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Ncianca rated on 22 Dec 2010

Ncianca commented on 08 Feb 2010
The demo version expired yesterday, even though the app was updated today. Consequently, the this version 2.5.2 (02/08/2010) will not run in demo mode.
[Version 2.5.2]

Ncianca commented on 04 Nov 2009
I sure hope "Avian" makes an appearance soon, which is supposed to be free to registered users. Alan, I'm sure that most TM2 prospective users would be filling to pay a reasonable upgrade fee if that gets it into our hands faster.

Software doesn't age well like a good wine, but rather becomes vinegar when the underlying APIs of its foundation evolve, thus broadening the time curve gap.

And I really hope that my next comment on TM will be singing the TM2 praises.
[Version 1.5.9]

Ncianca commented on 02 Oct 2009
The latest version (2.10) of iPulse has a huge problem.

"You are now prompted for a password each time you launch iPulse on Snow Leopard"

Why can't it remember the setting? Why do I need to enter a password every time I start iPulse? Apple's "Activity Monitor" does not prompt the user for a password every time it is started.

If it can't be fixed because there are inherent problems with the way that iPulse is implemented, then that security vulnerability should be addressed and fixed rather then creating a huge inconvenience for the users.

This change means that I can no longer have iPulse as a startup item has I have for years.
[Version 2.1.10]

ncianca commented on 05 Dec 2008
$80 bucks to basically change the file extension and fix time code breaks and still requires the MPEG-2 codec?

A .VOB file on a DVD is nothing more then an MPEG-2 file.

Assuming you have the Apple Quicktime MPEG-2 codec ($30 or included with Final Cut) all you have to do is copy the VOB file(s) to your drive, rename the file's extension to .MPG or .m2v and use MPEG Streamclip (free) to fix the timecode breaks and optionally convert it to any other format such as DV or H.264 or whatever.

MPEG Streamclip can also be used to split the video using in/out points so that you do not need to post process the entire file.

Note that this does not work with VOB files that are encrypted with CSS but works perfectly with any CSS free DVD.
[Version 1.089]

ncianca commented on 25 Oct 2008
I like TextMate as a general text editor and registered my copy when it was still in pre-release way back in the day. Coda, with its workflow, superb UI, project tools, auto-completion, editors and other tools has become my tool for web sites, I still use TextMate for all my other text needs, such as shell programming and general text manipulation.

However, I'm disappointed that its been a year now since the last release. I understand that the next version will be a complete rewrite, but there are a number of small "issues" that would have benefited from an interim release. The lack of releases also give the appearance that TextMate has been abandoned, though I'm sure it hasn't.

While Allan is very responsive to emails, there is nothing on the TextMate site about the future of TextMate or its progress. The blog is updated every now and then, but mostly announcing a new bundle.

Overall TextMate is an excellent editor and I hope that it will continue to be part of my daily tools in the future.
[Version 1.5.7]

ncianca commented on 18 Mar 2008
I'm a registered user of Fruitmenu, WindowShade and FontCard. However, I had to remove the 10.5 compatible versions (and APE) because one of them was causing a problem with Mail that resulted in my having to reimport my mailboxes. Hopefully these issues will get sorted out soon.
[Version 3.7b2]


ncianca reviewed on 26 Feb 2008
This is a great idea. I have usually used the commandline pmset to set the mode, but it's a pain to manage it this way, particularly if you forget to turn hibernation back on when the battery is running out and you have to swap it.
[Version 1.0b1]


ncianca reviewed on 30 Nov 2007
OmniGraffle Pro is without question the best diagramming tool available for any platform. The new version 5 is a great update to this amazing tool.

The new features are welcome and well executed. Here is a quick list of some new or updated features:

The updated interface, designed to reflect the Leopard design direction, incorporates user interface elements well onto the window, giving the entire application an updated, modern & refreshed look.

Some common tools have been added directly onto the ruler eliminating the need to use the corresponding inspector to get to them (they are still in the inspector though). There is also a new Tool Palette similar to what many other programs have which should make it easier for Visio, Illustrator and other users to transition to OGP.

The new Stencils manager fixed numerous usability issues with the old one.

Expanded Variables support (but none yet that will display the foreground and background color values, useful when making a visual style guide).

Leopard QuickLook Support.

Shared Layers which replace the old Master Canvas. This one will take some getting used if you use Master Canvases, but it's really an awesome solution to something many have wanted for some time - the ability to add multiple master canvases to a single canvas. It also makes it very easy to adjust the items on the Shared Layer so that they show up everywhere.

Subgraphs allow you to group a collection of objects into a single entity very easily.

There are some big changes with OGP5 and this includes having to update your documents (QuickLook only works with OGP5 format files).

A slight issue is with documents that are larger then a printed page and where sized using the "Fit To Page". These will open with the page size reset to the standard page settings. The new scaling features should eliminate the prior issues with having documents that had more vertical or horizontal pixels then a standard printed page would hold.

You will also need to update any custom templates you are using.

OmniGraffle will you marry me?
[Version 5.0 beta 1]


ncianca reviewed on 25 Nov 2007
Incredibly useful and functional utility. I've added it to my Finder's toolbar for quick access.
[Version 2.0]

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