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Name reviewed on 25 Jul 2006
- Appearance: It is indeed a nice product, but it has such an ugly entry view with bad fonts and lower case characters at the beginning.

- Features: Well it has many things one need, but the printing is absolutely unacceptable. The lines in the notes entry field are merged with the others, making it inoperable to read. And you can not enter multiple lines in the notes entry field, besides copying and pasting.

- Stability: Sometimes it simply stops launching, and if you have an encrypted database, then everything is gone, really everything you created is gone and forever, I am an IT engineer and I really tried everything but you cannot recover anything and it still stops from launching.

- Support: None of my crash reports and bug reports were answered, they didn't help me recover my passwords. Lastly they did not say anything at all.
[Version 2.5.1]


Name reviewed on 13 May 2006
This is the best firewall, intrusion detection and handling as well as notification and logging tool for the Mac OS X. It has more features and more flexible features as NetBarrier from Intego software. It is free and based on a strong development behind Snort, it uses rules update feature, database logging, notification system, menubar item for quick access, and this is now very important: A 73 pages documentation with great explanations in every cases written in a non-geeky language. This my indispensable security solution for my internet and network activity.

I can only strongly encourage to use this system, I my self am a developer, and traditional Macintosh user since Mac OS 7.

This tremendous work beats all commercial products with it's community and software development as well as support. It should win the Apple Design Award.
[Version 2.1.2]


Name reviewed on 10 May 2006
Thank you so much for this great game!
It is almost like Civilization, really.

I love the network playing. The graphics are very good as well, just try it. Although it is an X11, and there is no doubt that this would be the only way to develop such a tremendous Game.

Thanks a lot.

[Version 2.1b1]


Name reviewed on 03 May 2006
This is a great application, creating
such an application must be an
enormous effort.

Here are the best features in my eyes:
- Interactive split view (for run-time and scripts)
- Great syntax colouring
- Drag and drop.
- Automatic saving on run
- Automatic calculation of run-time
- Smart reports on script execution and failure

Wish list:
- Customisable fonts
- Remember window position & size
- Better buttons (consider brushed metal,
with mini textured buttons
- Favourites menu for scripts

This is the best tool to learn
Python, absolutely.
[Version 1.0]


Name reviewed on 28 Apr 2006
Thank you very much Unsanity.
I tested it on a PowerBook G4 "Ivory",
with Mac OS X 10.4.6, and I already
tweaked everything so that it runs as
fast as a G5 Double Core.

And this hackie even improved it more,
this is unbelievable, but true,
all my windows open twice as fast.

To the previous authors:
Please do not consider loading of
the contents of a window as part
of the loading time, because this
is not the part of the core image processing,
but depending on the system processes
and of course the dozens of contents.

This does really improve everything.

And I must say, that it does not look
ugly, instead it looks clearer to me.

[Version 1.3]


Name reviewed on 19 Apr 2006
This is a great native Mac OS X software, because:
- It has an intuitive interface
- Is absolutely stable
- Offers a nice variety of formats
- You can nicely edit all your creations

However some suggestions:
- Offer more export/import formats
- Make palettes more intuitive
(e.g. in one single expandable window)

Thank you very much for
this great and hard work
[Version 1.5]


Name reviewed on 13 Mar 2006
This is a very professional software,
for both developer and the home user.

It does not lack in features, and really
does what it says.

I am the developer of USE, and I can
only encourage others to use it, as it
saves a lot of time in the building process.

However I would wish to have simple form of
a droplet, for disk images that only need
a softare licence agreement, and are already
formatted and resized.
[Version 1.0.5]


Name reviewed on 11 Mar 2006
I am very astonished about the
this professional Tetris application.
It has improved a lot since I saw it.

It has every feature needed for everyone.
This application is even for me as a
Non-Tetris-Fan an enormous product.

But the thing that annoys me a lot is,
that you cannot publish the highscore.
And this is due to the fact that scores
are saved into a property list file, where
you could simply edit the values.

I am defenitely sure, that this product,
would be included in Apple's repertoire,
if it only had an Online High Score system,
so that there is more competition feeling.

Thank you very much for Quinn.
[Version 3.1.2]


Name reviewed on 05 Feb 2006
Great game.
Absolutely awesome port to Mac OS X.
This is supreme.

Online High Scores would be great.

[Version 1.1.2]

Name had trouble on 07 May 2006
Dear author,

Thanks for creating this application, however you urgently need to fix the permissions problem, either by including a shell script like: "diskutil repairPermissions /" to repair the permissions afterwards, like I luckily did. Or by including a resource "Extra" that has the proper permissions. But now, it would screw up your system, so beware!
[Version 1.0]

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