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Neox commented on 24 Mar 2011
Just an FYI if you are running a 32-bit intel mac, the download link above downloads the 64 bit version vs. the fat 32/64. Not sure why they chose this. Go to the VLC site and you can download a 32/64 or a 32-bit only version.
[Version 1.1.8]

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Neox replied on 25 Mar 2011
I am not sure why I was voted down so much for trying to be helpful. Amazing community. What is the bazaro macupdate?

Neox replied on 25 Mar 2011

Thank you for that and for posting the direct link to the VLC downloads too. :-)

Neox rated on 22 Mar 2011
[Version 2.0.7]


Neox reviewed on 13 Jan 2011
No thanks. Chrome is off the recommended list for many reasons.

1. I do not like apps that use background processes that are not explained by the developer and could be compromising my privacy.

2. I do not like apps that track my whereabouts and store it for their own use. I don't have anything to hide but it does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

3. Google has decided to switch to WebM as the video codec. That is fine if they want to include this open standard, but they are not just including it they are going to remove H.264 support, which is a huge move that gives too much power to a company that already has to much control over the internet. They expect web developers to re-encode all their video content and offer multiple versions of the same video using different codecs. Yeah that is an easy task for companies like Netflix, Vimeo, google's own YouTube and other streaming sites. What a joke. H.264 is a standard and is in use in far too many places on the net and on devices to be just dumped overnight.

Stay clear of this browser and if you need webkit, then use Safari, Omniweb or the nightly webkit builds (which also use Safari). The line in the sand is here.
[Version 8.0.552.237]

Neox commented on 13 Jan 2011
Beware of this app. The version I downloaded from their site, 2.2.0 was obviously packaged and compiled on REALstudio for Windows without being properly packaged on a Mac. It is suspicious to me wether or not any testing was done on the Mac because no developer would leave their app in the RS built .app.tar, they would put it in a proper dmg or zip. I know this because I also develop RS apps and it is a great development tool, but you have to still test on the platform you are distributing for. The application did not even have an icon except the generic one. 3.0 seems to be a proper dmg with app icon so maybe they fixed the issue, although looking at the app contents I see there is no bundle identifier which there should be. Which it still leaves me with doubts as to the quality of this software and the promises made by the developer that seems to have abandoned the Mac years ago.

As to the software, it does not seem to build anything, rather it produces the Xcode project for you to compile. While that may be fine, it is not a great way to develop high quality apps. If you are trying to develop any kind of sophisticated app then you are going to have a mess of widgets and wires running all over the window which looks pretty confusing and hard to track. I guess that is the trade off for not needing to write any code.

Personally I feel it would be easier to learn REALstudio, which this app was made with, or if you have the patients and time learn XCode and Cocoa. Trust me in the end you will be a whole lot better off.
[Version 3.0.0]


Neox reviewed on 21 Dec 2010
I have been using LittleSnapper for about 2 years now. While I like some of the other RealMac software apps this one leaves me with a feeling of regret and frustration for what could be.

In case you don't know what this app is, it is basically a screenshot tool on steroids with the ability to manage your library of shots. It goes beyond screenshot though as it does have the ability to snap an entire web page, a section, etc. It also has decent tools for adding arrows, graphics and text to the snaps. It also has iTunes/iPhoto like abilities to manage and organize your various snaps.

There are a few usability issues, and you can read Doug S's review below as I won't repeat some of the same.

To me the biggest issue I have with this app is its performance. I have a 2.0Ghz Core Duo MacBook, which is not as fast as todays MacBooks but my system is no slouch and can run 99% of the software I buy and use daily with no issues and quite speedily. But LittleSnapper must want a top of the line MacPro to run speedy. Just resizing the window and scrolling through your snaps is painfully slow. Why can iPhoto scroll through 1000's of my photos with out a misstep? I asked the developers about the speed of the app and they basically told me it is what it is and requires a lot of processing power.

My other gripe is that it leaves processes running after you quit the app, by default. I don't want apps that do this without giving me the choice. When I tried to update the app to 1.7 I got an error that some importer was in use and couldn't be accessed. I got around it and figured out it was related to QuickLook as LS has a QuickLook importer for previewing images in the finder with QL.

In the 2+ years I have used it have not seen a lot of changes to the app itself in that time.

I do like some of the features that it has but there are just too many things going against it that it does not make a lot of sense for me to continue using it. Skitch is capable as are a few other of these types of apps so I am sure you can find good alternatives. I really can't give this my recommendation.
[Version 1.7]

Neox rated on 17 Dec 2010
[Version 1.0.10]


Neox reviewed on 13 Dec 2010
I have used MDRP for a year or so now and find it to be one of the better if not best dvd rippers for Mac. I bought it to replace Mac The Ripper v 2.6.6 as it was having a hard time with newer DVD titles and refused to "purchase" Mac the Ripper v 3.x using their shady underground donation type tactics. MDRP has served me way better then MTR and is faster to boot.

As for 2.0 it is a great upgrade, especially with the new Main Movie only feature that makes it very simple to extract just the main feature and save a bunch of disk space. I don't think in my year+ of using 1.x and 1 month+ of using 2.0 have I ever seen it crash or become unresponsive. I really like the 2.0 interface as it is cleaner and has a fresh coat of paint. It seems to rip a bit faster on some movies based on my comparison with version 1.6.4. I have found it works well with discs that are less then perfect too. I have ripped some discs that looked so scratched that I thought it would be a skip fest. MDRP had no problems and if there were unrecoverable problems it still managed to recover most of the movie.

The bottom line is that you cannot find a better dvd ripper for the money on Mac, period. $10 is a no brainer if you, like me, need to create backups of your DVDs for display on mobile devices and to protect them from being scratched by kids.
[Version 2.0]

Neox commented on 08 Nov 2010
So is this officially abandonware? I really hope that they do an upgrade to this app as, despite the more recent comments it does indeed work pretty well. It is not a replacement for toast but it is still a useful burning app.

So how about it, Austin, are you going to update this app like you said you were all those years ago when this version was released?
[Version 1.0.3]


Neox reviewed on 04 Nov 2010
I agree with the other comments here and elsewhere on the net that this is a huge step backwards in the interface department. Feels like it has been dumbed down for the masses.

Let's start with the interface: iTunes-like which takes up a lot more screen real estate. On a 13" MacBook this is especially not good as at minimum it takes up nearly half the screen. Of course there are HUD windows and they can hover over other windows to show contacts, etc. But even they get in the way when you don't want them to.

Ok so they went the trend with todays Mac apps and made their interface iTunes like. Well iTunes is a great interface for Media and iTunes. But it is not always the best interface for other apps and that seems to be the failure of developers these days. Not every app should have the same interface.

Performance of video is not great although, this is a beta so you have to keep that in mind. Same for stability. This is nowhere near the performance you get out of iChat. You can even see this in the demo video on the skype site. Frame rate is choppy.

Intel only? More and more apps are going this route and it is a shame, especially if you have a perfectly good Quad core G5 with 8GB of RAM that still runs quite fast. Too bad really.

Skype is a good app as it sits at 2.x. The interface in the 2.x version is easy to use, does not get in the way and is compact as an app like this should be. The new version completely does a 180 and I really hope they reconsider this change because from where I sit it is not a change for the better...

At the very least they need to make it possible for the interface to shrink down to size to something similar to the 2.x series. The contact icons are hugs and each contact takes a lot of space in the window. Cover flow? I mean is that really necessary? It is completely useless. How about a third view that is compact and shrinks the contacts down to size of 2.x and the window too? Then it might be heading in the right direction. But as this sits now, I will have to pass.

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Neox replied on 04 Nov 2010
Arrg. Where is the edit button? hugs above should be huge! Blasted.

Neox reviewed on 19 Jul 2010
iShowU HD is simply the best screen recording app you can get, in my opinion. I have used camtasia, the more expensive Screen Flow, Snapz Pro X, jing and a couple others and none of them were as easy to use as iShowU HD. This app is also highly configurable and makes it easy to get really good results. I highly recommend this application to anyone that needs screen recording capability. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. If you are looking at this vs screenflow try iShowU app as it is still half the price of ScreenFlow and offers many of the same functions and makes it very easy to use.
[Version 2.1.5]

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Neox replied on 21 Oct 2010
I didn't try Screenium, but it looks similar. I did try ScreenFlow which also seems to be popular. Personally I didn't like ScreenFlow and its, well, flow. And I really did not like its price and its activation scheme.
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