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Nick-Lo rated on 20 Dec 2012
[Version 7.3]

Nick-Lo rated on 20 Mar 2012
[Version 3.1.2]

Nick-Lo commented on 29 Feb 2012
A few things turned me off the current implementation of this application:

- There is no way to turn of the annoying ping sounds that appear when hitting search and when results appear.
- If I'm using this application to search outside of my home folder the files opened will be read-only, there is no obvious way to open files with admin privileges. Via command line I can just sudo.
- It's notably slower than just using the command line, e.g. a search for "php.ini" took about 15 secs v's "locate php.ini" taking about 2 secs.
[Version 6.0.0]

Nick-Lo commented on 25 Jan 2012
Similar software here:

(Tried adding it above but the software isn't on MacUpdate so won't let me add it)
[Version 1.0.1]

Nick-Lo commented on 23 Nov 2011
I really want to like this application but there are a few things that hold me back from even considering purchasing.

The first is what appears to be quite a glaring security omission: The fact that it stores domain details which include usernames and passwords for such things as FTP, SSH access with no way to password protect them. Not only that, but the password fields have no way to hide the password in a "••••" style (consider this an issue if working in a local cafe). Considering how many clients details a user of this application might have it really needs both of these features. I, for example, keep this kind of information in 1Password which has both these levels of security.

Next is that it appears there is no way to export data from the application. I'm not going to want to spend any amount of time entering domain details for my own and client's domains, etc without being sure that I can get that information out easily if I need to.

This brings me onto my final issue; price. $35 certainly isn't a lot if it improves a (likely) professional workflow but compared to applications of a similar calibre, such as...

...which is $25, it seems overpriced, especially with the omissions mentioned above which reduce its capacity for professional use.
[Version 3.1.1]

Nick-Lo commented on 03 Oct 2011
I know complaining about the version number has apparently become unfashionable but I'm going to do so anyway. If you don't like it, move along to the next comment that probably will be too. So here I go losing my fashion points...

Here are a few problems with this fast-forward through the major version numbers: First it makes reviewing the software sensibly almost impossible. At this rate, Firefox has jumped 2 major versions between the same number of MacUpdate comments!

Second, add-ons seem to become incompatible far more quickly on Firefox than they do on Chrome. I hold off upgrading Firefox until I know 1Password has caught up (and they update VERY often themselves) and it seems just as I do ...another major version is released. This wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for my third complaint...

Firefox insists on nagging me to upgrade to the next version and not providing any "No thank you, and I don't mean no, thank you please nag me again in five minutes. I mean please stop nagging me forever. I will decide when to upgrade." option.

Let's all just take a guess when this stupid will end, mine: When Firefox hits parity with Chrome and then they'll drop back to minor version upgrades.

p.s. In case I do get picked on for unfashionably complaining about this topic, I'll ask how many of you are web developers? Developing around browser versions has always been a moving bullet but FF used to be one of more trustworthy browsers. I now hear other developers asking in mocking tones "Firefox? What's that..."

p.p.s I've also yet to see any noticeable decrease in memory usage. Even with a minimum of add-ons (around 3-4) and a lot less tabs open than Chrome, Firefox will end up top of the Activity Monitor charts competing closely with Safari.

...on a different topic: I notice some spam on this page but no way to quickly report the person. I thought MacUpdate used to have a way to do that? I also notice a lot of comments on this site telling people to stop reviewing when they are commenting but the form I am filling out right now does not give any advice on when it is best to review, when to comment or when to "troubleshoot". Maybe MacUpdate needs to, ahem, update this?
[Version 8.0]

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Nick-Lo replied on 04 Oct 2011
Adrianshum: Aha yes, good point. I gave you a smiley face for the reminder.
Nick-Lo commented on 15 Sep 2011
I should say before I write this that I'm currently pretty frustrated with this app as I need to use it now and it has let me down. It could be that the error is mine but I do think it's worth describing my issue for other users and potential users.

On the same MacBook recently upgraded to Lion I opened up Find and Replace It and it told me a new version is available online. I download that, install and open. It has forgotten my product activation information. This is an excruciating combination of username and password (which have to be registered online). An activation key and a "valid through" field (I have no idea what that means). After a few attempts I managed to find all the correct info and submit only to be greeted by:

"Unable to activate your copy of Find & Replace It!: This activation key has already been activated with another hardware identification or a different version of the product. If you have just upgraded to a new version, you might need to pay an upgrade to get a new key. If your hardware or software configuration has changed, we kindly request you to contact our support at to get a free update of your activation key."

Now it could be that it's not recognising that I'm now on Lion or it could be that this version was not a free upgrade. Either way I'm now left frustrated that I have to go through all this just to use a $30 find and replace app!

I should also mention that in previous attempts at using it I've always found the interface to be so unintuitive that I just gave up and used other means. I was hoping a new version may have improved. Despite the above issue and because I've not actually had the chance to use the application I've decided not to rate the application as that wouldn't be fair to the developer.
[Version 2.0.0]

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Nick-Lo replied on 25 Sep 2011
Thank you for the reply Philippe and thank you for clarifying those points for other users. Just a few notes further to your comments:

You say "mentionned at many places on our website", however, perhaps it should be made clearer on the route I was sent through, which is from the upgrade notice when starting up the application to a download page on your website. The Omni Group are a good example of this: Their software will warn you if an upgrade is free or not on the application's upgrade notification.

I do agree with the hint in your comment suggesting that I probably did not pay enough attention to your website, nor did I spend enough time with your user manual. As I said before, that is really why I've not rated, nor am I judging this app on its find and replace functionality. There are plenty of positive reviews on that here and I've clearly not had much chance to work with them.

My main point is this: In comparison to others, your software makes it more difficult than seems necessary to register and update and that doesn't make your software a better experience than others.

p.s. In case readers are wondering. I did email Dprog directly (subject: "Problem activating Find and Replace It! 2.0") but have not yet had a reply (not that I'm suggesting they intentionally failed to reply, emails do get lost etc).

Nick-Lo replied on 27 Sep 2011
I'm just updating this post to thank Philippe (the developer) for the time taken to respond to this post and via email. Turns out he had sent an email reply quickly to my original support question but it had been filtered badly. His support was polite and patient despite my obvious grumping and complaining so if I was rating this application, it would get a good score for support. Thanks again Philippe!

Nick-Lo reviewed on 16 Jun 2011
One of my reasons for using Totalfinder is to reduce the build up of windows that OS X Finder inevitably produces. Totalfinder's tabbed interface reduces so much time otherwise wasted trying to find your last window, shuffling them around, etc.

Another feature I use a lot is dual windows. I'd been using the FTP application Transmit as a pseudo finder for this reason and while that does work it is limited. Dual windows is excellent if you're working in a project situation where you're often working with files from one directory against another as in eg software development.

I did try out Pathfinder which is a nice app but I think is really an OS X Finder alternative. Totalfinder in contrast, and as the name indicates, adds those features that seem to be oddly missing from OS X Finder. It looks like OS X Lion still doesn't have them so let's hope Totalfinder sticks around!

It (version 1.1.13) does seem to be a lot more stable than earlier versions I tried and didn't purchase and so far I've not noticed any of the performance issues mentioned in earlier reviews.
[Version 1.1.13]

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Nick-Lo replied on 04 Oct 2011
As an update: Unfortunately I've currently had to disable Totalfinder after I started using Lion's new Desktops (was Spaces) a few weeks ago and Totalfinder began to behave oddly, for example the tabs would disappear randomly, other applications would become overlaid into the finder screen area.

I also found that the dual sidebar is not very economical with screen width when using dual panes. I'd end up with with 2 very narrow and awkward file views on this 13" screen. This was particularly difficult when doing searches. Forklift is a good example of a more economical use of space as it uses one sidebar but it will apply to whichever is the active pane.

I think this application has the right idea for sure but being something of a hack on top of OS X Finder you do have to be prepared to experience some oddities. Really Apple should incorporate it more fully into their Finder (and pay the developer a handsome royalty fee of course).
Nick-Lo commented on 08 Jan 2010
Note that this app is free, as it currently says, but only "Until v1.0". This is made clear on their site but not here.

One thing I found confusing is that it's so close in name and functionality to this app:
[Version 0.7.6]

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