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Ochre reviewed on 11 Apr 2014
This does what it says on the tin, but…
I use Command-Tab frequently for application switching and find the CheatSheet activates far too often during this process. Sometimes I even have to go back to the app I just switched from to undo the CheatSheet, which defeats the purpose of Command-Tabbing in the first place. This is just the most obvious example of how CheatSheet gets in the way when you don't need it.
Also, because it has absolutely no user-facing controls, I can only quit it from Activity Monitor.
Needs a little work before it's worthy of the 5 stars jwjb offers it.
[Version 1.2]


Ochre reviewed on 08 Apr 2014
I'm posting this review mostly just to bring to any potential purchaser's attention the fact that per-app recording has still not been implemented, greatly reducing the usefulness of this app. It doesn't look like it'll receive a fix for this, either. Their other software is looking pretty neglected too.

Best just to avoid this company's products wholesale until evidence appears that they're making an effort again.
[Version 1.2.1]

Ochre commented on 02 Apr 2014
I wrote to Tuxera Customer Support requesting clarification on the licensing terms, and this was the response:
"At the moment all our registered users are entitled to any upcoming updates/upgrades for free and we are not planning to change it."
That seems pretty unequivocal. This combined with the fact that the license is per owner (ie. all computers personally owned) and not per computer makes it a better deal than Paragon's offering, despite the higher ticket price.
[Version 2013.2]


Ochre reviewed on 01 Mar 2014
This works as described, but is definitely too expensive for what it is. FWIW, I would pay €12/US$16 for this, but no more.

One issue: this interferes with the Eject button on computers with two optical drives already installed, preventing use of the Option-Eject keystroke to open/close the second drive.
[Version 1.2.0]


Ochre reviewed on 17 Oct 2013
Seems to work just fine in 10.8.5. You just have to:
a) double-click it after copying it to your Services folder, so that you can authenticate it to have run permissions
b) enable the majority of the available services in Services preferences.
[Version 2.8]


Ochre reviewed on 29 Sep 2013
Does a good job of reducing file sizes, but I've encountered several instance where it won't complete its task, indefinitely showing the cog icon next to the images being processed.
Also, the dev, for some reason best known to himself, has decided to allow the Sparkle updater to download updates without user consent, and without offering a user-facing option allowing the user to disable it. Out of the dozen or more apps I have that use the Sparkle framework, this is the only one to be so coded. After conversing with him by email and presenting what I thought were good reasons to include such a feature, the dev still refuses to do so.
Hence, only 3 stars.
[Version 1.4.5]


Ochre reviewed on 29 Sep 2013
I came back to this after several years and it's only improved. However, I was having a problem with the Mobile Mouse Server forgetting my settings on every re-launch, which I always only found out about when I needed it. The dev was excellent, and over the period of about a week he went over troubleshooting measures with me that culminated in his sending me a tweaked version of the software that solved every issue.
So, a hearty recommendation for a very useful app and a dedicated dev!
[Version 2.7.1]


Ochre reviewed on 24 Sep 2013
The video synching is this app's Achilles heel.
Noticeably jerky video playback with DVDs on my Mac mini using the Airfoil Video Player, with a hint of picture degradation compared to VLC and DVD. After contacting support they concluded that my Mac mini's GPU was to blame. Using VLC with audio re-synched manually works perfectly, so I'm disinclined to agree.
In addition, there's no playlist option for the Video Player, which is a pain if you're watching a serial. There also doesn’t appear to be a way to sync the audio when playing videos back with iTunes. Perhaps a contextual menu to open in the Airfoil Video Player is a solution they should try? I believe this is a possibility.
All-in-all, using this to hear the audio from videos is a pain. Rogue Amoeba have clearly tried hard to simplify this aspect, but the end result falls short. But you should be aware of the shortcomings in this area before buying.
[Version 4.8.0]

Ochre rated on 16 Sep 2013
[Version 5.3.0]


Ochre reviewed on 03 Sep 2013
Not bad, saved me some time entering titles. Only two drawbacks: it deletes artwork, and it deletes the total track number. The latter is easy to fix, the former may not always be.
[Version 0.8]

Ochre had trouble on 17 Jun 2012
Currently, can't get SD to save any changes to the "Plugin" section of its Preferences, so it's not intercepting anything at present. Also, the Help documentation is both broken and out-of-date in places.
I've emailed support about this, hopefully this'll be resolved soon.
[Version 5.3.0]

Ochre had trouble on 16 Jul 2007
1.5.1 /should/ be used on 10.4.9 after the installation of Quicktime 7.2 and Security Update 2007-006. One of these updates broke SafariPlus 1.5 for me but updating to 1.5.1 fixed it.
[Version 1.5.1]

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