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ncc876 commented on 19 Jun 2008
At long last! An alternative has emerged for Intel Mac users! It's not as feature-laden, but it works.

firefox-mac-pdf - Google Code:
[Version 2.2.3]

ncc876 commented on 13 Dec 2005
Does anyone have a procedure to migrate to Thunderbird that actually WORKS? I tried a migration utility and all it did was create a huge mess.
[Version 6.2.3]


Ncc876 reviewed on 19 Feb 2004
At $5 it didn't take me long to decide it was worth it. However, the album art loading feature doesn't currently work (known issue, see the site) so it doesn't quite make sense for the software to default to having it turned on. The application icon used in the floater window is horridly ugly, though -- it could use some more polish, or the "flat" 2D version should be used.

Agreed that a "launch iTunes hidden" feature would be very nice.
[Version 1.0a5]

Ncc876 commented on 19 Feb 2004
The 'E' in the LM icon isn't a mistake -- the lander was initially to have been named the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) but this was later dropped and the acronym shortened to LM. The ascent stage is also a bit too dark in this icon, and too tall, which gives it a bit of a toony look when compared to the highly accurate capsule icons.

The CM reentry icon is especially nice -- very good alpha masking on that one.

As a space buff, I'd like to see more icons to go with these. Maybe even a system replacement set!

More Earth photographs are available from the NASA Human Spaceflight Web site at
[Version ]

Ncc876 commented on 28 Oct 2003
Insists extension isn't loaded even after pressing Load and after rebooting, in Panther 7B85.
[Version 1.3.5]

Ncc876 commented on 09 Aug 2003
It works fantastically well for me and I have no problems with it at all so far. I like not having to run an X window manager just to run a chat app.

One default that should be changed: 'browser %s' doesn't work when URLs are clicked. The proper setting is '!open %s'. After figuring this out I set both the onclick action and the context menuitem to use this command and it works fantastically.
[Version 0.10.1]

Ncc876 commented on 09 Jul 2003
I have to ask ... Trek/Diane Duane fan? (ch'Rihan)
[Version 0.1]

Ncc876 commented on 05 Jun 2003
A very good application and a relief from the two 'main' shareware weather applications: WeathermanX thinks I am in Muskegon, MI no matter what city I give it even if I remove the defaults from the list and leave only my home city. WeatherPop thinks it's nighttime. All the time. Either of these programs is therefore unusable.

Meteo is a good alternative and I've got it living in my menu bar; downloads updates for the correct location and correctly understands the time of day. However, the menus badly need improvement in alignment; the extended forecast is difficult to read since there's no column-like layout like the two apps I've mentioned above have. In addition, the extended forecast consistently does not display icons, whether in a submenu or in the main menu.

Finally, the "forecast" item that shows current conditions needs to say "Currently:" -- the wording is presently misleading.

The menu configurability is great.

Source on sourceforge is labeled as 1.2.7, it appears -- can we get the source to be included with the application download?
[Version 1.2.9]

Ncc876 had trouble on 03 Jul 2003
Unfortunately, it does not seem to be able to line wrap properly in iTerm, selecting only one line of the URL clicked on -- and that's always the line where the click was located. Selecting the entire thing does not help. I'm still stuck with no easy way to open long URLs while using epic/splitfire to chat in IRC. I can't drag the multiple lines to a browser either as something seems to be hard wrapping them before dumping them to clipboard/drag. Fix this and I'll be ecstatic.
[Version 1.3.3]

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