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Nardrat commented on 26 Jan 2013
This apparent shift to try and get one locked into the Apple eco system at the expense of everything else affects products such as Busycal, so much so that it makes one wonder whether its worth actually straying away from iCloud/ Apple Calendar and going onto Google Calendar. When you consider the freedom from getting locked in to Apple only, the ability to properly sync with an Exchange work calendar and non reliance on iCloud/ iTunes, the Google product looks better and better. This is all a result of the open source nature of the Apple eco system just not happening like it did. And this is coming from an OS 9 person. Its just not looking good for software like Busycal at the minute.
[Version 2.0.2]


Nardrat reviewed on 22 Apr 2012
Arq hasn’t been correctly backing up to Amazon S3. As a result, the developer has provided a fix whereby previous “backups” have had to be re-uploaded. This isn’t the end of the world for anyone that has a few essential files and folders backed up but for anyone who has to rely on this for all of their data, it’s a very serious issue. If, for example, Arq has been “backing up” most of your Home Folder/ Hard Drive, then that means a period of two months waiting for it to do it all over again. Say, 6 weeks into this process, your hard drive fails, would you be able to restore a file that was on your HD a week before? No you wouldn’t because instead of backing up that week old file, Arq would have been re-uploading files it should have uploaded properly in the first place.

So on the downside, Arq, in practice, hasn’t been working like time machine; it hasn’t automatically make incremental backups every hour/day; it has uploaded far more than just the files that have changed since the last backup; it hasn’t keep previous backups in the way that the developer claims.

On the upside however, it does everything else the developer says it does, the developer provides good and honest support and metadata restoration of files that Arq does manage to backup can’t be beaten.

As such I can only recommend Arq for the purpose of backing up only essential files and folders and not all of your data.
[Version 2.6.7]


Nardrat reviewed on 03 Dec 2011
With Pixelmator, it is almost limitless what you can achieve with image files, which is impressive considering the size of the app and its apparent non resource hogging. In summary, if you're not a professional that depends on PS for income and don't intend to use the software for organising files or for video, then it's really difficult to see how one could justify forking out for PS when Pixelmator is available. Good to see dodge & burn tools specifically included with version 2. $30 for this really is impressive and I say that as someone who paid $60 for version 1 and didn't get the free app store upgrade.
[Version 2.0]


Nardrat reviewed on 03 Dec 2011
With version 9.20, there's a bug, this time with the side bar which seemingly refers to all of your specified folders as "Untitled". Just when you think the issue has gone away, back it keeps coming. As I see the sidebar as a main feature of the app (getting quick & easy access to your notes whether or not you happen to be in the app), I'd say this is a bit of a problem.

I'm not nailing this program, in fact I find it essential and need it to fully function but as reflected in the below posts, there are some issues that prevent it from being able to fully function. It's these kind of issues that customers will consider if and when we're asked to pay for version 10 for example. There are seemingly good alternatives out there; what us users need is for the devs to just fix the bugs to stop us considering the alternatives.
[Version 9.2.0]


Nardrat reviewed on 03 Dec 2011
There's no need to go over again what is frustrates many people about Lion, all one needs to do is see the previous comments on this thread. And yes, perhaps change to what was a great Snow Leopard operating system is part of that frustration. However, what I don't think has been mentioned widely and what should be cosidered by anyone lucky enough to be on Snow Leopared and considering the upgrade, is the very slow FW800 performance on Lion. An updated bootable backup that would take about a minute to perform under Snow Leopard takes about 15 mins on Lion. 15 times slower performance. That may not be a problem for a lot of people, but for me that's very dissapointing. And it seems I'm one of the lucky ones as apparently many people have been unable to get FW800 to work at all. I remember being quite pleased how FW800 was leaps and bounds above USB in terms of speed, it seems its now the opposite. So if you're still on Snow Leopard, have expended on FW800 devices and currently have speedy backups using FW800, you may want to consider that.
[Version 10.7.2]

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