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NoSuchUser reviewed on 02 Feb 2013
Been using BusyCal 1.6 for a while now, and have recently been deciding whether to upgrade to the App Store version 2.

BusyCal 1.6 has been great, offering a feature set that was sufficiently advanced above iCal to be worthwhile. However, the $50 price tag was too hard to swallow on it's own. As part of a bundle with Parallels for $50 total the price was right and it's been an exceptional value.

I use the calendar for basic work/personal calendar functionality with Google Calendars.

With the shift to the App Store, and the "introductory" $30 "upgrade fee" I've had to seriously re-examine whether version 2 of this software is actually worth the price.

My conclusion? No.

While pretty, it offers few useful features above in 10.8. My short list of advantages?

The info pane shows the full location for meetings. cuts them off. Point to BusyCal.

BusyCal has ToDo list functionality; Apple has moved the relatively worthless to-do list in iCal to Reminders and managed to make it even more worthless. 1/2 point to BusyCal, because it doesn't actually sync with reminders nor does it create a todo list that anything else can read. At least it's exportable. in 10.8 has excellent Google Calendar support (much better than iCal ever was), but not quite as good as BusyCal. has some issues keeping track of moved meetings where a restart of the app is required to re-sync. Point to BusyCal.

BusyCal has status icons on meetings identifying meetings with attendees and recurring meetings. Calendar does not. Point to BusyCal.

BusyCal has weather, and sunrise/sunset display. That's nice from a productivity standpoint. 1/2 point to BusyCal since I can live without this.

BusyCal has an integrated info pane. Much nicer from a functionality standpoint. Point to BusyCal.

If those features are good for you, and you do not currently own BusyCal, then $30 *might* be a good value.

However, there is no real advantage I can see for BusyCal 2 over BusyCal 1.6 other than continued support and future bug fixes. BusyCal 2 drops features in favor of some improved eye-candy.

All told, it's *maybe* worth $10 to upgrade from 1.6. $30? No way. $50? You're out of your mind. If there were a cheap upgrade path from 1.6 that reflects the actual improvement in the software I'd not give this a 2nd thought.

As it stands, I'm simply looking for an alternative. is literally two small features away from replacing this product entirely.

Asking me to re-purchase the app at an exorbitant price for what is essentially an AppStore-ified re-hash of what I already own (under the guise of "Mountain Lion support") is simply out of the question.
[Version 2.0.2]

NoSuchUser commented on 27 Dec 2012
I've been a longtime paid user of iStat 3 and have paid for the 4.x upgrade (both family pack licenses). Overall it's a great piece of software - I've not experienced most of the bugs discussed by other users.

However, I've experienced a particularly crippling bug (to me, anyway), in that iStat prevents my system from entering idle sleep.

The issue occurs if any of the sensors that record up-to-the-minute historical statistics are enabled - basically anything other than battery and clock.

It seems to do this because it constantly updates a number of stat databases, and the constant disk writes seem to keep the system from idling enough to sleep.

The workaround is to disable the sensors that keep historical information. Unfortunately this means losing out on most of the functionality of this software.

I'm writing this as a comment because if this were a review, it would get 1 star for utility and it doesn't deserve that kind of rating.
[Version 4.03]

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NoSuchUser replied on 27 Jan 2013
I sent logs when requested; hopefully they were useful.

After upgrading from 10.7.5 to 10.8.2 today iStat 4.03 no longer prevents the system from sleeping even with all sensors enabled.

It seems there is some problem with the way iStat writes historical stats data that keeps 10.7 thinking the system is active when it's not.

All I can say is that I'm happy to have iStat working again.
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