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Muero reviewed on 17 Aug 2013
If you've put any care at all into the tagging of your music files, chances are this will make your library worse, not better. You should only use this if your music library is atrociously bad; then TuneUp will help. But I bet most users will have at least as many files made worse as made better with TuneUp. Oh, and their new version 3 *still* isn't Retina-ready, more than a year after Retina Macs were released.
[Version 3.0.2]


Muero reviewed on 06 Aug 2013
This is the best video file tagger available on OS X. The only feature I wish would be incorporated would be importing .txt or .xml chapter files, instead of having to manually creating and naming each chapter.
[Version 525]


Muero reviewed on 06 Aug 2013
RadarScope has better radar data and more recent radar data than any other app. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. It's the best, though I wish it were less expensive.
[Version 2.0.6]


Muero reviewed on 27 Jun 2013
I installed Disk Drill Pro 2 days ago on my 10.8.4 MacBook Pro. I got it as a part of an app bundle. So it wasn't something I had an immediate need for, but I figured I'd install it in case I needed it someday. Soon, I started noticing that my disk drive space was getting very small, so I deleted a bunch of stuff (about 20 GB) to free up space. I just kept deleting stuff, but nothing helped. No matter what I did, no free space was ever created. I could check free space, take note of it, delete a 2 GB file, check free space again, and there was no change whatsoever. I called Apple, and after 2 hours and a million troubleshooting steps, we eventually found a 50 GB folder, hidden from the user by default, created by Disk Drill Pro. I uninstalled Disk Drill Pro by using the uninstaller in the app, deleted the 50 GB folder (it doesn't get deleted when uninstalling the app), and restarted my MacBook Pro. Now I have 50+ GB of free space. I have no idea what the heck Disk Drill Pro was doing with all my space, but I would avoid this app if I were you.
[Version 2.0.356]

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Muero replied on 02 Jul 2013
You never thought that warning a user before enabling that option that massive amounts of disk storage will be taken up? You never thought that deleting the massive recovery files when the app is uninstalled is a good idea? You never thought that the app should automatically stop the auto recovery when less than 1% of disk space is remaining? Go away and stop blaming users when your app sucks.

Muero replied on 09 Jul 2013
Derp, sorry I didn't read your entire knowledgebase before trying out your app. I decided to re-install Disk Drill Pro, to see what, if any, warning it gave that it would take up significant hard drive space or that free space would not be freed up after deleting files. By default, it turned on Guaranteed Recovery without explaining anything about taking up disk space. The only place any information is located is within the drive recovery extra info, which I'd never accessed before, and I bet most people will never see. It says "Guaranteed Recovery keeps invisible copies of deleted items; needs more space than Recovery Vault." I only found this because I specifically went looking for it. Otherwise, no one would ever find it. I expect most users would have the same experience as me (i.e. use default settings, don't dig into every setting and read every knowledgebase article).

It either doesn't have preventive mechanisms to avoid completely filling a disk, or they don't work. That's a fact. Within the app, I cannot find any settings I could have "reconfigured" to turn off the preventive mechanisms.

Why would I contact support for an app when I didn't even realize what app it was that was causing the problem? If your app is really as good as you think it is, one bad review on the Internet shouldn't hurt you. But honestly reporting my dissatisfaction with an app, so others can make an informed decision, is what I'd want anyone to do.

Why does the app leave huge, hidden files on the hard drive even after uninstalling the app?

Now that I reinstalled your crappy app, I have to figure out where those hidden files are again and delete them again. Thanks for wasting more of my time.

Muero replied on 10 Jul 2013
CleverFiles, if anyone higher up at your company is reading this, you should replace whoever you've tasked with responding to comments here. The person responding here (1) has shown an inability to comprehend standard English sentences and (2) does not understand how CleverFiles's app, Disk Drill, works.

Muero rated on 12 Mar 2013
[Version 1.6]


Muero reviewed on 12 Feb 2013
Very easy to use. Unlike many other previous jailbreak methods, this one doesn't even require going into DFU mode, which was probably the most difficult part of jailbreaking in the past. And unlike a lot of other free software, there's no extra toolbars or ads or anything else bundled. It just works.
[Version 1.3]

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