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Pacman commented on 30 Mar 2014
I would have bought this, if it worked on PPC.
[Version 11.2.443]

Pacman commented on 30 Mar 2014
No matter which example file I try to open, I get the same message...
"/Applications/jalada Sculpture/examples/*/*/*.sculp:
File contains invalid data"

Ehm... 24 hours demo limit - does that mean I need to do all the testing right now ?
[Version 1.2.5]

Pacman commented on 15 Nov 2013
V0.90.85 works on PPC, v0.90.86 does not.
[Version 0.90.86]


Pacman reviewed on 28 Oct 2012
I've gotten real angry with Apple.
Once a QuadCore PowerMac G5 was blazing fast.
Today, this fast computer is waiting 5 minutes on rendering a single shop web-page.
I tried loading the same 7 web-pages in Opera, and Opera displayed all of them IMMEDIATELY.
I'm starting to think, that because Apple want me to buy an intel-Mac, they've made Safari go slower and slower over time.
My computer is constantly hanging. Safari spending 150% CPU time, which also affects other applications (due to spinlock).
Yes, I've tried cleaning my Mac, re-installing everything. No, it's not only because people get more and more lazy when writing their web-pages (but that of course adds to the sluggisnness).
I have a top-tuned QuadCore G5 with RAID and max-out RAM, graphics card for video-editing, but... Safari is pulling everything down. My suggestion: Save on your power-bill and use a different browser.
[Version 6.0.1]


Pacman reviewed on 23 Oct 2012
Great little app. Note: The requirements are incorrect. This *DOES* work on a PPC machine, not only intel.
[Version 1.2]


Pacman reviewed on 12 Oct 2012
This is a great application.
At first, I was impatient and thought it was not usable at all.
But I gave it a chance.

This is a quick-start guide for PCB-nerds:
I had gerber files made from OsmondPCB, and I wanted to view them. As you probably know, there are very few options on a PowerPC based Mac.
When I first opened Cenon and tried opening the Gerber files, I saw they were all gray. I tried to 'force' Cenon to open the files, by setting "Always Open With" from Finder. No dice.
-Then I looked at the /Library/Cenon/Examples/Gerber/cpu.ger
"Oh, it has a .ger" extension. I renamed my Gerber files, and Cenon would read them.
Alright.. How about importing multiple files then?
-Yep, all imports on top of eachother. I quickly found out that you can in fact have separate layers (see the inspector panel) - this is excellent.
Now, I used a wrong approach on the colorizing. I wanted each layer to have its own color, so the silk screen would be yellow, the copper layer copperish and the mask green. I quickly found out that I could not just select all, and then colorize. So what I did the first time, was to select by hand, all those parts that are of the same kind (eg. all rectangles) then colorize them, then select all the circles, colorize them, etc..
Later I found out that I only need to select a single object, then press Command-E to select all that are of the same kind. I could then quickly colorize the entire layer.
Finally: I also found out that since the gerber output layer sizes differ, due to that they do not have an outline specified; I could place a square in each corner, which would make each layer larger. I would copy all 4 squares to each layer on the PCB, and then export the Gerber files from Osmond. Now they import as the same size in Cenon, and everything looks quite good.
Board outline can ofcourse be drawn in Cenon using a plain rectangle and then change its width / height in the inspector panel.

Cenon is definitely worth trying out (and if you don't know OsmondPCB, you should check it out; TIMESAVER: Remember to read the documentation first; double-click the toolbar buttons!!).
[Version 3.9.6]

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Pacman replied on 19 Mar 2013
Unfortunately... There's a bug in Cenon, so that if you have a ground-plane, Cenon displays it as short-circuited with all traces.

Pacman reviewed on 05 Oct 2012
[Version 22.0.1229.79]

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Pacman replied on 08 Oct 2012
Perhaps. Or perhaps I am used to something much more convenient, which does not crash, mess things up, slow my computer down, and runs perfectly on my Mac.

Pacman replied on 08 Oct 2012
That's something I don't understand. You have Safari 6, which means you have an intel computer = fast computer (right?).
There must be something wrong, because even an old PPC Mac, which runs Mac OS 8, can play two simultaneous videos smoothly.
Have you tried running Onyx lately, and optimized your disk, also making sure you use less than 85% of your harddisk space ?
(because above 85%, harddisks begin to slow down, and this affects your computer's speed, due to virtual memory is stored on your harddrive).

About browsers I prefer: Both Opera and iCab are my favorites.
Opera is probably the browser that follow the W3 standards closest of all browsers.
They're qute stable; they've both been around before Safari and Chrome. Apart from that, Camino isn't that bad either. Note: The browser-tabs were invented by a guy at Opera.
Safari and Chrome both uses WebKit (like most other Mac browsers), which means they usually render pages the same way (depending on a few factors though).

Pacman replied on 10 Oct 2012

#1: ...Nope.

"Development continued for several years with little widespread adoption until a stripped-down browser-only version of the full suite was created, which included features, such as tabbed browsing and a separate search bar, that had previously only appeared in Opera"

Besides, I was there, when the idea popped into Johan Borg's head.

#2: OK, I can accept that.

#3: As for iCab using WebKit; I never said it didn't, but this browser does work very well.

#4: If I saw a Web-site, which works o IE only, would that make IE a better standards-compliant (or standards-complaint) browser ?
It's easy for me to make a Web-site, that works only in IE.
Besides... No browser I've seen so far is as quick as Opera when you turn "Opera Turbo" on. :)

Pacman replied on 10 Oct 2012
For the record: iCab used its own rendering engine for many years. It started its life on the Atari ST (and is still the only native Atari ST Web-browser available, to my knowledge).
The Omni-group also made a Web-browser, which in the beginning had its own rendering engine, but it quickly switched to WebKit, after that became available.

Pacman reviewed on 29 Sep 2012
I lost all my web-sites on my server in less than a second.
Immediately I used the dd tool to backup what was left of my harddisk.
I downloaded Data Rescue (and a few others), tested that Data Rescue could find my data, and saved one of my Perl scripts.
It worked.
So I bought Data Rescue.
I let it chew for one hour on my backup disk image.
It found 40000+ HTML files (because there are a lot of Apple HTML Docs there), a bunch of script-files, etc.

I quickly figured that I couldn't find the important files just by opening the files manually, so I wrote a Perl-script to copy the most interesting files into a folder; eg. files that contained words that I would have written. It also colorizes the files by setting a label.

So far, it's taken a little more than a day, and I got all the files I was interested in back. Furthermore, the guys at Prosoft were very kind when giving me advice.

Conclusion: I definitely recommend this utility, and I recommend backing up your harddisk too! RIGHT NOW is a good time. ;)
[Version 3.2.2]


Pacman reviewed on 21 Sep 2012
For everyone who wants to listen to TFMX songs on the PowerPC based Mac...

This player is excellent. Unfortunately the Web-site disappeared, however, I found the v 0.4.4 here:

-Scroll to the bottom, click "Fading Twilight - Excerpt twelve"

-You better download it now, it took me a **VERY** long time to find it, and there might only be this copy available.
Note: There are some Turrican 2 TFMX-files that are not playable, but it works with the TFMX files found here:
[Version 0.4.4]

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Pacman replied on 21 Sep 2012
Funny, the links disappeared... I'll try again. First link, where you click "Excerpt twelve":

Second link, which points to the TFMX-files that work:

Pacman reviewed on 21 Sep 2012
Excellent tracker. Good quality playback; no pops and clicks, but plays correctly. Recommended. Good work guys!
[Version 0.90.85]

Pacman had trouble on 12 Apr 2011
Where do I find the config file ???
-SuperTuxKart starts, plays the music, but never ends loading, so I cannot go to 'Tools : Delete Config'; AND the ReadMe file does *not* say anything about deleting the config file.
[Version 0.7]

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