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Nerdnase reviewed on 08 Dec 2011
I use it every day and especially like the features for two screen setups. Works well. (I have to turn it off when using Photoshop because it interferes with cloning key shortcut).
[Version 1.5.1]


Nerdnase reviewed on 05 Dec 2011
A simple App that works well.
[Version 1.7.2]


Nerdnase reviewed on 05 Dec 2011
PhoneValet 6 does not work reliably with Lion AT ALL (new 2011 Mac Mini). There are problems with OpenBase—just look at the reviews for OpenBase to know that things don't look good for PV users (or any program that relies on OpenBase).

I received a rude email from the arrogant CTO of OpenBase, who judging from his ignorance regarding customer service and lack of deductive ability, will not be supplying a workable update in this lifetime. He asked whether I was using a beta; I replied that it was not labeled so. His response: "The download link for 11.0.6 has beta right in the URL.  We'll release it when it is ready."

The first comment simply was not true—the word beta was NOT in the link sent to me. As for the second, it would be a welcome change in company standards if their software were EVER ready for prime time. OpenBase sucks, PhoneValet relies on it, we're out of luck. If we must wait for an OpenBase product to be ready, it will never arrive.
[Version 6.0.5]

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Nerdnase replied on 22 Dec 2011
Qb: Sadly, it has not fixed the issues. A stopgap measure that will temporarily fix the "Waiting for the database to respond..." message, and give you intermittent (unreliable) service is to:

1. Quit PV.
2. Open Terminal and enter: sudo /Library/OpenBase/bin/openexec -i
3. Restart your computer.

This is certainly not an acceptable solution (or a solution at all), but I've had PV work for close to a full day after performing those steps.
I'm in the process of looking for a dedicated Snow Leopard Mac Mini just to run PV and some security software. I hope Parliant is entertaining the idea of making this program Open Source.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Nerdnase replied on 22 Dec 2011

Nerdnase reviewed on 27 Oct 2011
Unfortunately, I used XSlimmer, ran into problems (over 7000 FILE SYNC ERRORS immediately after running XSlimmer), and contacted support for assistance. Their auto response was prompt, leading me to believe that customer service might be good. I was wrong.

I heard back initially with a request for system info, and some other possibly related items. I provided the requested information, then nothing. That was early October. I've sent repeated requests for updates, and have received no response aside from the auto responses.

Based on my experience with LateNiteSoft and XSlimmer, I say do not gamble with an unreliable company. The payback is not worth the potential of them ignoring requests to provide service for the product they sell.

Because the after purchase service was nonexistent for me, I cannot rate any feature as acceptable because the product appears to have cause a large number of File Sync problems, all similar to iDisk/XSlimmer Backup/Google Be Warned.
[Version 1.8.2]

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Nerdnase replied on 11 Dec 2011

I posted as one person's experience with this product AND COMPANY as a warning to others who may think customer service important with software like this. If a product or service works well for 50% and they never need the company to back up their software, product, or service, there's no problem. If; however, the product causes problems, breaks or otherwise doesn't perform, it's important that the company is reliable, returns email inquiries, etc., don't you think? Is there something that seems unfair about this to you?

You stated: "I'm just a user, but to be fair, that's not a problem with the product at all, any sort of product that modifies the core framework of an application file like this program does will completely make any sort of "Sync" service because you changed the things its trying to sync."

Your attempt to make a point makes no sense.

XSlimmer does provide the information that you, perhaps, were trying to.

Isn't it dangerous to modify the binary data of applications?
Removing code that will never be run on your machine is safe. However, a very small number of applications may not function properly after they have been slimmed down, because they may check themselves to enforce anti-piracy measures. Xslimmer takes a number of precautions to avoid putting you in a position where an application cannot be used after being slimmed down. It provides a backup mechanism that can be enabled from Xslimmer's Preferences, automatically storing a copy of the applications before they are slimmed down. It also provides the means to "blacklist" applications that you don't want ever to slim down. The blacklist is automatically configured to ignore some popular applications known to perform integrity checks on themselves.

We recommend that you enable the backup option if you intend to reduce the size of an application that you will not be able to reinstall.

My purpose in using the software was not to run it, then replace the damage the software caused with my backup. I read the instructions, the FAQ, always have multiple backups.

Using your tortured metaphor "…its kind of like pulling things out of your engine bay 'cause you don't 'think' you need them," would be far more accurate had you included "We at general motors have a system of culling motor parts that are not being used by your automobile. A small number of some engine's functions may no longer work after using this culling procedure, so keep a backup engine ready to reinstall. Our system of culling will allow you to easily install the new engine AUTOMATICALLY."

I attempted to use the backup option that I had enabled per XSlimmer's instructions—IT DIDN'T WORK.

You have no idea what my user level is, and for the record I was able to repair XSlimmer's damage just fine. I'm not at all certain that the average user would be able to, so buyer beware.The point is that XSlimmer did not in my case support their product at all, ignored repeated requests for help, and appear to have little regard for the time of people who purchase their software.

I imagine you to be quite young, as you were able to completely miss the point of my review, miscommunicate your own point, make incorrect assumptions about my "user level," and make claims for the software company that they do not make themselves. I am tech savvy, and it was not worth the problem. At. All.

Sometimes xian_online, it's better to just admit you don't know what you're talking about and leave it at that, don't you think?

Nerdnase reviewed on 30 Nov 2008
1Password works well, does just what it is designed for, and works with a host of browsers. For me, it has been stellar.
[Version 2.9.5b2]

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