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Njronbo reviewed on 24 Jul 2013
Wow. Talk about the fall of a once mighty screen shot program.

I don't know what Snapz Pro X costs these days. When I bought it, I believe it was about $70. That's a lot of money for a piece of software and one would expect it to be the best of its kind...

...well, it was. Snapz Pro X was the most full-featured screen capture program of its kind.

Now years later, it's a piece of junk.

Apparently, there was a downsizing of the company. There is nobody addressing support questions on their bulletin board nor through direct email.

Problems began once the retina Macbook Pros were introduced. The developers had a hell of a time making a stable version available for these new machines. They finally released a compatible version, but when you take screen captures of anything, the size of the capture is not in the correct aspect ratio, as it should be (and is on all non-retina Macs).

There are also other little bugs that the company has not fixed, nor seems interested in fixing.

It seems to me that the company has just abandoned this software, yet I suspect, they are probably still charging a fortune for its purchase.

I suggest to look at cheaper alternatives.
[Version 2.5.2]


Njronbo reviewed on 07 Jun 2011
Been using Sparrow on Snow Leopard for the past month and I absolutely love it. A HUGE step up from Apple Mail in every respect.


Apple has just put Sparrow Mail out of business.

Their upcoming MAIL on Lion not only matches, but succeeds this piece of software in every way. I don't know how Sparrow even plans to offer something as beautiful as what is in store for Lion users.

It was nice knowing you, Sparrow!
[Version 1.2]

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Njronbo replied on 09 Jun 2011

Agee with you. If you are using an older OS after Lion's release SPARROW is what too Apple years to finally accomplish.

Njronbo replied on 14 Jun 2011
So, I have been using Lion mail for a good few days now.

Both email programs are absolutely identical now with an edge given to Lion.

The one thing that Sparrow has over Lion is Facebook Integration, which I kind of like. Sparrow imports the facial icons directly from Facebook so all the faces of your friends appear in the list of waiting emails. With Lion, it only pulls contact picture information out of your address book so only those contacts with pictures attached will show up with such in your email. That is the ONE big advantage Sparrow has.

However, Lion has done an incredible job with the message portion of their email client. You may have noticed this in the keynote video, but when you have multiple replies to one email thread, those replies are neatly listed (and numbered) with all excessive quoting garbage removed. I have never seen anything quite remarkable as how neatly Apple mail messages are displayed.

Also, when you reply to a message there is some really neat animation where the reply box jumps out from the email program itself. When you send that reply, the box flies upscreen and disappears.

Where does Lion Mail fall short that Sparrow could improve upon? Custom colorization of every field would be a start. I used to use a Windows email client called "Pico" that, for example, allowed you to color the message list yellow and the message body blue. In a way, it was like creating your own skin. I don't believe Sparrow or Apple Mail allows full color customizations but that would be where I would start.

In the meantime, Lion Mail has the edge here.

Njronbo reviewed on 23 May 2011
I wanted to give this application 5 stars.

It has the potential of earning 5 stars except for two major shortfalls...

1. You click on the calendar to select a date, and the actual entry box will not change to that calendar's date. You actually need to manually enter the date on the date line.

2. No time. You can't manually enter an appointment time for your event -- at least none that I could see.
[Version 1.0]

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Njronbo replied on 23 May 2011
My apologies. Did not completely understand how this application worked. Attempted to modify my review, however MacUpdate will not permit it.

The software works as advertised. You simply type something like:

"Dentist Appointment Saturday May 7th 2-3pm"

Everything gets automatically populated.

It's actually pretty amazing. So, 5-stars for this program!

Njronbo reviewed on 09 Mar 2011
Another upgrade to 2.7

Program immediately crashes when trying to import 2,500 titles from DVDPedia.

Beware this program if you have large libraries to import
[Version 2.7]

Njronbo commented on 11 Jan 2011
Booxter upgraded to newer version.

Still cannot handle large imports from DVDPedia.
[Version 2.6]


Njronbo reviewed on 06 Dec 2010
Booxter easily imported my library of 1200 CDs from CDPedia. However when doing an import of 2400 DVDs from DVDPedia the program crashed. I wrote Booxter support and got an initial reply of interest to help but nothing further. Seems that the company realized it could not currently fix the issue so they decided to stop responding. Will wait to see if they offer a fix for large importing in future versions.
[Version 2.5.2]

Njronbo commented on 29 Aug 2010
Revisiting this software for purchase consideration months later and I am still sadly shocked at the pricing.

$50 for one license? $80 if you want a copy on your laptop and desktop?!

How can you price a piece of software like this at that level?

Realistically, the software should be $25 and additional licenses $15.
[Version 1.3.3]

Njronbo commented on 05 Aug 2010
Used to be a great program under Leopard.

Constantly crashes under Snow Leopard.

Don't bother writing the developer. They don't answer emails. Sent several asking if they will update for Snow Leopard.

So, while they are still thinking about it, there is a FAR BETTER news ticker that just came out called ZipLine.

Search for reviews here. Far nicer than Newsticker and it is 100% stable under Snow Leopard.
[Version 2.36]


Njronbo reviewed on 05 Aug 2010
Mostly Outstanding.

Found this program by accident.

I used to use a program called Newsticker which was originally written for Leopard. I consider Newsticker to be an exceptional news feed program.

Two years ago Apple released Snow Leopard and Newsticker would constantly crash. In fact, I have been using Newsticker up until today on a daily basis for the past two years and not a day has gone by that I haven't had to restart the program over and over a few times simply because my mouse accidentally hit the ticker.

So, today I discover Zipline. Really nice news ticker. Far more streamlined, but a little less configurable. For instance, you can select scroll speed and width but you can't make the ticker itself larger or smaller. It sort of defaults to whatever screen size your Mac is currently set at.

Really great that it allows iCal appointments to reside in the ticker but the information is a bit misleading because the iCal icon always shows one date instead of the specific date your event is scheduled for. For instance, I have a few events showing up in the ticker for different days but the icons all show the 17th.

Otherwise, thus far, no problems whatsoever. I do hope the developer enhances this product further.
[Version 1.0]

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Njronbo replied on 14 Aug 2010
Just to update my review above...

Seems to be a major problem with this software at the moment.

The news feed stops after approx. 20-30 minutes of constant running.

It has nothing to do with any of the preference settings as I spoke with
the software developer and was told my settings were correct.

It's a bug. The software developer is aware of it and I am hoping he will
be able to fix it and release a new version that corrects this issue.

Njronbo replied on 28 Aug 2010
I have been in contact with the software author about the initial problems with Zipline.

This week, the author released an update, version 1.0.1

Very happy to report that all the problems in the initial release have been fixed. The RSS feeds continually display.

Additionally, the iCal events displayed in the ticker contain a date in the icon that actually corresponds to the date of the event.

So, in essence, this software went from being great to perfect.

Want a reliable news feed ticker across the top of your desktop? I highly recommend this program.
Njronbo commented on 08 Feb 2010
Indeed, BusyCal is a fantastic enhancement to iCal.

However, the cost of this program is just inane.

I wrote the developer with my concerns over the cost -- especially when buying additional licenses for more than one computer. The developer was very quick to reply stating that the software costs them a lot of money to develop but they will be coming out with more family-friendly licenses.

I understand the labor and costs involved in programs like these, but $50 for a single license and $80 just to have it on two computers is just incredibly expensive for a calendar enhancement program.

Frankly, the developer could sell more copies and make a better profit if the priced were shaved somewhat.

Kudos to the developer for addressing my email concerns.
[Version 1.2.1]

Njronbo had trouble on 26 Oct 2009
Thanks for the tip below but the fact of the matter is
that under Snow Leopard SoundSource does not save
your settings.

This means every time you boot it defaults back to
internal inputs and the user needs to reset everything.

What is worse is that the authors of the program refuse
to answer email complaints about this problem. I suppose
since it's a freebie you get what you pay for.
[Version 2.5]

Njronbo had trouble on 24 Oct 2009
Soundsource does not work with Snow Leopard and the developers
refuse to answer any email asking for support.

Guess you get what you pay for.
[Version 2.5]

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