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PaperCutPro reviewed on 28 Apr 2013
This is my rating and the next paragraph contains my review and the dev's comments. Thanks.
[Version 3.0.9]


PaperCutPro reviewed on 28 Mar 2013
Really... it's not so good, unless your goal is to make your Mac look like a PC from the early 2000s, or you want you folders to look like a duck or a blue heron. I tried to give my hard drive and elephant ass icon and Folder Icon Changer froze.

It's obvious that quite a bit of time was put into the creation of this app. Maybe a little more time should have been put into thinking about what types of icons should be pre-loaded into it.

If you want your folders to be kittens then you're in luck. If you'd like to make a statement about your taste in computers and push the envelope a bit, this might not be the app for you. (or me.)
[Version 3.0.9]

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PaperCutPro replied on 28 Apr 2013
@Gotoes - good answer. I tried to take it easy but maybe I was harsher than you deserved. They say, "you can't account for taste" and I should know, since I'm in a similar occupation to yours. If I can amend my star rating, I will.

PaperCutPro reviewed on 28 Mar 2013
I don't understand why Icon Slate has not been rated. It's the best and easiest tool for making icns, icons, ico (for favicon) a Mac icon set, a PC icon set, the 3 sizes in an iTunes set (cover and 2 thumbnail sizes) and more. Did I say easy? Super easy!

I probably used it for a couple years as and was quite surprised when it was re-released as Icon Slate, slicker and more polished than ever.

If you can't put out 5 buck to, at the least, try the best icon finishing tool out there, then you deserve to have the sub-par, shitty looking icons you now have on your projects. But then there's that thing about a sow's ear, where nothing will help you besides hiring someone else to design your icons. Keep it up Jeremy! 5 Stars plus plus!

"Ease of use" is meant to be 5 stars but I can't change it
[Version 3.01]


PaperCutPro reviewed on 08 Mar 2013
OK, I have to be honest here. I was about to rip an new a&*h*$@ but the MacUpdate service as a whole has been indispensable to me. I can't recall a day that I haven't come here to research an app or to find an app with a certain functionality, etc. And the MacUpdate Desktop app itself is a huge time-saver when it comes to keeping my software up-to-date. But I do have a list of gripes that may seem minor to most but as the list grows, they each become a bit more irritating. Here's my list (which I won't bullet point...) 1. I have 20 App Store apps that are up-to-date but MUD consistently reports them out of date. I hate to mark them as up-to-date because some of the versions numbers are so far off that if there actually were an update from 1.1 to 1.2 I might not be notified if I marked the app as current with vers.3.145 (or whatever odd version is posted as being the current version number)
2. The paid update warning is wrong so often that I find myself ignoring it. Then on the odd occasion that it happens to be correct and I overwrite my version with a paid update that I may not be ready to spend the $$$ on just yet. I do have MUD archive the old versions, but due to disk space I trash them after a few days. 3. MySQL. How many years will it take to figure out that the Pref Pane and the database are 2 different things? The pref Pane has been 1.1 since I can remember. The database version is currently is behind as of today 3/8/2013. 4. For a while I would send in corrections for discrepancies through the bug report feature in MUD, but eventually I figured out that I wasn't being paid attention to anyways, (the problems I reported were never corrected) so I stopped. 5. There are other things like extinct software that never goes away, etc. But that's all in the database. Maybe if we sent in a correction and were thanked and acknowledged and then saw the correction actually happen. More people would do it and most of these little bugs would go away.

Even though these little things drive me crazy and the day that I can run MUD and finish with a totally empty out-of-date window will probably never come. I still have to give it 4 out 5 stars. The service is invaluable.
[Version 5.2.1]

PaperCutPro rated on 29 Dec 2012
[Version 3.4.1]


PaperCutPro reviewed on 09 Oct 2012
This is an iOS app. Click the link and iTunes opens. My biggest pet-peeve.
[Version 1.4.3]


PaperCutPro reviewed on 07 May 2012
I thought I'd already written something on AAA. In my opinion it's the best Artwork finder I've found. I've tried them all. Every one that's listed above here. They all suck. They all bog down under pressure. They might be good for you if you have a couple hundred songs in your library but when you have a giant collection, you need a tool that can either handle a huge load or is load independent, which is the case with Album Artwork Assistant. I just keep a smartlist in itunes of songs with no artwork and every once in a while I fire up AAA and it takes care of the task at hand. It's not locked into some private,cleaned up artwork library that only has art from the pop lists. It goes into Google and can find pretty much anything that you throw at it. 5 Stars! Marc, you should charge something! $10 would still be a bargain.
[Version 3.2]


PaperCutPro reviewed on 14 Oct 2011
I've been using FolderSynchronizer since March 16, 2000. It's so easy to use, I have it set up for multiple tasks. From syncing my iMac to my MacBookPro to using it for backing up my Androind. Sometimes if I have a ton of stuff to copy to a different server on the network, instead of draggin each folder or file by hand I just open FS, put everything I'm going to move in a Multiple list, set my destination and run a one-time backup and I don't even have to think about it.

I can't think of a downside except that in version 3 I had to memorize what M F X Y V & S meant. I guess that's my own fault. And I see from the new product photos that with this new version I won't have to remember anymore since Multiple, Filters, Exclude, Conflicts, Volumes & Settings are written out.

Really looking forward to trying out this newest version
[Version 4.1.0]


PaperCutPro reviewed on 18 Sep 2011
Why is the price 99ยข here but when you get to the AppStore the actual price is $7.99? I'm all for programmers getting a decent price for their work but I don't care for the deception.
[Version 1]

PaperCutPro rated on 28 Jul 2011
[Version 2.1.1]

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