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Negritude commented on 23 Apr 2014
For a limited time, this is only $0.99 in the MAS:
[Version 1.1.1]

Negritude commented on 23 Apr 2014
From the Chronicle of Higher Education:


Negritude reviewed on 27 Feb 2014
Flash works perfectly for me.

Most of the problems people experience are the result of:

1. Using beta versions, which are expected to have bugs.

2. Not having an ad-blocker like AdBlock Plus installed.

Oh, and by the way, ClickToPlugin and ClickToFlash are mostly obsolete with the latest versions of Firefox and Safari. Both browsers now have built-in support for enabling plugins on a per site and/or per session basis.

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Negritude replied on 11 Mar 2014
@ B. Jefferson Le Blanc

A good point. For my needs, the built-in support is sufficient.

@ Forn

That's a tangential issue. I'm only addressing the functionality and useability of this specific product. If I was concerned about every company that was trying to collect info on me, I wouldn't be using the net at all. Plus, I use Google products without reservation, so that horse has already left the stable. :-)

@ Libertforall1776

Good point. That's a feature that can't be replaced for those who need it.

@ Mysticalos

This problem is addressed in my original post about using an ad-blocker. I never see any ads, so the only flash content I have to deal with are legitimate videos and other animation on a site. Without an ad-blocker, then yes, the built-in filtering would not be enough.
Negritude commented on 20 Feb 2014
The Dropbox Versions FAQ:

Q. How come Dropbox keeps rolling out releases so frequently?

A. They don't.

Q. What do you mean they don't?! Where are all these releases I see on MacUpdate coming from then?

A. The official public installer for Dropbox is always to be found here:

This is an intentionally conservative release that is updated infrequently, and is always several versions behind other releases which are called "stable", but are not thoroughly tested enough or trusted enough by Dropbox to advertise to the wider public.

Q. Wait, so you're telling me that Dropbox has different stable releases, and one of them is the trusted release that they're comfortable blasting out to the whole world, and is the default download on their web site, whereas the others are called "stable", but Dropbox doesn't fully trust them, so it waits to announce them, just in case a bug or something else pops up?!

A. Yes.

Q. That is insane! So, how does MacUpdate find out about these less than trustworthy so-called "stable" releases?

A. Most likely via XML or RSS feeds which are handled automatically, but the info about them is also posted in the Dropbox forums and in the release notes:

Q. So, the info about these releases isn't a secret, but Dropbox keeps them off the front page of their site to discourage casual users from downloading them, right? Only more hard-core folks who frequent the forums are supposed to be grabbing them, and they are more likely to understand any potential consequences of using them?

A. Yep.

Q. Sigh. OK, that was very helpful. Thank you. You're a genius.

A. No problem. ;-D
[Version 2.6.13]

Negritude commented on 23 Jan 2014
HandsOff! is available in the latest ProductiveMacs bundle, which began on January 21st (there is no indication of when it expires):
[Version 2.1.1]

Negritude commented on 10 Jan 2014
Currently less than $20 via the MacHeist nanoBundle 4 (expires January 13th):
[Version 1.3.3]

Negritude commented on 10 Jan 2014
Currently less than $20 via the MacHeist nanoBundle 4 (expires January 13th):
[Version 2.1.1]

Negritude commented on 10 Jan 2014
Currently less than $20 via the MacHeist nanoBundle 4 (expires January 13th):
[Version 5.6.2]

Negritude commented on 05 Jan 2014
FYI, you can also run a version of KeePass 2 using the Mono (.NET) framework:

The main reason to do this would be better compatibility with the original KeePass for Windows.
[Version 2.0 alpha 5]

Negritude commented on 20 Dec 2013
There is now a ticket open to deal with resolving the problem of the app bundle not reporting the version correctly:
[Version 1.0]

Negritude had trouble on 08 Jun 2010
I use both ClamXav and Norton AntiVirus 11 for manual scanning under Leopard. I got NAV for free from my cable internet provider (it was part of Norton Internet Security 4).

One thing I notice is that ClamXav seems to detect email viruses that NAV completely misses. Can someone clarify whether the signatures in NAV for Mac are OS X specific, and do not include Windows viruses? Do you need to purchase the "dual protection" version of NAV in order to get Windows virus signatures included in your scanning?

Is it possible that ClamXav is giving me false positives, or have a missed a configuration setting for NAV?
[Version 06/04/2010]

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