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Mrglsmrc commented on 03 Jan 2010
i am not in a rush to try this app.
i know EXACTLY how much i spent at app store( i don't need an app to guess the amount)--quite a lot actually because the app store EMAILS ME RECEIPTS!
i am also a little nervous about how this 'free' app is MONETIZED. i mean after the developers go through your itunes files and get this sort of information about you, WHERE ELSE DOES IT GO?
do they sell it to admob, google etc.?

i would love to hear the developers response to my question. thanks!
[Version 1.2.2]

Mrglsmrc commented on 05 Dec 2009
good luck with the new release! i will test it tomorrow!
[Version 1.0]

Mrglsmrc commented on 04 Dec 2009
i have tried this software and i think it is nice.
i used to play tournament backgammon in the seventies so i understand what a program should do here.
i do not believe this is as strong as some pc programs which cost more but have good free trial versions,

there will always be stupid reviews here and stupid reviewers, those who read regularly know who to believe and why. i am mortified to deal with a developer who flames reviews at an independent site for any reason because it shows poor judgement and suggests that any future potential problems may become the customer service nightmare from hell.

i hope other developers don't make this mistake because macupdate is a sales opportunity and not an unselling opportunity.
[Version 6.6.2]


Mrglsmrc reviewed on 15 Nov 2009
i just tried the new version--really excellent.
and it had slipped my mind that my dnslookup was changed back to my router when i upgraded the osx. now i get my lookups 41% faster!
thank you namebench!
[Version 0.9.2]

Mrglsmrc commented on 04 Nov 2009
it is unfortunate that apple and adobe are having a tiff right now which is covered in ars technica.
i sure would like a version of shockwave that can run in 64-bit mode in snow leopard.
i also want a version of flash that runs in the iphone browser.

let's hope these two giants can come to a corporate understanding because so many of us have large software investments in both companies and this erodes our confidence in both brands.

if private industry can't get things right under capitalism, then it becomes pragmatic to avoid expensive proprietary software and search for open-source solutions for enterprise. these companies should know better than to gerry-rig their own products.

Mrglsmrc commented on 18 Oct 2009
i just bought the iphone version and i like it. very complex but it should be because it is powerful.

mu has misinformed users about the price of the mac vwersion. while the posted price here is 30usd the actual price is 100usd currently discounted to 60usd for a short while.
i hope this geys fixed on the site because i felt a bit baited.
[Version 4.0.1]

Mrglsmrc commented on 14 Oct 2009
i am a little nervous about software that switches my dns server written from an institution i don't know about.
i hope MU checked these people out. I have no particular reason to believe they might be russian mob installing malware on my machine. but can you be sure the new dns server is directing you to your bank or amazon instead of a cloned site?
if i knew how to check on that stuff this would interest me more as an application.
[Version 0.9]

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Mrglsmrc replied on 14 Oct 2009
to disambiguate:
this is merely a benchmarking utility distributed through google hosting.
this utility does not actually switch your dns server!

Mrglsmrc replied on 15 Oct 2009
thomas-thank you for your kind and prompt response.
using your benchmark software alerted me to the fact that my host does not directly look up dns but proxies to my router to do so.
Mrglsmrc commented on 01 Oct 2009
why would any one with a degree in marketing name a software after a racist term for diarrhea?
did you just want to piss off latinos or do you keep a lot of beer in the office fridge? :0
[Version 1.0]

mrglsmrc commented on 06 Sep 2009
current link is not to correct version 6.5.5...instead it links to 6.5.3
apparently the new 6.5.5 is only for windows at present and MU is mis-informed :(
[Version 6.5.5]

mrglsmrc commented on 27 Aug 2009
i just used movement for the first time. it seems to work fine but I am still rebooting the ipod so i don't yet know if my springboard is munged.

i will say that movement is not entirely aware of what is going on in a jailbroken ipod. For instance on my ipod the apps are five apps wide, not the four apps wide per page displayed in movement. So at least for me and other users of boss paper, this is not a WYSIWG application.

Movement doesn't move apps at all just their representations in the springboard. I have some navigation apps from the itunes store that cannot be loaded into my ipod touch which has a external gps attached to it. itunes resists sending some iphone apps to ipods. I wish movement actually moved things not icons.
[Version 1.1.2]

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mrglsmrc replied on 27 Aug 2009
ok now for the bad news. i just rebooted my ipod and in spite of getting positive feedback from the dialog boxes using movement, none of my icons were moved.
movement has no effect on a ipod 2nd gen 32gb under os3 and red snow with cydia.
Mrglsmrc had trouble on 15 Dec 2009
dated august not december as mentioned here
does not run correctly-- has all kinds of applescript errors
must be forced quit in activity monitor or it will not close.
plist editor (prefernce options) will not close
many errors stem from having no initial location on first run
it claims it cannot update location editor because something was modified while running and gets locked out.

using macmini3,1 with osx 10.6.2 and latest java and 4gb ram

i was really looking forward to trying out WX especially because the software designer has a doctorate and seems to know what he wants to do.
for the moment i will have to stick to the us govt website that runs java for free.
but i am willing to pay for a premium experience.

let's hope that this problem was already fixed and that we are all downloading a previous flawed version. developer please get your latest version distributed.

best regards,
[Version 5.36]

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Mrglsmrc commented on 17 Dec 2009
I have to thank the developer, dr hunter, because he responded to me quickly. In fairness to him, the problem is specific to one user account on my macmini not all of them. so this is a rare problem and using the app is recommended. it is quite beautiful.
I still don't like the fact that I need to force-quit the app in activity monitor when trying it out with my main user account. but i am not sure that should be a concern for most users.
I myself will not purchase the app until my problem is resolved. I am quite optimistic that this will happen.
Mrglsmrc had trouble on 09 Dec 2009
your download link is munged -- it leads to application contaxse.
please correct link to r10
[Version 1.9.8]

Mrglsmrc had trouble on 13 Oct 2009
the 64bit package for snow leopard is no good.
the unzipped package won't open because the BOM file is missing from it.
you should skip this download until you are notified of a fix!
[Version 0.83]

Mrglsmrc had trouble on 07 Oct 2009
unix based snow leopard machines are very secure. there is no justification for running antivirus software on them or spending fifty bucks to do so.
even clanAV which is free and available for the mac is unnecessary because most if not all clamAV virus definitions are for windows machines.
for the commenter who said he 'found something' with this application, i am not surprised you got a false positive because antivirus software which doesn't convince you of a non-existent threat won't sell.

there is however a definite need for windows based AV software for macusers running bootcamp. that's because your windows disk partition is NOT safe viruses like the mac partition is.

there are many useful ways to protect a mac that doesn't involve virus software. you should regularly eliminate tracking cookies. you should perform backups of your system startup disk. you should use passwords for merchants with strong encryption and these should be stored in a password protected database. you should not accept malware plugins to your browser from unknown sources.

all of these actions are more important than AV software that costs fifty bucks. unfortunately all of these actions require using your brain and while most people have fifty bucks to throw at imaginary problems, few of us really have the time to think and solve our own problems. that's a pity.
[Version 1.1.1]

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Mrglsmrc replied on 07 Oct 2009
to those who have added a sad face to my remark without a comment:
i have visited the developers website to research his application.
on his site there are zero examples of viruses which can attack a snow leopard mac.
i repeat :zero examples!

in fairness the developer offers numerous example of trojan malware that was installed from bit torrents in the guise of running serial number key crackers.

i will not use this as an opportunity to moralize. but i will speculate that attempting to monetize your software by selling only to software thieves is a poor long term strategy.

Mrglsmrc replied on 09 Oct 2009
thank you for explaining your point of view. i did not 'miss the point.' I simply disagree with you.
and in as much as the developer uses the word 'antivirus' in the title of his program it begs the question whether he does too.
my mail server screens for spam and incoming viruses as part of my service fees. it is the responsibility of windows users to protect their own machines whether or not they are my friends. i take reasonable precautions and so do they. if you are so worried about the security of your friends machines then perhaps you should send them a check directly for fifty dollars to protect themselves instead of wasting it on a antivirus program for the mac.
best regards

Mrglsmrc replied on 19 Dec 2009
@Donkey's_B Thanks for writing. I will look into those keywords you mention. regarding porn videos, it is well known that adobe flash has a lot of holes in it. some of these have been fixed since the tines you were taking about. I will gladly stipulate that a hacker can pwn a mac using certain buffer overflow tricks like the kind you allude to in porn flash videos. I will also allow that crooks can mod your dns lookup server so you can be phished at cloned sites.
but i do not see any causal link between these kind of economic problems and the transmission of virus through email etc. perhaps you don't se your remarks in the context of malware and 'social engineering' (that's a euphemism for scams) instead of virus protection but i do.

there are more risks from commercially available keyboard loggers installed by one's employer, girlfriend etc. than the kind of stuff you are fear-mongering.
warm regards
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