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Mutant reviewed on 05 Dec 2011
The demo client was a CPU hog, massively. I manually reniced it to idle only and things on my imac still seemed to run slower. I also had 2 kernel panics while running the demo. The price is pretty far out there too considering little snitch gives you control and all this does is observe; and it observes at a high CPU cost. Certainly not worth the price to me.
[Version 1.2]

Mutant commented on 22 Jul 2011
as of 07/22/11, doesn't support Razer Onza. Not complaining, jus' sayin.
[Version 0.10]

Mutant commented on 09 Jun 2011
You have to login to ADC and goto developer tools for the current version of CHUD.
[Version 4.6.1]

Mutant rated on 03 Jun 2011
[Version 2.7.1]


Mutant reviewed on 05 May 2011
Without a doubt in my mind I think this is the finest comic viewer available on a mac. I specifically say VIEWER because that's its job. It doesn't download, manage, ituneify, or promote.. It simply handles the job of viewing comics -- AND MORE -- with ease and simplicity. In PathFinder I can use SimpleView to browse directories of images with a couple of clicks, drag a compressed file onto SimpleCOmic and it will find all the things it can view and you are off.

Hats off to this developer for such an amazing free application. Thank you.
[Version 1.7]


Mutant reviewed on 23 Nov 2010
Shameless ripoff of the movies. The pathetic TD gameplay is tedious, non-intuitive and very boring. This game seeks only to fleece money from fans. There are LOTS of other TD games out there that cost less (some free) that surpass this title in every respect.
[Version 1.1.0]


Mutant reviewed on 05 Nov 2010
Fantastic software. Works great, when others have been too weird to use.
Thank you!
[Version 3.1.7]


Mutant reviewed on 15 Oct 2010
This thing is trying to be too many things at the same time. Multi-IM and SIP provider and it fails at all the above. I've tried it with 2 VOIP providers, SIPGate and Callcentric and the softphone never stays registered, hence I never get incoming calls. It never negotiates to Speex, which is upsetting. In general, I wasn't very impressed with this. MAC is woefully lacking in a good VOIP client.
[Version 2.2rc3]


Mutant reviewed on 13 Oct 2010
This is a pretty nice app to have around, but the default grid is not what I want. An option/preference to create as many grids (rows/columns) would make this app ideal. right now I'm finding that I resize my apps only to have to make them just a little smaller or bigger. If I was able to make the divvy grid have more rows/columns I could then have the precision I want.
[Version 1.2.2]

Mutant commented on 10 Sep 2010
Free? That's a bait.. Yea, you can use the free version for as long as you want, but it's not very useful in that capacity. Just call a spade a spade.. This is commercial software.
[Version 4.1.5]

Mutant had trouble on 27 Dec 2011
Pester has a bizzare issue of being unable to set near-term timers. An example:

When I set the same day, this timer defaults to tomorrow when the reminder is only 20 or so minutes away. When I force it to today, the timer says set a time in the future.

[Version 1.1b14]

Mutant had trouble on 13 May 2011
I'm on Camtwist 2.1 & Skype, CT works on any flash app, but doesn't seem to work in skype.. All i get is a black/blank feed. Preview window in camtwist shows properly.

Anyone else having this problem?
[Version 2.1]

Mutant had trouble on 05 May 2011
I've tried this with several accounts, and I think it's broken due to the post-id change Tumblr made in April. It broke lots of tools, including this one.
[Version 1.0]

Mutant had trouble on 19 Oct 2010
When I delete from the Notify interface it doesn't dump it in Trash, it dumps it in IMAP/Trash. This is pretty annoying.

No preferences to change this.
[Version 2.1.6]

Mutant had trouble on 14 Sep 2010
Anyone have any idea why everytime I startup this program (even rev14) it takes about 30 seconds to refresh the fontconfig? screenshot:
[Version rev13]

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Mutant replied on 30 Sep 2010
Well that worked perfectly.. Thanks!
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