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Old-Grouch commented on 29 Oct 2013
Maybe now someone will step in to fill the gap and create a decent app this time.
[Version 4.1.2]


Old-Grouch reviewed on 20 Nov 2012
An add on comment about this software. This may be the new age and the internet age, but I think this is an unwarranted and unjustified intrusion into the users privacy. Every software developer has a right to assure themselves against piracy via licensing. But this is GOING TOO FAR.

This software, when used, in addition to licensing.net.com, connects to ALL of the following:

api.neat.com (amazon.com)

No. Wrong.
[Version 4.0]


Old-Grouch reviewed on 03 Nov 2012
To the developers @ Mariner: Please, please get a copy of NeatWorks. Study it and make something less buggy and something useable out of it.

Every time Neat pisses me off, I try Paperless (along with all the others) again and it simply does not have the features which make a paperless document manager a useful tool. The meta data fields are simply too limited and not customizable.

Ok, I have scanned a doc. What about it? The meta data is what makes a doc manager a tool. Otherwise, why? I can just as easily scan docs and save them as files in the Finder as docs as what your app does. It's too simplistic to have any real function.

There needs to be a table view with sizable fonts, grep pattern search and replace, custom user created fields, an accurate OCR, a useful set of scanner instructions bypassing the image capture interface, a reports function.

There is an opportunity here for someone to create a serious paperless office business oriented document manager for Mac. Its the meta data which spells the difference.
[Version 2.2.0]

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Old-Grouch replied on 04 Nov 2012
A simple example. I have a receipt from the grocery store. Well sure, I want to be able to record in a collateable form meta data that tells me: The date, the vendor, what was the total.

But I also want to be able to record the sales tax, the method of payment, did I get any cash back on a debit or credit card, sometimes the location, (travel purposes) and I like to keep track of how much I spend on tobacco.

I go to a restaurant, I want to be able to know how where, when, how much, how did I pay for it, the tax, the tip, was it a business or personal expense.

I spent money on a project. Was it construction or maintenance? What was the project? What part of the project? What was the vendor or contractor, how much was labor, how much material, the taxes involved, how did I pay for it, did I get cash back?

Once the meta data is entered, I can sort by that so I know where the money is going.

I can do this in Neat, I cannot do this in your app. I have graphics apps for sorting photos. I do not need a paperless office to sort photos. Its records, especially financial records, which make an "office" app a valuable tool.

Old-Grouch reviewed on 03 Nov 2012
I have used this app since version 2. The summary is: I wish the h*ll some competent Mac developer would come up with an app that does what this is supposed to do. And do it right.

I have tried all the various paperless office apps, and NONE have the features of this one or can do what this one can do.

Yet, at the same time, its a gawdawful app. The OCR sucks. It gets it right about 1/3 the time which means you have to cross check everything and re-enter the info manually, the fonts cannot be adjusted in size for readablility, there is no grep pattern search/replace, it crashes more often than a NASCAR race, you cannot re-order pdfs within a doc, the version 4 requires an internet connection to activate your access to your own records.

But at the same time, it simply does the job that none of these other digital document management apps does. It permits you to collate meta data about a doc or receipt in a sensible, usable, searchable form that none of these others offer. It has data fields for all the typical information or you can add custom fields to modify it to your own needs.

It also does not have a bunch of superfluous features outside its own scope like Devon, its scanner interface it direct and to the point without jumping through image capture hoops and its own practical instruction set for the scanner to single side /duplex/single page/combine, etc.

Tech support has been very helpful, but the problems with it are not the prevue of tech support, Its the developers who created a mess. They can only try and help you cope with the mess created.

After the v4 fiasco, I wound up backtracking to v 3.5 which buggier and adds strange background effects to the scans which need to be cropped out, but I refuse to let Neat Co. and an internet connection become a party to the access to my own records.

Some enterprising Mac developer needs to get a copy of this app, pick it apart and make something truly great out of it instead of a half a**ed Windoze port that almost gets there.
[Version 4.0]

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