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The developer of iDefrag has seen it necessary to go through and add a negative rating to all my comments, simply because I don't believe iDefrag is a wise way for ANYONE to spend their money. It's pure snake oil. This behavior alone shows the developers character.

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NotUsed commented on 09 Sep 2013
Be aware.. I've found major bugs in every single Wacom driver released since driver 6.3.3-3. Driver version 6.6.4-3 seems to be no different.

Driver 6.3.4-3 had horrible double-click issues.

Driver 6.3.5-5 had horrible accuracy issues - click here but the click is 5 pixels off missing target.

Driver 6.3.6-4 seems to cause the Apple "my cursor has disappeared" bug to occur with EXTREME regularity. This driver may not be the direct cause of the disappearing cursor bug, but this driver makes it so prevalent that, for me, it has made it impossible to work when I'm trying to get my cursor to reappear every 10 minutes. I've reverted to the last stable Wacom driver 6.3.3-3.
[Version 6.3.6-4]

NotUsed commented on 28 Aug 2013
Is this Mac based or Apple Mail based? In other words, does this only work with Apple's Mail application or will it work for any Email client on the Mac?
[Version 1.0]


NotUsed reviewed on 27 Jun 2013
[Version 2.80]

NotUsed commented on 29 May 2013
Note: THIS DOES NOT SUPPORT POP ACCOUNTS. This is an IMAP ONLY CLIENT. For some reason the developer is not advertising that or even mentioning it ANYWHERE on their site or in the App Store.

While there is no demo available (shame on the dev for that), you can jump through a couple hoops and try the public beta before paying for this IMAP ONLY email client. This is how I discovered the IMAP ONLY limitation -- via the public beta version.

While it looks nice and seems to function well, the lack of POP support is a horrible shortcoming. And the lack of a demo while at the same time asking for $2 is just shameful.

There also appears to be no way to manage multiple accounts at the same time. You have to continually switch accounts. A limitation of an IMAP ONLY client I suspect. I have no less than 15 email accounts which need to be regularly checked, read, and replied to.

Another case of a developer focusing so much on appearance and UI that they've completely forgotten about critical functionality.
[Version 1.0.2]

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NotUsed replied on 31 May 2013
Even 5¢ for an app you can't try first is shameful. And hiding the fact that it does not support POP accounts is misleading at best. There's no "unified inbox", if you need POP access. And POP is still alive and well, not all mail can be stored on the server, especially if you care at all about security.
NotUsed commented on 27 May 2013
I can't find a demo anywhere. Surely the developer isn't asking for $5 without offering a demo? That would make the developer a money-grubbing moron.
[Version 1.1]


NotUsed reviewed on 20 May 2013
Every version since 0.9.5 creates MUCH larger files. Sometimes twice as large as v0.9.5. v0.9.9 creates a 360mb file where v0.9.5 creates a 190mb file - same source, same settings. v0.9.5 is still the best version out there in my opinion. Newer is not always better. For what this does I don't care about retina icons and the like. It just sits int eh background grinding away. It doesn't need to necessarily look pretty, but it should at least function as well (or better) than previous versions.
[Version 0.9.9]

NotUsed commented on 04 Mar 2013
oooo full support for undo!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY someone figured that out!! ;)
[Version 1.4]

NotUsed commented on 22 Feb 2013
No demo, no thanks.

Might be the best app ever, but I'm not paying for something until I see it function.
[Version 1.0]

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NotUsed replied on 22 Feb 2013
The amount is irrelevant. It's the thinking of developers that since something is in the app store they don't need to provide demos. It's an injustice to consumers. Could be 99¢ or $99 it doesn't matter. Provide a demo.

NotUsed replied on 01 Mar 2013
Thanks for the tryout.

Seems to work well. A pop up window you can drag nan image to would be better on launch than nothing at all. Took me a minute to figure out I had to use file Open.

Interestingly enough it would with .psd, .ai, .png, .jpg, .tif - if you drag and drop to the window. But File > Open will only see png and tiff files. Apparently this supports more formats than you think. It's a bit rough in spots with the main window reappearing on subsequent launches and there's some incorrect working for buttons when saving. But it does function and could well be worth a dollar if you need this functionality often.
NotUsed commented on 14 Jan 2013
ermmm.. no demo and $19.99 to find out if it fits my needs??
[Version 2.9.7]

NotUsed commented on 09 Jan 2013
No Demo, No Thanks!
[Version 2.0.1]

NotUsed had trouble on 20 Apr 2012
Can't seem to find a demo. Users who shell out $25 without at least trying first are foolish.
[Version 2.0.4]

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