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Mrtomato commented on 14 Feb 2014
Rather than submit a starred review of an app I haven't tried in a few months, I thought I'd leave some comments to see if someone could set me straight. I started using Plex when Apple removed Front Row (I still don't get Apple's decision on that, BTW, it was useful for me). It was a reasonable solution as far as I was concerned. Then a few years ago things started going wrong. The first problem I had and still have every time I install Plex is that it messes up the Apple remote functionality. What I liked about Front Row and the earlier Plex was that I could sit down and scroll through the menu with my remote, but once this problem started up, sometimes the volume would go up or iTunes would start playing music or the remote simply wouldn't function.

On the Plex forums, people recommended some Apple Remote app, the name of which I can't remember, but that just made things more complicated. I just want to sit down and watch something. I don't want to waste time programing a remote that I use at most once a week.

On top of that, I had decided to keep some shows outside of iTunes. However, Plex uses some arcane method of storing and naming files that is not quite XBMC, so my shows were recognized as all kinds of strange things, but almost never what they were. In the end, I gave up. Although the shows were recognized properly in XBMC, I really did not like that app.

Also, streaming functions were always breaking. Netflix and The Daily Show, the only things I watched on Plex, would work for a week, break for a month. It was a cycle I grew tired of.

In the end, what this comes down to is that I don't want to spend time messing about with an app for TV and film. I want it to work when I open it, like Front Row did and Plex used to. I am not serious about TV and Film and rarely have time to watch anything anyway, so to me it seems unreasonable for an app to ask me to invest more time working out how to use than I will ever spend using it.
[Version 1.0.9]

Mrtomato commented on 18 Dec 2013
Has there been an explanation from Metakine about the hand over to One Periodic? It appears the new company is continuing with the update numbers so I hope that means those of use with licenses aren't going to be shafted. I'm disappointed Metakine didn't send any kind of announcement out about their dissolution. I own quite a few of their apps. Some kind of email explaining all of this would have been nice...
[Version 2.1]

Mrtomato commented on 15 Dec 2013
Is MU a little late in listing this update? I already have 1.3.3 installed and must have installed it several weeks ago.
[Version 1.3.3]


Mrtomato reviewed on 07 Nov 2013
This is more of a review of Lastpass generally, not just the Firefox plugin.

Palmharbor's review is immensely unfair. Lastpass works as it should almost all of the time and if a bug does arise, the developers are quick to respond.

As a password locker, Lastpass is as good as, if not a bit better than, 1Password. It saves site login information, generates secure passwords etc. This information, however, is stored on a remote server (encrypted) rather than in Dropbox or the like. Theoretically, this is more secure because if someone were to access your computer, the actual database would be inaccessible. Of course, there are plenty of counter-arguments to this.

Lastpass does have some drawbacks, however. The interface, wallet (for storing serial numbers for example), and desktop client are all quite poor, seemingly designed by engineers and not designers. The new interface for Lastpass plugins and mobile apps is a bit of an improvement, especially the plugin for Firefox. It annoyed me no end that I couldn't search for a site with the old Firefox plugin. If I needed to search, I had to open the Vault. Not so anymore. Still, the plugin is quite busy. The Safari plugin, however, is good. They've moved a lot of the menu items you see in the Firefox version to unobtrusive icons. They could certainly stand to learn something from the Safari plugin! The Chrome plugin, by the way, is similar to the Firefox plugin. I have had problems with the Chrome plugin for ages though. Sometimes it will not open, for example. I decided to blame Chrome for this though. It's a browser that just can't get its act together!

I mentioned that the wallet is poor. This is actually due to the horrible design of the desktop app. The desktop app, Pocket, looks like it was designed for Windows 95, with hideous and small little icons for navigation and little yellow folders to signal various categories. Unlike 1Password, you won't find individual icons for each app and you can't easily preview information about each app. For some, I'm sure this isn't a big deal, but for me I decided not to renew my Lastpass subscription because of it. I've been waiting instead for 1Password to update their Android app.

Which reminds me: Lastpass is $12 a year for a subscription. Pretty reasonable if you ask me. Also, Lastpass works well on Android. Extremely well in fact. The Android app includes a keyboard that will allow you to input login information etc directly into the app, no messing about going back and forth between apps. This is the big draw of Lastpass for me. 1Password's Android app is pathetic, but to be fair, most password lockers' Android apps are pathetic. Not so for Lastpass...
[Version 3.0.1]


Mrtomato reviewed on 29 Oct 2013
Of the many dodgy-looking converters available online and through MAS, MacX VCP is actually one of, if not, the best. Surprised I say that? Try it. It actually works remarkably well. It will convert any file format fairly quickly and, best of all, the conversions are usually very good quality. In many cases, the converted files are smaller than the original while still the same quality. Check the "high quality engine" box for best results, I've found.

The only problem I have with this app is the company that makes it. I had a license that somehow expired during the summer and I couldn't remember where the license came from. Luckily, digiarty had a promotion on their website for MacX Video Converter Pro sometime in July - it was free for a short period (which seemed fair to me since I had a license before). When the app started showing update notifications, I couldn't for the life of me work out where I could download the update without buying the app (again). I eventually found a link on their website for a direct download. I can't find that link today.

Perhaps the promotion did not include updates? In a way, I hope so because I'd be pretty upset if I'd paid full price and had to go through all of this just to get an update. However, if the promotion did not include updates, I'd be annoyed that the company did not make that clear in the first place. Their other products have deceptive names (DVD Ripper Pro) - perhaps they are a deceptive company??
[Version 4.3.3]


Mrtomato reviewed on 28 Oct 2013
So far, it's been a pleasure to use Forklift for day-to-day Finder-like activities. It transfers files inexplicably quickly from my HD to an external HD (I didn't think software could make a noticeable difference) and just works well. It's not got as many bells and whistles as Path Finder, but then I rarely make use of what PF offers.

The one disappointment I've had with FL thus far is that it really kicked and screamed when I first triedto connect to my web server. If I opened a connection, the server wouldn't open in Forklift. The connection interface would just hang. It was weird, I just couldn't find my server in Forklift until closed the open FL window and then opened a new one. Now, however, it seems to connect okay. BTW to rule out server issues, I connected with Fetch and Speed Download 5 with no problems whatsoever.

Overall, I like this app and am looking forward to version 3 (I own two copies!). I hope that in version three, we will see a customizable sidebar and also have the ability to make FL the default file browser. Small wishes!
[Version 2.5.6]


Mrtomato reviewed on 27 Oct 2013
I am still working out how to best use pdf annotation software, so I readily admit that some problems that I have with all of the applications I've tried may not be problems at all. Problems such as writing notes - the equivalent of writing in the margins on a hard copy. Skim, PDFpenPro etc. all have these anchored notes that are nothing short of inconvenient. They're more like Post-its/stickies and just like those big yellow eyesores, they get in the way of the text. You can sort of hide them, but the little anchor is still in the way. The ideal for me would be something like the reviewing function in Word, but as a separate layer so I don't accidentally edit, delete, or simply select a note when I'm working from the document. Also, a nice looking font and layout preset for notes would be welcome.

But Skim specifically. Overall, it's a great little program. I learned about it on an academic blog in a post about the writer's workflow. On the whole, I'd agree that it fits an academic workflow quite well.

My only major gripe is that it does not yet, years after Lion, have fullscreen mode. This was actually not too bad on 10.7 and 10.8, but now Apple has finally fixed the multi-monitor bug, it's time Skim has fullscreen mode. Why is fullscreen mode so important? Partly because of the slightly illogical way Apple has set up Spaces. If, say, you have several documents open in Skim in its current full screen setting (with each document open on a different Space), and then open another application, that application may open on top of an open skim document. Not the end of the world, but rather annoying.

My other little gripe is that Skim will not restore windows when it is reopened. There is an option to "Reopen last open files at startup" but this seems to do absolutely nothing.

Still, this is free software and it is, in my opinion, much better than PDFpenPro. Hats off to the developer for the work put into this application. A lot of free software is kind of like a generic drug - almost as good as the real thing. Skim, however, is better than the paid applications available.
[Version 1.4.6]


Mrtomato reviewed on 22 Oct 2013
With SpeedDownload 6 on ice, I decided to invest in Folx 3. Of the available download managers that don't depend on Java (JDownloader) and that are being updated (apparently), Folx seems to be the best, sadly. I say sadly because it's not great, but it'll do. Such is the state of download managers for Mac!

What is good about Folx is that the interface is nice and uncomplicated, the browser plugin actually works, and it downloads files some of the time. But its strengths are also its weaknesses. The interface is so uncomplicated, it seems to have forgotten it is a manager. There are two views for downloaded files, a kind of xylophone view with each file name burned into a xylophone key and a list view. For managing, I prefer the list. In fact, I prefer the list anyway. The problem is, you can't add or subtract columns from this list view. What Eltima have decided you need to see, you see. For example, I sometimes would like to see the average download speed as Speed Download does. I definitely want to see how the file has been tagged. There's no little magnifying glass that will take you to a file and there's no URL view. Also, it's worth mentioning that Folx hasn't got a folxing clue what happens to a file once it's been moved. So if you use scripts to organize files in folders, once the file's been moved, it's dead to Folx. Speed Download, I should add, can still locate files - even in Mavericks.

The browser plugin is super aggressive. It intercepts everything, even files that Folx mysteriously can't download. Folx will download a 500MB file in seconds, tell you it's done, but check the file and it's actually 0 MB. This wouldn't be a problem if Folx would work with FlashGot, but it doesn't (who's to blame??).

Folx 3 is fairly new so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. I really want to love this manager. It just needs to step it up and be a manager. Tags are nice - I'm a big fan of tags - but they are incredibly limited in Folx and self-created ones don't work consistently. How about tags that actually tag. That would be amazing, especially with the new tagging capability in Mavericks (OpenMeta works too!). However, tags alone won't cut it for a manager. It needs to be a bit more of a Swiss pocket knife with multiple tools available for multiple management systems.

I'm giving this app 3.5 stars. It has lots of potential.
[Version 3.0]

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Mrtomato replied on 07 Feb 2014
I think I understand now what one of the problems is. If you download files through a proxy - like through a university proxy - Folx can't intercept it...most of the time. It may try to, but it can't can't connect. While there is a field for proxy settings, this really shouldn't be necessary. I may be wrong about this, so I'll hold off any criticism.

There are some things that need work still. Folx gets really messed up if a file moves. The download date sets to the year 2000. Also it seems to be near impossible to sort downloads by date. I'm looking forward to some updates.

Mrtomato replied on 11 Feb 2014
Just in case anyone reads this, there is no problem with the proxy on Safari. The problem is with Firefox. For the time being, I've disabled Folx on Firefox, Folx just does not work well with Firefox. Possibly not Folx's problem, BTW. Firefox is the last browser you want to use with a proxy.

Mrtomato replied on 27 Mar 2014
Well, the most recent update enables integration with FlashGot in Firefox! Yeah! This makes a huge difference in functionality. I'd upgrade my review to 4 stars if I could.

The reasons for dropping one star are:
* If you move a file after downloading, the app still doesn't know where the file is. In Speed Download 5, I can put files in hidden folders, in the trash, anywhere on my hard drive and it will still find them.

* The list view is still underwhelming. This needs to be much more customizable. Also, even if a file has been deleted, there is no reason to set the download date to December 31, 2000.

* Folx 3 is still a little touchy with certain kinds of downloads. With some sites, I end up downloading aspx files rather than the actual file. Unfortunately, these tend to be secure sites so it's difficult to send a report to Eltima so they can replicate the behavior. I simply use Speed Download 5 for those sites.

Mrtomato reviewed on 21 Oct 2013
I don't know what's wrong, but this app simply does not work. It just crashes a few seconds after opening. I would have preferred to have contacted the developer before submitting a review. However, I can't find a way to make contact with LittleFin.
[Version 1.0.4]

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Mrtomato replied on 30 Nov 2013
Thanks! This does indeed work. I'll submit a review of the working app when possible.

Mrtomato reviewed on 10 Oct 2013
I just bought this so can't really write a thorough review. However, I spotted a huge omission and since the developer seems to be listening, I'll add it here: there is no import function! There's no way I'm going to enter in a couple hundred passwords manually. So within 5 minutes, I've reached an impasse. I'll keep going for the time being just to see how the rest of the app works...
[Version 1.0]

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Mrtomato replied on 11 Oct 2013
Lastpass and 1Password.

I will add to my review here that once websites are added to the plugin, the plugin works fairly well. Websites can be added automatically once you've logged in, but Locko does not ask to save them. A notification would be nice..

Mrtomato replied on 24 Oct 2013
I was about to make a feature request for a separate app locker tab until I noticed that I can add my own categories. I have to say that I like this feature a lot! However, I have not been able to work out how to save license keys for apps that require them. I'm adding them to the Documents folder for now, but this is not an ideal solution.
Mrtomato had trouble on 16 Feb 2014
This is to do with MU Desktop. Yesterday, I received the update (even though I've been using MU for several months?) and today, shows up.

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