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Nanobite reviewed on 06 Apr 2011
Excellent little app. While NV itself is already great as-is, NVALT's tweaks and features makes it perfect for my needs. I especially love the Markdown preview feature, and the ability to write notes in an external editor. Immensely useful.

I would like to note, however, that there appears to be a bug in this latest release, where attempting to select a menu item in a completely new and empty database (i.e. no notes selected) can cause the app to crash, at least on my machine. Seems to be just a minor issue that doesn't occur with normal use. Other than that, the app works flawlessly.
[Version 2.0]

Nanobite rated on 10 Dec 2010
[Version 1.6]

Nanobite commented on 14 May 2010
I got this recently as part of the Macbuzzer bundle, and so far I like it a lot. The interface is polished and pleasant, and the little touches like the cover graphic and animated page turns make for a nice writing environment that's welcoming enough even for someone who's as blank-page-phobic as I am. However, it is admittedly stark in terms of features, as the app is, at this point, more like a prettified version of TextEdit with some basic entry organization added in. Don't get me wrong; it's off to a great start, but I hope to see some "must-have" features added in the future, such as:

- Import? I can't seem to find it in the menus. Correct me if I've missed it somehow.
- Whole book export to formats other than .thoughts.
- Tagging
- Password protection
- Lists that can be re-ordered on the fly; would be great for outlines.
- Subsections

I've used many other note-taking / journal apps such as MacJournal and Circus Ponies Notebook, both of which have their own strengths, but I prefer Thoughts' friendly interface to both of them. For a 1.0.x release, Thoughts is a solid app. With a few improvements, it would become my note-taking app of choice. For now, though, I'll use it for casual writing, but will probably stick to more feature complete apps for serious note-taking.
[Version 1.0.2]

Nanobite commented on 29 Aug 2007
Very impressive for an open-source animation program. Are there any chances of a universal binary in the future (if that's even possible considering the nature of the libraries)? That aside, it shows some great potential. Definitely keeping my eye on this one.
[Version 0.4.3b]


Nanobite reviewed on 22 Aug 2007
Agreed, a great little app! It's always a nice surprise to find a freeware app that's not only functional but well thought-out. While there are tons of other stickies apps out there, this one approaches the same task from a refreshing angle. A few features I'd like to see in the future would be categories and a "magnification" setting for viewing notes in the main window, if possible. Still, for a first release, this rocks! Really appreciate the idea of tablet support and alarms. Keep up the good work!
[Version 1.0]


Nanobite reviewed on 30 Aug 2006
Awesome widget. Love the new design. I've been using iStat nano for a while, but now I think I'm going to switch to the pro version since I have the screen space to spare. ;) It's amazing that all this is for free. Thanks for all the hard work!

It works great except for one bug that I noticed. When I go into the options and adjust display settings, it sometimes messees up the bar/graph features. For example, when I switched the CPU display from "advanced" to "simple," I got what I expected: no activity on the bar or graph. But when I changed it back to advanced, the bar/graph still showed no activity as if I were still in simple mode. Am I missing something? Hope this makes some sense. It's sort of hard to explain. Other than that, an awesome widget. Keep it up!
[Version 3.01]


Nanobite reviewed on 28 Aug 2006
Wow, really nice app, and all for free! Beautiful interface and well-thought out initial features. Entering assignments imo is a breeze. The only immediate thing that struck me when I tried the app was if there could be an option to remove assignments using the delete key instead of having to repeatedly push the x button. Also it would be nice if that same x button had a more universal function, so you could delete assignments, courses, AND groups all with one click. Right now, AFAIK, it only applies to assignments. Lastly, I was wondering if something like rules in Mail could be applied, so certain assignments with special conditions (i.e. high priority) could be color-coded. Just a thought. ;) Overall, a great start, and definitely worth the price! Looking forward to new releases.
[Version 1.1]

Nanobite had trouble on 03 Dec 2008
Just a heads-up:

Make sure to uninstall Safari AdBlock if you're planning to update to the latest version of Safari (v3.2.1, included in Software Update), because some kind of system conflict can cause all of your apps to crash at launch. If you're experiencing this, you will have to manually uninstall Safari AdBlock by deleting the Safari AdBlock folder in /Library/InputManagers/ This should restore everything to normal.
[Version 0.3.2]

Nanobite had trouble on 03 Apr 2008
It works well with everything I've encountered so far except for password-protected .7z files. It chokes on them completely and gets stuck at the progress bar without even giving me a window to type in the password. Other than that, I haven't run into any trouble. For the moment, though, I've been using 7zX to deal with those problem files, and they work just fine.
[Version 1.6.1]

Nanobite had trouble on 08 Sep 2007
Nice, clean little app. Love the simple interface. I did encounter one bug, though. When I quit without saving and the drop-down dialog appears, the app still doesn't quit even if I click "save." It will only disappear if I click "don't save," but then I would just lose my changes. Just a heads-up. Also, if possible, it would be nice if a menu for browsing entries by month could be added in the future. For example, if you click the month on the calendar, you could get a drop-down menu of months containing entries... but then again this is entirely optional. Thanks for a great freeware app!
[Version 1.0.24]

Nanobite had trouble on 21 Apr 2007
Weird. It says 0.8.0b1 in the Get Info panel but 0.8.5b1 in the About box. Also, I'm having problems with audio dropping off after a few minutes with newly encoded files. The previous version seems to work fine.
[Version 0.8.5b1]

Nanobite had trouble on 01 Dec 2006
It appears APE is the memory hog here. Without APE, memory usage seems to be normal for the most part. Hopefully they'll release an update for APE that solves the memory/lag issues that some people have been experiencing.
[Version 2.4]

Nanobite had trouble on 20 Aug 2006
The permissions problem is a known issue. You can find out more about it here at this thread:

Otherwise if you need a quick fix, just enter these lines into the terminal:

cd /Applications
sudo chgrp procmod
sudo chmod g+s
[Version 0.53r212]

3 Replies


Nanobite commented on 21 Aug 2006
Strange. I just got those lines from the aforementioned forum link and copied them into the Terminal, and it worked for me, anyway. Then again it's not surprising if it isn't a universal fix for everyone. If that doesn't work, you could try Veggiedude's approach mentioned a few reviews below.

Nanobite commented on 22 Aug 2006
"Nope, sorry. I have tried that. It gave me the error on the second command. I am using 10.4.7 on a Mac G5 single (PowerMac 9.1)"

Hmm, just a thought, but are you entering the second line without a break after the "sudo chgrp procmod"? Check the review frontpage where it's listed as one continuous line. So what you want to do is:

sudo chgrp procmod [one space, not a line break]

[one continuous line, like writing a sentence, no spaces between slashes either]

The reply box here really mangles things up, but either go to the developer's homepage under "More info" or try again using the lines listed in the review and see if it works. Just a suggestion. :) As I'm not the originator of these lines, I can't say for sure if it'll work for everyone, but it worked for me. ;)

Nanobite commented on 23 Aug 2006
Wow, that really is weird. Another question then: this might sound obvious, but did you put VirtueDesktops in your ~/Applications folder (in /User/Applications) or in /Applications (your root applications folder in Macintosh HD)? The command listed only works when Virtue is in your /Applications folder (NOT under the Users directory). So if it's under ~/Applications (or anywhere other than /Applications), it probably won't have any effect.

Of course you can still use the command described by changing the "cd" line to something like "cd /Users/Applications/", but as I'm not a terminal geek and I only copied these directions from the website for easy access, I can't vouch that'll work, but you could try it, or to be on the safe side, just move Virtue to your /Applications and hopefully that should work.
Nanobite had trouble on 11 Aug 2006
There appears to be a memory leak w/ the button mouseover. When you hover over the buttons quickly, sometimes the blue highlight lags behind and it ends up burning some 90%+ CPU usage, at least in my case anyway. Maybe I'm the only one experiencing this. Otherwise, a great app. Everything else seems to work fine.
[Version 1.7.2]

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Nanobite replied on 12 Aug 2006
I'm running 10.4.7 right now on an iMac 2.0ghz Intel. I don't have Shapeshifter currently installed on my computer (although at one point I did). It seems it only works when you move the mouse quickly over the buttons. It doesn't always happen, though. I wonder if it has something to do with Rosetta apps, because if I recall correctly, I had MS Word open while entering a note, so maybe that might have had an influence (so it probably might not have anything to do with sidenote itself). Still, thanks for the prompt response!
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