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Niku1000 reviewed on 17 Mar 2014
Regarding nvALT:
1. Does it place an icon in the menu bar?
2. Can I type notes in it?
3. Can I paste items that I have copied?

I'm only THINKING of installing nvALT, so my star-ratings mean nothing. They're just the price of admission (mine).
[Version 2.2b]


Niku1000 reviewed on 03 Mar 2014
Every time I see a review of Evernote, I click on the icon in my menu bar and try again. Failure! Question: Am I supposed to be able to type notes in Evernote by using my keyboard? I can't. Should I be able to?

I'm looking for an app that I can install in my menu bar that will enable me to both type notes AND paste things that I have copied. In my search for such an app, I've downloaded at least half-a-dozen apps, but none of them will do both jobs. Well, I take that back. I can do that with STICKIES or TextEdit, but they're too slow for me.
[Version 5.5]


Niku1000 reviewed on 13 Jul 2013
I'll let you know WHEN I succeed in opening it. I've purchased many apps from Macupdate, but this is the first time:

(1) The download was delivered by E-mail rather than straight from the screen
(2) I couldn't open it.

Now, I'm just looking for their Customer Service Department. Does anyone know their URL?
[Version 3.9.9]

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Niku1000 replied on 16 Jul 2013
Okay, it wasn't easy, but with the help of the crew at MacUpdate I FINALLY was able to open the file. It was shocking to me how difficult it was and how long it took, but I'm no longer asking for my money back. As to the product itself, well, although I installed it yesterday, it was only today that I saw that some welcome improvements had been made in the scrolling experience. Yesterday I was just going to try to forget the whole thing, but today I am heartened enough to explore all of the promised features. One last point: I'm going to go back to see who was responsible for creating this product; then I'll be able to be on guard for any more of their creations. If I see any, one click on the DELETE button will rid me of the temptation/annoyance. Smart Scroll may yet turn out to be one of my most valued apps, but I can never forget how difficult it was to install. I haven't experienced this problem with any other product I downloaded from MacUpdate.
Niku1000 commented on 14 Nov 2012
This is not a review, this an inquiry: what kind of service can I expect from Alsoft, the maker of Disk Warrior? I ask this because I left a message with them on the morning of the 12th saying that I wanted to buy their product but to call me back to answer some questions I had. They didn't answer, so I sent them an EMail on the afternoon of the 13th. They haven't answered that either. as of 12 Noon, Wednesday, November the 14th. So, I'm wondering, if they can't even be bothered to take a purchase order, what are the chances that they will respond if I ever have a problem with their product?
[Version 4.4]

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Niku1000 replied on 23 Nov 2012
If I were able to reply to Mudflapper, I'd tell him that I still haven't received a reply. That's all the "reply" I need. It's enough to confirm my decision to never purchase their product. I do wonder, though, if Alsoft is the same company that NEVER answered my MANY inquiries by phone, Email, and Fax, many years ago. All I remember is that they were located not too far from where I lived then, which was in Northern California. I was so mad that I was going to to take the trouble to take a trip out there to demand a reply. Perhaps it's just as well that I never made the trip.

Niku1000 reviewed on 08 Jul 2012
It doesn't do what I expected, and I'll probably never use it again, BUT in installing it I found that my Time Machine hadn't been loading since March. That was good enough for me.
[Version 1.06]

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