music folder). Dropbox can do that in under 25 minutes. Something is wrong here with Apple's service clearly since both of them use the same internet bandwidth.

The cool thing here is that you can access your files from anywhere in the world if you have internet access and the right app on the local computer to open those files (ex. word for doc, excel for spreadsheets, or even opensource alternatives). This makes it incredibly powerful since you can handpick which file you want to check out from your cloud backup.

All in all, highly recommended this. I think everyone with a computer should have at-least the free version with 2GB of online space. Backup these days are crucial, and an app like this makes it so ridiculously easy for anyone to backup their files automatically online, making it a true gem.
[Version 0.6.507]


Parthiban M reviewed on 07 Jul 2009
It's a really fast browser, possibly the fastest on the mac in theory. In reality however, for me its been a mixed bag. Some sites, that are more javascript heavy, Safari is blistering fast (v4), and on other sites, Firefox seems to be just as fast. This version of Safari still has compatibility issues with a few sites, so its not my daily choice of usage, however the new FF3.5 has some irritating issues of its own.

Perhaps my biggest gripe about this version of Safari, and just the trend that safari is following in general in terms of looks, is that it does NOT look like a native mac app. Embarrassingly, Camino looks 100% native, compared with Safari v4. I think Apple needs to re-think the UI of Safari, and take it in another direction, before making any significant feature choices. Yes, this V4 is built on Cocoa, but it looks a little bit like a Java app, as it doesn't 'fit' well aesthetically with the rest of the system apps. Firefox has always had this issue, so no point in mentioning that. Camino in my opinion has been the only browser on the Mac to NAIL the streamlined UI to match exactly with the style and elegance of OSX.

And also this might just be my system, so I'm not entirely sure of this, but I'm getting much more beachball under Safari V4 than Firefox 3.5 OR Camino ß2 combined. This still happens even after literally resetting Safari. So I don't know what the issue is. This is on the non-unibody MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz (ver 3,1) with 2GB of ram. This only appears to be the problem with Safari, all other browsers work without beachballing every couple of pages.
[Version 4.0.1]


Parthiban M reviewed on 30 Jun 2009
This application is a gem, with one serious flaw in this V1. It only exports to ICNS (again for the 1.0 version). Even on OS X (where ICNS is often used) this is next to useless considering what the purpose of this app is for.

The format for changing folder icon is ICON, and this app so far does not support that. There itself the time saving factor is completely lost, as dragging the newly done ICNS icon into Candybar, and then exporting to ICON from there, takes the same time as opening a cover image in Photoshop and using Dustin's (the talented designer who did the original case templates) templates and scripts to spit out the final ICON file within IconBuilder.

Without a doubt, this app has huge potential, and is indeed a little gem, but it would have been more wise to start with the ICON format (and then perhaps expand to other formats in subsequent versions) than to start with ICNS, especially as this is the only format it supports.

Once this application supports ICON format, its an automatic 5 stars, hands down. Until then, I find it hard to see the value beyond 3 stars.
[Version 1.0]

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Parthiban M replied on 17 Jul 2009

Ahh, you are indeed correct. Looks like you do this through dragging the finder icon of the folder preview into the well for it to apply the ICON format. Never knew this was the way to do it. Well, its a 5 star app now. :). Though a pref menu to support more formats for dragging out of the well would also be helpful.

Parthiban M reviewed on 10 Jun 2009
To keep it simple, this beats VLC for me. It is definitely more stable than VLC, which has gotten to be a little shaky in the recent revisions. MPlayer OSX Extended also plays my 720p and 1080p movies the smoothest. Quicktime 7 chokes on some 1080p movies, and VLC has screen corruption if the bitrate is too high. MPlayer, lags the least out of all the other players, and this is only for really high bitrate 1080p movies. For everything else, its smooth as butter. Another cool thing is how impressively fast you can scroll the timeline on 1080p videos. It's literally instantaneous, which is something that even VLC or Quicktime cannot accomplish even now. Overall, I set this as my default video player, and I don't know if it has hardware acceleration or not, but at times it does seem to do things (such as timeline scrolling) so smooth that it looks like it could be due to GPU support.

The only gripe I have with this is the UI buttons. They don't look like they're the proper rollover state. The UI looks fine when the player is not the active window, and the buttons fit with that state perfectly, but when it IS the active window, they look out of place. Here are two screenshots that show what I mean:

Inactive window with perfect looking UI:

Active window with awkward and out of place looking buttons (sharpness):

I hope the devs are able to fix this in the next release. But other than that, this is the best video player on the Mac. Highly recommended.
[Version rev10]


Parthiban M reviewed on 21 Apr 2009
This app is good, in the sense that it doesn't run on Adobe's AIR platform like many of the other Twitter clients. It's built on Cocoa, so it has the smoothness and stability of a true OS X app. Visually it looks very sleek, and the animations are very minimal and well done. However, the price for the non-ad supported version is quite steep, considering feature wise this app fares poorly.

It doesn't have growl support, which would be very helpful for an app of this nature. Replying in a new (small) window away from the main app is kind of awkward at times, and it also is not possible to create themes for the tweet area, since the main tweet window does not use CSS styles. Overall, it's light on features, and heavy on the looks, but it is a 1.0, so there is time. Hopefully in future updates the app will become feature rich.

The free version is worth it though, the ads are non-intrusive and far and few in between. The paid version however, is not, so far.

Free version - 4/5
Paid version - 3/5
[Version 1.0]

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