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Nirsus reviewed on 19 Apr 2010
ArceMux works wonderfully. It installed Arcemu and everything needed to run it on my MacBook running OS X 10.6.3. I would add WOTLK 3.3.2(11403) to the requirements but it's not required to run a server just to play on the server. I did have a little trouble starting the server the first time but I figured out that Host was set to in the Config so once that was changed to and I had to change the max build to 11403. After that the server ran fine.

Once installed the config options for the server can be a bit cryptic though there are some hover tips. There is no documentation included with ArceMux. It is unclear whether some of the features, like Clean, do anything at all. But overall it makes things much easier than trying to install and run Arcemu manually.

There is really no way to rate Playability or Graphics & Sound of ArceMux but they are required by Macupdate if you rate this software at all. I gave them 5 stars each but it's irrelevant.
[Version 4.6b]


Nirsus reviewed on 09 Sep 2008
I have been using this app for a couple of years now and it works great for me. --AIKOUSHA-- I am subscribed to Dr. Who and I checked there are at least 3 listings of Penn & Teller BS!. Try typing 'Penn' in the search box. Also there is a setting to have it check for new torrents hourly, daily, etc. If you set it to daily it only checks once a day.

Basically this app goes out to the internet and checks a DB of TV shows and lets you subscribe to the ones you like. Then when someone drops a bittorent file of that show TVSHOWS downloads it and opens the file into your default bittorrent client. TVSHOWS combined with Miro is excellent since Miro is a bittorrent client and can play .avi files (which seems to be the most common format for video).

It could use some interface improvements, but once you select the shows you want to subscribe to you don't need to run the app again until you want to add or remove a subscription. Like I said it works great for me, but apparently mileage varies.
[Version 0.3.4]

Nirsus commented on 12 Dec 2007
Does this work with MacBooks or not? The description talks about MacBooks but the requirements say MacBook Pro. Please clarify.
[Version 0.28b]


Nirsus reviewed on 29 Aug 2007
On my iBook G4 with OSX 10.4.10 Integrity 1.6 works exactly as expected. This is a nice little app that checks the links in a website to make sure they actually link somewhere. I just used it to check 94 links on a website and found all links were good. Then just to make sure it could find bad links I purposely made a bad link which showed up on the next check.

I recommend this app to anyone from a web newbie to an advanced web designer for checking links on their site(s). It does one thing and it does it very well.
[Version 1.6]

Nirsus commented on 12 Sep 2006
The developer seems to have ceased existence. I don't think the product is available anymore.
[Version 1.1.5]

Nirsus commented on 24 Jun 2006
There are many scripting languages out there. I was confused as to which scripting language these scripts are for since it is not mentioned. But I assume, after looking at the screenshot, that these scripts are written in Applescript. You might want to mention Applescript somewhere in your description.

That being said I will download these and see what they do.
[Version 1.0.1]

Nirsus commented on 08 Apr 2006
Works fine on my iBook G4 with 10.4.5. It's a fun game it would probably be more fun if I could remember the commands or figure out when I can use them. I keep standing on things and hitting [L]oot but I don't pick the item up. Ah well, it's a definite upgrade to Nethack if you prefer graphics to ascii.
[Version 2.0]

Nirsus had trouble on 27 Apr 2010
This app does not currently work under Snow Leopard 10.6.3/X11 2.3.5. It attempts to cache fonts and then crashes.
[Version 2.2.11]

Nirsus had trouble on 09 Apr 2010
Downloaded this today and it downloaded all files except for Vmaps (but you know about that). I can get as far as logging in to WoW. Then I need to select a realm. The only way there seems to be able to do this is to first check Development then the Suggest Realm button is active. But nothing shows up in the Realms list when I click Suggest Realm. Also clicking the Set Button to change the Realmslist.wtf file causes ARCEMUX to crash. But I changed the realmslist.wtf manually with a text editor.
[Version 4.6b]

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Nirsus replied on 09 Apr 2010
The problem was that the default home address was I changes it to and that worked. However this seems to require WotLK and since the installer for WotLK seems to be broken, I'm wondering, is there is a way to make classic server instead of a WotLK server?
Nirsus had trouble on 26 Feb 2006
The last version of this worked wonderfully for me. But for some reason the system tries to automatically log out while sleepless is running which interrupts whatever program I want to leave running over night. This is on an iBook G4 1.33ghz with OSX 10.4.5, and leaving the lid open with the display backlight off.
[Version 2.2.1]

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