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Nick Collingridge commented on 25 Feb 2014
Newest version (4.4.3) does not appear to require Java on Mavericks (10.9.1) and seems to work fine.
[Version 4.4.3]

Nick Collingridge commented on 30 Nov 2013
I echo the comments of others. I am interested in Tap Forms but don't really want to spring for the full cost just to try it out. Your website is not at all specific in terms of capabilities - two examples:

1. You mention text fields - do these have full editing and style capabilities or are they just simple text fields?

2. URL/website fields - can you click on these to go to a website in your browser?

These are two questions I have about the product off the top of my head, but there is much more about it that I would like/need to know before adopting it.

Trying the product out is the only practical way to fully understand how it works and what its capabilities are, so I urge you to put some time into creating a demo version that enables your potential customers to understand whether it is going to fulfil their requirements.
[Version 1.5]

Nick Collingridge commented on 29 Nov 2013
Looks like 9.3.6 will probably be the final ever version of SOHO Notes - Chronos have announced that "Development has ceased on SOHO Notes" and it will be replaced "in 2014" (December?) by a new product called NoteLife which will be based on SOHO Notes but will use cloud-based synchronisation rather than local database synchronisation.

On the face of it this should be a good move because it may avoid the problems there have always been with sync services synchronisation (which database is authoritative? - leading to inevitable duplication issues), but the devil will be in the detail. Whose cloud will they use, for example?

NoteLife will also integrate into a product called iTriumph (totally rubbish name IMHV), which they are introducing in Jan 2014, which appears to be a conflation of Calendar and Contacts.

I must note that although I have seen some minor problems with SOHO Notes on Mavericks, I have not in any way experienced the database problems that others have reported here.
[Version 9.3.6]

Nick Collingridge commented on 04 Nov 2013
Well it works now, but "We're sorry, but Cloud Player Desktop is not supported in your region." Weird that the app works in the UK, but the desktop software doesn't. I can't imagine why that should be the case - presumably the back end of the app and application should be connecting to the same place on the internet?
[Version 2.0.2]

Nick Collingridge commented on 04 Oct 2013
Currently at version 14.0.9. Whilst there are a few "Windows-isms", in general this application is pretty decent, with fast and accurate recognition.

The UI is also much better than in previous versions. My only major criticism is that there does not seem to be any logic behind the scattering of the icons/buttons around the window - some are buttons that cause actions to take place, some are "switches" and some switch into different modes. Some bring up popup menus, some bring up dialogs and it is all very random.

I hope there's a bit more logic involved in the code itself!
[Version 12.0.5]

Nick Collingridge commented on 30 Jul 2013
Latest version is 1.8.1 (969) but as always there are no release notes.

The previous version worked fine under ML so that can't be the reason for the update. There's a new icon which is probably a good thing - the old one was pretty old and untidy with scaling artefacts.

The one obvious thing that they need to add has still not appeared - namely a "Paste and Match Style" or similar - very frustrating to set up templates but then have to always change the style of pasted text every time you paste something in.
[Version 1.7.6]

Nick Collingridge commented on 27 Jun 2013
Looks great, but lack of DXF import unfortunately rules it out for me. I need to be able to import mapping data which is supplied as DXF.
[Version 2.2]

Nick Collingridge commented on 26 Mar 2013
To anyone looking for a decent OCR application - Prizmo is well worth looking at. It has a much nicer UI than ReadIRIS, the licencing is much less of a hassle than ReadIRIS, it is more stable, and it is better value into the bargain.
[Version 12.0.5]


Nick Collingridge reviewed on 26 Mar 2013
Very nicely implemented OCR application with great support for ImageKit (Image Capture-compatible) scanners. Much cleaner UI than ReadIRIS (although to be fair that app is better than it was in the new version 14).

Prizmo has definitely become my go-to OCR application. My only minor gripe is that there seems to be no ability to export to Word format. You have to use RTF which is not a terrible alternative, but not quite as convenient as exporting directly to .doc or .docx.
[Version 2.0.6]

Nick Collingridge commented on 23 Mar 2013
@ HackDefender: I don't think this works when your Mac crashes. I know this rarely happens, but on the odd occasion when it has I have found that any applications not included in my RestoreMeNot list re-open when the Mac restarts.
[Version 1.0.1]

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