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O5220803 reviewed on 05 Aug 2010
Perfect! Works as advertised; a very handy addition!
[Version 0.6.6]

O5220803 commented on 09 May 2010
To Thomas-
1. Thank you for developing a superb eMail filtering app.
2. I'd like to see the ability to reply/compose eMail messages right from MPB w/o going to Mail.app.
3. Since I'm not FR., I'd like to see a full Anglo translation of your site.
4. It would be nice to reach you periodically by a simple eMail handle.
5. I think it would be nice for you to include a pref entry which would allow me to access my default eMail client when a more complete response is needed.
[Version 2.7.7]

O5220803 commented on 03 May 2010
While trying to launch TrashMe 1.2 on my Intel Mac Mini with OSX 10.6.3, I got the following message: "You can't open the application “TrashMe” because it's not supported on this type of Mac." My question,"What type of Mac it the app talking about?"
[Version 1.2]

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O5220803 replied on 03 May 2010
OK, it runs only on 64-bit machines. Too bad!

O5220803 replied on 03 May 2010
The Developer provided me with a 32-bit version of TrashMe 1.2 is a well-designed application, which works as advertised on my Mac Mini Core Duo system. This application is well designed and easy to use; it does a thorough job of removing unwanted software and related file components.

O5220803 reviewed on 25 Apr 2010
This AV application has turned out to be a very well designed product, which comes with excellent documentation. iAntiVirus leaves a smaller memory footprint than other Mac-based AV products I've used, yet iAV provides fast, comprehensive, scanning options which can be easily tuned to meet individual system requirements. A really fine addition to your SL-based system; and this little gem is FREE!
[Version 1.3.6]

O5220803 commented on 12 Apr 2010
You may also find https://lastpass.com/ worthwhile.
[Version 3.1.1]

O5220803 commented on 09 Apr 2010
Sadly, the developers of ASE seem to have given up on fixing their problems with SL 10.6.x! I am an ASE "registered user" and I am totally dissatisfied with this product! If your are interested in a sound expander for iTunes 9.x, try SRS iWOW; it works correctly with all versions of SL! My previous review of ASE is reduced to zero stars! Be careful, if you are considering; I won't!
[Version 2.1.2]

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O5220803 replied on 19 Apr 2010
On April 17TH., I received the following eMail message from the developers of ASE:

"Dear Customer,

GenAudio is pleased to announce that your AstoundSound Expander is now Snow Leopard Compatible for all versions including OS-X 10.6.3 (as well as future versions of Snow Leopard).

To update your Expander, simply open up your Expander preference pane and click on the "About" tab. Then click "check for updates." This will automatically launch the update process.

In the event that you have temporarily uninstalled your Expander software, simply go to www.astoundsound.net and download a new copy of the software. This will not require the update process as you will be downloading the most current copy of the software. In the event that you are required to re-register your Expander software and have misplaced your software activation code, simply contact tech support and we would be happy to assist you.

As a heads up, we will be launching Expander V.3.0 in the next several weeks. This will be a FREE update and will have new and improved features. The easiest way to ensure that you are running the most current version of Expander is to utilize the update checker. To enable this feature, simply click on the "About" tab, then check off the "Automatically Check for Updates" box.

Once again, thank you for your patience! We appreciate your business and your support.

Best regards,
Tech Support

I have installed the updated version of ASE and it works as advertised with SL 10.6.3. It took awhile, but ASE again looks good.
O5220803 commented on 02 Apr 2010
Sadly, there appear to be two nagging issues with Google Chrome:

1. Bookmarks stored in folders on Chrome's Bookmark Bar contain too many 'spaces' between bookmark entries making use of such a folder awkward and inefficient;

2. Google's new Bookmark Manager for their OSX version of Chrome is too cumbersome to be useful.
[Version 5.0.366.0]


O5220803 reviewed on 13 Mar 2010
A really, clever, unobtrusive, sophisticated add-on! I have it working with Opera 10.5, Camino 2.1pre, Safari 4.0.5(6531.22.7) and Firefox 3.6. Works as advertised from the "get-go w/o" any user intervention, other than a simple proxy set-up for Opera and Firefox. I have not yet tested GB with Omniweb. Kudos to Peter for developing this superb ad blocker. The beauty of GlimmerBlocker is there are NO hacks, or add-on, to any of the browsers listed above.
[Version 1.4.4]


O5220803 reviewed on 24 Feb 2010
Chrome is maturing at a fantastic rate for the Mac! It has become very stable, fast and secure. I am considering using it as my default browser, since it works very successfully with LastPass. A really solid browser.
[Version 5.0.335.0]


O5220803 reviewed on 25 Jan 2010
A very clever and very useful addition to the Finder. I'm surprised that Apple didn't think of this for SL. Excellent product stability.
[Version 0.6.7]

O5220803 had trouble on 24 Feb 2009
Tip: Prior to launching Apple Safari 4.0b1 in Tiger, make sure all Input Managers and SIMBL applications have been removed from folders used by SAF 4., otherwise it will probably crash on launch. After verifying that SAF 4. launches correctly in Tiger, you can use 1Password with it; w/o problems. Other Input Managers like SAFT and GLIMS should be tested carefully. Good luck.
[Version 4.0b1]

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