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Ninja-Boy commented on 21 May 2013
"Found 0 ways to connect"

Quite 'useful' then, isn't it?
[Version 2013.513.2]

Ninja-Boy commented on 27 Jun 2011
Even Chinese people joke that the only thing you can believe in any newspaper is the date.
[Version 0.1]

Ninja-Boy commented on 11 Jun 2011
Will somebody please tell me, what is the point of App Store? When, in the Apple Store, after I successfully open an account, enter all my billing & personal information correctly with the kind assistance of an employee, and downloaded something on my iPod, but today I'm told that information is wrong.
Well .., no it isn't. I know where I live and more about my banking info App Store. I entered all that information correctly and it displays correctly when I access my account.
However, today App Store itself decides that my billing info is wrong. So I can't download a single thing. What changed in two weeks? From opening an account to actually wanting (for the second time) to make use of it?
There is a freeware app (one of many) I really want but the developer only makes it available through App Store. I know I'm not being billed for freeware apps, but it's frustrating not being able to download because App Store thinks it knows my personal information better than I do.
The whole concept of the App Store needs to be radically changed.
[Version 1.0.1]

Ninja-Boy commented on 05 Apr 2011
I've never been able to get this to work. For reasons which I still fail to understand, this app refuses to accept/recognise my credit card information and is, therefore, redundant. I have one of the 'usual cards;' not something rare or unusual.
Other online shopping websites (eg. Amazon) seem to be able to do this without any problem.
I, perhaps like many others, would like to download 'App Store-only' stuff, but I'm missing out.
[Version 1.0.1]

Ninja-Boy commented on 03 Mar 2011
So, I've been hunting for a download link for the last 20 minutes and can't, for the life of me, find one. Where do I download this? Went to the App Store, but I'm just travelling around in a loop, returning to the same page of adverts again and again .., and again ...
[Version 1.4.2]

Ninja-Boy commented on 28 Dec 2010
Doesn't work. Just creates a text file.
[Version 3.0]

Ninja-Boy commented on 21 Sep 2010
Felt reassured installing this app after having three Macs die in six years. However, as reviewers have already pointed out, I too was given no warning when Mac number four died suddenly. It was functioning perfectly one minute with no visible problems in performance, then bang! Dead! HD was totally inaccessible. Mac number five now has Disk Tools Pro installed, although to be honest, I don't think pre-warning apps of this type really work. If the SMART and/or HD is going to die, it will be swift, without warning, and will just happen.
[Version 2.5.3]

Ninja-Boy commented on 24 Aug 2010
Apple users are probably all big fat bloaty bastards (inc. myself) but, you know ... this could help us find girlfriends at last! And maybe we could have a shot at getting laid!


Ninja-Boy reviewed on 20 Aug 2010
All my fonts suddenly mashed-up in my Keynote templates, but this app solved the problem! After a panic one-hour before I was due to teach a class and I found this and tried it for the first time. FontNuke saved the day!
[Version 1.1.7]

Ninja-Boy commented on 14 Aug 2010
I usually achieve the same result with copious amounts of alcohol and a pretty Chinese girl rubbing my head gently saying, "there ... there ..."
[Version 1.05]

Ninja-Boy had trouble on 17 Oct 2011
Every time I launch Safari, all my bookmarks have gone and are replaced by Apple's default set. I have to keep re-importing them all back again. --- Help anyone?
[Version 5.1.1]

Ninja-Boy had trouble on 25 Jul 2011
Been having problems with Safari ever since I upgraded to Snow Leo. It keeps forgetting all my bookmarks. I like Safari and would love to keep using it, but I have to keep re-loading my bookmarks every time I launch the app. I've never used add-ons or other stuff with it.
[Version 5.1]

Ninja-Boy had trouble on 05 Dec 2010
Any company gets my vote when they produce a freeware product just because they are fans of Apple computers.
However, after installing this app and test-driving it for a few weeks, all I see is a white cross in the middle of the icon in the menubar. The log keeps telling me "Cannot find primary server." I'm also prevented from manually updating for the same reason. A message "Could not find primary server" keeps appearing. I noticed there is an option in Preferences for a 'secondary server' but it's non-selectable.
It would be a more reassuring to see the shield, if only it gives me the impression it's actively protecting my system.
Help anyone?
[Version 7.2.1]

Ninja-Boy had trouble on 14 Sep 2009
Can't get this to connect to QQ no matter how many times I follow the Help page to the letter or play around with the settings.

I live in China and everyone here uses either QQ or MSN. I don't want two chat clients running at the same time. Help anyone?
[Version 1.3.6]

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