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Novascotian reviewed on 05 May 2011
This is beta software, so there are occasional glitches, but overall this is a really great service for keeping a Laptop and a Desktop Mac in Sync for a ton less money than Apple charges. Bearing in mind that I'm in North America and these folks are in Europe, their tech support is near instantaneous. Great program.


Novascotian reviewed on 15 Dec 2010
I've been using Keyboard Maestro for a month now and love it. Peter is a rapid turnaround developer who has helped me through a couple of problems running scripts from within KM. I've moved all my Quicksilver triggers (a feature that is currently broken in QS) to KM.
[Version 4.3.2]

NovaScotian commented on 08 Apr 2007
I would keep this game as it's an enjoyable and mindless way to spend a few minutes except for one glaring flaw: there is no undo. If you goof you might as well quit. I might mention as well that I have never won this game; the odds must be astronomical.
[Version 1.3.1]

NovaScotian commented on 13 Feb 2007
I just tried this, and it was off on the values in currency conversions checked against other sources by as much as five cents.
[Version 6.4]

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NovaScotian replied on 13 Feb 2007
Nonetheless, 5% is a bit much - I'll continue to use several that agree with each other. Thanks for the reply
NovaScotian commented on 17 May 2006
The authors have done a great job of game that's fun to play. I liked the demo and registered on May 2nd. I've written to Shoecake Games several times since and have never received a reply or a passcode as of May 17th.

My recommendation: play it as a demo - Do not buy it because these guys are not ready to do business. It cannot then be quit, so run this little AppleScript at the end of a game:

do shell script "killall CornerChaos"
[Version 1.0.4]

NovaScotian commented on 23 Feb 2006
Doesn't understand dual displays - puts main screen picture on both.
[Version 1.1]


NovaScotian reviewed on 12 Jun 2004
Having tried out a lot of vector-based drawing programs, many of them very expensive, I have definitely settled on EazyDraw, and definitely got my money's worth. When I downloaded a trial version and had problems with it, I got near-instant responses from the developer. When I found bugs in an early version, I was thanked and they disappeared in later versions. When I needed a feature and couldn't figure it out, I was referred to the excellent help and the tutorials and found what I needed, or I was given explicit instructions. Very responsive.

On the relatively small downside, this program has so many pallets that I can't imagine how I'd use it if I didn't have two displays. I don't close many pallets because you really do need them. Further, these pallets are not always accessed from the menu in which you might expect to find them so some hunting is inevitable. Leaving Help running is a must or you won't find anything.

I'd really like a master pallet that held links to all the others in some intuitive layout, and this author could do it. Hope he does. Whether he does or not, I recommend this highly and rate Features at 4 only because EazyDraw doesn't do all the CAD tricks I wish it would; but then it is a fraction of the price of software that will.
[Version 1.6.2]

NovaScotian commented on 22 Mar 2004
This no longer works in the Safari included in the 10.3.3 update (1.2.1, v125.1) I have a tab symbol where autofill should be, but it still acts as an autofill button. If you try to uninstall it, you get an applescript error, so you're stuck with a symbol that doesn't do what it's supposed to.
[Version 4.5]

NovaScotian commented on 11 Mar 2004
I didn't buy because Curvus, with its admitedly brilliant graphics, is the only program I've run in a long time that actually froze my G4 running Panther while I was playing with one of its demo files. By froze, I mean the only way out was a hard reboot. The first time I've restarted in about a month, too and I do run the daily/weekly/monthly CRON tasks.
[Version 1.3.1]

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NovaScotian replied on 11 Mar 2004
Further Point. With a package installer (and no option to un-install) trashing the installed folder (which I did) probably leaves all kinds of unidentified stuff behind; hopefully not active.

NovaScotian reviewed on 09 Feb 2004
This is quite an addictive game. At the Easy/Normal settings a game takes an ideal 4 to 5 minutes, moves very quickly, and can reach scores around 90,000 if played well. The idea is simple - make circuits by rotating elements on a circuit board, and the scoring depends on how many simultaneous circuits you make and whether you include bonus bits. Easy to play, easy to learn, quick entertainment for a break.
[Version 1.0]

NovaScotian had trouble on 20 Feb 2006
If you run LittleSnitch, you will discover that gDisk wants to make two connections, but doesn't survive to run after being interrupted. Never did get to test it.

Neat idea, for sure.
[Version 0.4]

Novascotian had trouble on 22 Mar 2004

I have got it working! If at first you don't succeed, try several times with Safari running. Then quit and restart et voila. Perhaps the problem was that I already had Ollie's tab installed, but when I updated to 10.3.3 the tab button stayed, but stopped working. Now it shows up as two buttons - one to create a new tab, one to remove the selected tab.
[Version 4.5]

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