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Mudflapper reviewed on 16 Mar 2014
Been using this when it was first released as File List, before Many Tricks. These guys are pretty much my favorite Mac app developers. They gave us Butler, for chrissakes. (You know that app called Alfred that everyone seems to love? They did it first with Butler and I've been using it for a decade. Just sayin'.)

Never had a crash. Never had any issues at all. As a retoucher, it makes my job so much easier when it comes to batch renaming dozens, sometimes hundreds, of images.
[Version 3.3]


Mudflapper reviewed on 27 Feb 2014
I've been using this for a couple years and I just realized I never wrote a review.

I love this app. Not sure why it got such a negative review earlier. I've never had a single problem with it. I used to use it with my iPhone 5 to control my Mac when I was too lazy to get off the couch. now that I have an iPad, it's a no-brainer. It's intuitive. There are all kinds of options and settings to customize your experience. It's fast, but it won't render movies or your screen saver in real time, of course.

If you need to control your Mac from your IOS device while you're taking a bath (don't laugh, it happens), I can't think of a better solution.

Highly recommended. Can't believe it's free.
[Version 2.0.7s]


Mudflapper reviewed on 16 Feb 2014
I included this info in a reply but I'm including it here in a new review so hopefully people will see it and resurrect their copy of CandyBar. Still the best. :)


I used Update #2 (scroll down a bit) found on this page to update CandyBar so it works with 10.9 and 10.9.1. Works perfectly.
[Version 3.3.4]

Mudflapper commented on 11 Nov 2013
NOT FREE. There's a monthly fee.
[Version 1.6.2]

Mudflapper rated on 17 Jun 2013
[Version 2.1.2]

Mudflapper commented on 29 May 2013
You can still download the last version at Softpedia—as a last resort of course—MacUpdate rules!
[Version 2.0.6]

Mudflapper commented on 26 May 2013
Version 3.3.1 is no longer working with iTunes 11.0.3. Well, the progress bar doesn't work and I'm getting some iTunes crashes and if there's one app that never crashes on me, it's iTunes.

I contacted the developer and Sophia replied a few hours later saying she's now working on a fix for third-party code that seems to be causing the problem(s).
[Version 3.3.1]


Mudflapper reviewed on 08 Mar 2013
Easiest JB ever. Fantastic job, guys.
[Version 1.0.0]

Mudflapper rated on 13 Jan 2013
[Version 0.14.2]


Mudflapper reviewed on 19 Dec 2012
After working with this piece of junk for a while, I absolutely hate it. The album cover in the sidebar is gone. EQ readout is gone. It's nearly impossible to search for a track any more. It's just god awful. The only good things about this update is the return of the colored sidebar icons and it's a bit snappier than before. Otherwise, it's terrible. F. Anyone know how to downgrade?
[Version 11.0.1]

Mudflapper had trouble on 02 Jul 2013
If you can't get 1.6.1 to work with the latest OS or a developer preview, try 1.5.6. Working fine for me :)
[Version 1.6.1]

Mudflapper had trouble on 28 May 2012
It works at first but after rebooting, no color icons. Every time.
[Version 1.0.1]

Mudflapper had trouble on 07 May 2012
Won't launch for me on Lion.
[Version 3.2]

Mudflapper had trouble on 06 Dec 2011
I try every update but I wind up reverting back to 1.4.1 because that's the last version that allows me to send IMs to cel phone numbers through AIM.

Still a fantastic app, though.
[Version 1.4.4]

Mudflapper had trouble on 04 Jul 2011
Looks like Sidenote doesn't at all under 10.7 Lion. I am so bummed. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE let me know?
[Version 1.7.3]

Mudflapper had trouble on 15 Dec 2009
If anyone has been getting the beachball of death whenever they switch from an app to the finder, I think I found a fix: Use the free version of Font Explorer to clean the system fonts folders. That will remove any fonts that don't belong in the those folders. Ever since I did that, no more more beachball. :) System is much more responsive now.
[Version 10.6.2]

Mudflapper had trouble on 03 Dec 2009
I made a similar mistake in the past--updating a critical machine while in the middle of an important project. Once. I'll never do it again. I learned my lesson. BIG TIME.

I'm sure Apple does its best to to test their updates in order to avoid problems like this, but there could be something different about your system, or, a perfect storm of differences that resulted in the issues you're experiencing. Which is why I never apply an update until the world has had at least a day to troubleshoot for me.

Also, if you want to mirror your drive, you should mirror your drive--Time Machine wasn't meant for that. Carbon Copy Cloner does a wonderful job.
[Version Update 1]

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Mudflapper replied on 05 Dec 2009
Oops, sorry. I accidentally labeled my initial reply as TROUBLE and it appears that I replied to the wrong post, as well. I meant to reply to SHOCK J.

Update went fine for me so far.
Mudflapper had trouble on 10 Mar 2009
Just a heads up. 1.51 seems to have a massive memory leak, at least on my machine. Activity Monitor shows it's using 800+ megabytes with only one current download.

I know it will be fixed. Transmission still rocks.
[Version 1.51]

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Mudflapper commented on 13 Apr 2009
I uninstalled the old version with AppZapper and installed 1.52. Unfortunately, I still have the same problem. There is a significant delay every time I open Transmission's preferences, then the app's real memory soars past 800mb--all of my free memory.

I posted the same bug report in the Transmission forums a week ago but haven't gotten a response. Has anyone here had similar issues?

Mudflapper commented on 23 Apr 2009
You've got to be kidding me. I get frowny faces for reporting a possible bug? I thought the fanboy accusations were exaggerated until now.

I reported this problem weeks ago on the Transmission online forums but haven't heard from anyone having the same issues, nor have I heard from the developers.

I'm not even complaining, I just want to figure out what's going on.

I really, really like Transmission but I can't use it until this is resolved. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Mudflapper had trouble on 23 Oct 2007
Not that it's mentioned anywhere that it DOES work with Leopard beta 9A559, just letting you know that it doesn't.

The main screen shows my name and number, but under that it states "No iPhones found!"

Rats. Any tips?
[Version 0.99b11]

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Mudflapper commented on 23 Oct 2007
Sorry, I spoke too soon. I tried one of the tips on the Micromat site and it works fine now.

Mudflapper had trouble on 22 Jul 2007
I love this app, but I've recently noticed, using Activity Monitor, that it's using upwards of 120MB of memory. Yes, real memory, not virtual memory.

There's got to me a memory leak somewhere, right?

Anyone else have this problem?
[Version 1.4.6]

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Mudflapper commented on 14 Aug 2007
Yeah, that's a shame. LOVE the app. Care to share your cron script?
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