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OliverTerrier reviewed on 09 May 2013
I love the update. The interface changes are great and the app seems solid. How do I show item info inline rather than the popup window. The previous design of the info panel WAS so elegant and now it's MUCH more difficult to add metadata. Please bring the old info panel back and Together is easily the best info organizing program on the Mac. I'm taking off one star for the removal of the previous info panel, otherwise it's a SOLID five stars!!
[Version 3.0]

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OliverTerrier replied on 11 May 2013
Thanks Reinvented, that worked and it nicely implemented although I don't think I would have figured that out myself, well, obviously I didn't.

On a side issue, is it a safe assumption that since you have cloud syncing that there may be a forthcoming Together for iPhone? That would make my day...

Your app is great, and you're a talented developer. Thanks!

OliverTerrier reviewed on 24 Feb 2013
This WAS a great program. A perfect companion to Office 2011 both in function and style, I bought it only to discover so many faults which the developers seem to have no interest in addressing.

It seems the developers have become bogged down in adding a single feature (iCloud sync) that they have publicly stated the next version will not include any meaningful new features, just iCloud sync.

I don't really mind so much that it's taken a VERY long time to add iCloud sync. I'm sure there are many technical details to overcome but I do mind that the developers are so smug that they will sell their product and go years and years without modernizing their software with requested features.

The most requested feature I've seen is folders. I've seem many, many users request folders (nested) and the developers absolutely refuse to add them. I've also seen many requests for an iPhone app and again the developers refuse to satisfy.

They have their own dogmatic way of doing things which the want to shove down their customer's throats and if you don't like it, take a walk.

So, the bottom line is stay away. The program is a wonderful foundation for a great program that could compete with Evernote or others but, sadly, the developers are barely working on this dinosaur and still have nothing to show for years of work.

I'm an owner of BBedit and Yojimbo but I'm moving on at last and giving up hope for any type of satisfaction from BareBones.
[Version 3.0.4]

OliverTerrier commented on 10 Jul 2012
This is something I'd be interested in but if the developer can't even provide a list of the 75 templates in the package how does he expect me to buy it? I have no idea what I'm getting. On the website I can't find a list either, just a few examples.

Give me a list of all 75 templates and I'd consider but short of that my suspicions kill the deal.
[Version 1.1]


OliverTerrier reviewed on 03 Jul 2012
This is the single worst application I have ever used (made by Apple) and I've been using a Mac since 1994. It's ugly, it lacks basic features such as repeating tasks, has extremely poor snooze options and the alarm isn't nearly as reliable as, say, Outlook which is rock solid AND entering data is tedious due to the poorly designed UI.

Yet, the worst aspect of this program is that it has completely killed the market for 3rd party developers to come up with a better solution. Apps such as Daylite and BusyCal are iffy, at best and are limited by many of the same design flaws in iCal simply to remain compatible.

Apple should either ramp up this application or pull out and let someone with better skills take over.
[Version 5.0.1]


OliverTerrier reviewed on 29 Jun 2012
I basically like the program save two things:

-there is no margin control which makes text jam up against the window which looks sloppy and is hard to read
- the quick entry window is transparent black which is difficult to read and adds lots of clutter

Otherwise perfect
[Version 2.3.5]

OliverTerrier commented on 17 Jun 2012
Gosh, I sure hate the name but the idea is brilliant; especially considering the meltdown of the euro and dollar.
[Version 0.6.2]


OliverTerrier reviewed on 07 Jun 2012
Yesterday I reverted back to Coda 1.7 and my productivity has shot up 20%.

I no longer have to deal with the horrible tab bar. I really dislike the excessive space it uses, the way it insists on ordering new tabs aplhabetically thereby defeating the way I organize the tabs based on the progression of user movement between the various pages I'm working on. How much development time went into the visual tabs to create a useless and ineffective "feature" to "fix" a problem that wasn't there?

Small point, I also dislike the way the tabs no longer square off visually with the document area, by moving the start of tab bar to the left of the open document they destroyed the "Feng Shui" of the interface. I also found the text in the new tabs to be far less readable when in icon mode making quick hops between pages impossible because now I have to actually READ the tab text rather than glance at it. It makes sense to have visual tabs in a browser such as Omniweb where most web sites look radically different, for htmle documents of the same website, a visual tab bar doesn't make any sense and it certainly doesn't help the user in any way I can think of. It was a horrible idea to implement these tabs with text names that get smaller when the file name was too long for the space; who can read that?

But I saved the worst for last, the single worst offense of the new tab bar is the removal of the title bar across the top of the application making it nearly impossible to grab the app from the top of the window; forcing me to hunt for a place to grab the window in order to move it.

The missing title bar also ads visual clutter to my screen by having tabs sitting right on top of my busy background or other apps without a visual break for the eye to quickly spot the tab I'm looking for, thereby slowing me down, not to mention the ugliness associated with all that clutter.

Also, mixing in the document tabs with the books, sites, sql and terminal does violence to the standard application heirarchy which evolved since the early days of computing decades ago, it creates organizational mayhem and is ANOTHER BAD IDEA.

All these things we didn't ask for and one feature, which myself and other users have been asking for; a better visual cue to tell apart local and server files in the tab bar, has been ignored.

I also dislike changes to autocomplete. They are a step backward. In Coda 1.7 loved the way tags would be automatically completed for me upon finishing the opening half, now I need to start typing the last half for autocomplete to kick in, making the servicibility of this feature much less useful. No option exists to go back to the original way and no justification for the change.

Another problem is the removal of the single file upload option. I can't any longer just click on the arrow to automacially upload a file, now I have to lose my focus by clicking onto another tab in the sidebar to do it. That sucks.

And like everyone else I think the removal of the CSS functionality was a HUGE mistake, bring it back.

On the bright side, I like many of the other new features, code folding, the improved clips feature, beefed up ftp, and more but I'm a mac user because I care a lot about the interface and I'm very sensitive to how things look AND work. I spend many hours a week in Coda and if the interface is a constant source of friction then I'm moving on.

Overall, the interface changes to Coda are a great example of how change-for-change's-sake is a dangerous path to take. I invested 5 years and several licenses into Coda and I expected the new version to be a genuine enhancement but the interface has gone so far backwards in usability that I was actually forced to go back to the previous version.

In the past 20 years I've been unhappy with some software upgrades and sometimes WANTED to go back to a previous version but this is the very first time I've actually done it. My next step is to find another program to replace Coda entirely because I refuse to Panic any longer.
[Version 2.0.1]

OliverTerrier commented on 03 Apr 2012
I haven't used this software because I don't have a windows phone although I am really liking the idea of getting one. The one thing stopping me at this point is the lack of Office/Outlook connectivity from a Mac running office to WP7.

I don't want or need an exchange server but I do need to have my office/contact/task data with me. So if Microsoft want's me to switch from my iPhone to WP7 they need to provide me with direct connectivity between Mac office and WP7.
[Version 2.0.2]

OliverTerrier commented on 08 Apr 2011
Unfortunately, I downloaded this to give it a serious try. I installed it and started it and all I get is a blank screen with the name Pagico on it. None of the menus are responsive and absolutely nothing happens except for this blank window.

I'll give it another try if the developer can fix this but perhaps it was released too early?
[Version 5.0]

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OliverTerrier replied on 09 Apr 2011
After contacting the developer about this problem he promptly helped me and an hour later had a new build addressing the specific issue I was having with my machine. After installing the new build everything worked just fine and I'm going to demo the app for a while to see if I can wrap my head around it.

I must say that the developers earnest desire to get me up and running for the trial is a huge plus.

OliverTerrier reviewed on 16 Mar 2011
It took them a year and a half to come up with this feature list! Wow they added printing that should have been in v.1. NO attention to the extremely poorly designed UI or templates. NO customization of templates. NO, NO, NO!!!! and they have the arrogance to charge $50. HORRIBLE company and software.
[Version 4.0.1]

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