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Mrchips commented on 28 Jan 2014
On my system (2010 Mac Pro running 10.9.1) VOX 2.0 seems to have a problem. The sound was distorted when I played a song from my iTunes collection. I checked and found that the iTunes player also produced distorted sound. I tried a different sound output device and it sounded OK. After trying various things I checked the output data rate ("Format"), using the "Audio MIDI Setup" app in my "Utilities" folder, and found that it had been set to 5000 Hz! It should normally be 44100 Hz... After changing the setting to 44100 Hz, iTunes played normally. To verify it was VOX and not something else I'd done I restarted VOX and tried to play another song. Sure enough, the sound was distorted again and the "Format" had changed back to 5000 Hz.

So if you find your sound is distorted when playing VOX v2.0, try checking that "Format" setting for your sound output device using "Audio MIDI Setup" - it should be in your "Utilities" folder.

[Version 2.0]

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Mrchips replied on 28 Jan 2014
I found that unchecking "Synchronize Sample Rate with Player" under the "Audio" tab in Preferences fixed the problem I was experiencing. Now I can launch and play VOX 2.0 without it changing the "Format" (sample rate) for my sound output device.

I don't remember checking that before I first ran VOX 2.0 but I might have. I'm also not sure what it does (other than set the rate too low... ;-)

Mrchips commented on 18 Jan 2014
Well, I almost bought this when it was $9.99. At that price I was willing to chance it without a trial version despite the bad reviews on the App Store. But at $25 it's a no-go for me.

Developers, please let us try your app before risking that much money!
[Version 2.70]

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Mrchips replied on 06 Feb 2014
Thanks for the tip! I've left a message on their web site. Hopefully they'll respond and I'll get a chance to "try before I buy..." ;-) The full price is actually not bad if the app works!
Mrchips commented on 12 Dec 2013
The app store version is at 2.11.6. The downloadable version is still at 2.11.5. Just wanted to save others the trouble of downloading here if they already have 2.11.5 (came out December 1st).
[Version 2.11.6]

Mrchips commented on 19 Nov 2013
Just a heads-up for anyone interested in this app. It's on sale until the end of November for $0.99. I don't know whether it's any good or not, but at that price point I'm willing to take a chance! :)
[Version 1.1.1]

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Mrchips replied on 19 Nov 2013
I should have added that this sale price is apparently only available if you buy thru Apple's App Store. I took a quick look at adnx's online store and it was quite a bit higher.
Mrchips commented on 07 Nov 2013
iBank v4.7.5 is out today. Also, version 5 beta (beta 3) is available on their website. In the list of features it mentions on-line bill pay, which many of us are waiting for.
[Version 4.7.3]


Mrchips reviewed on 27 Oct 2013
The best sound enhancer I've found for OS X. So many adjustments to tailor the sound to your precise taste!

I've just installed it after installing Mavericks (10.9.0) and it seems to be working perfectly!
[Version 1.1.6]


Mrchips reviewed on 11 Sep 2013
Intermission is a new audio app from those geniuses at Rogue Amoeba and they've done it again with another must-have.

Using Intermission is kind of like having TiVo for your streaming audio sources. It sits in the menu bar and gives you pause, rewind control over the audio, including a slider to quickly get back to something you might have missed while taking that phone call or whatever... Preferences let Intermission start at Login, let you set keyboard shortcuts, have Intermission automatically check for updates, etc.

I love my TiVo's and I immediately jumped on Intermission for the same reason - I hate it when I've just missed some news comment or part of a song and can't go back. Now with Intermission I can! Intermission doesn't record "Sound Effects" like the beeps and boops of alerts (think email) so you won't have to listen to them along with the audio you really want to repeat - it's a good thing! :)

There's a trial you can download to be sure it's for you and going to work with your computer's hardware/software and audio sources. I can report that it works fine with Radium v3 and SonicWeb v1 on my computer running 10.8.4. Oh, it also works with iTunes (of course). I would expect pretty good compatibility across the board since these are the people who make Audio Hijack Pro - they know their computer audio!

I wrote Rogue Amoeba with a couple of suggestions for possible improvements and received a nice reply thanking me and asking for some more details. They seemed quite willing to consider what I'd suggested.

All in all a pretty useful program from some nice folks!
[Version 1.0.0]


Mrchips reviewed on 23 Aug 2013
SonicWeb is quite an amazing app - snatching streaming music from a user-selected constellation of sources, simultaneously!

All these selections are displayed, along with related artwork, in a list along the right side of the app's main window. You can choose which ones to play or add to Playlists.

So basically you can just launch SonicWeb (a "quickstart" dialog is shown on first launch to help you select some radios) and it will begin to gather a multitude of music from your selections. You can play any that look interesting at any time - you select how many it will keep around and you can "pin" those you want to keep.

The developer (who is very responsive) is working on a version that will include a trial and can be purchased outside the app store.

Oh, and it's a very nice looking app, too!
[Version 1.3]


Mrchips reviewed on 28 Mar 2013
When v3 first came out I was a bit taken aback by the new look. It seemed like it was less capable and I was also a little confused by the changes to the controls. And there were some bugs...

When v3.0.1 came out I decided to take another look - after all Catpig Studios has consistently delivered a good product. So I took some time, played with the new version, and discovered it was actually easier to use and better looking than v2. So I upgraded.

Catpig's support is good, too. I couldn't find a local station I liked so I wrote them asking if they could add it. In short order I received an email telling me what to search for to listen to that station. I searched and now have my local station as a favorite! I'm very pleased.

Bottom line: Radium is a handy little (Internet) radio that's easily accessible from the menu bar, and v3 makes it even better.

[Version 3.0.1]


Mrchips reviewed on 04 Feb 2013
If you feel like having a little fun with words, Whirlwind Wordsearch may be for you! I've used it to create puzzles for friends using words that are personal to them, like their children's names, favorite foods, or places they've visited recently.

To make a puzzle you simply enter a list of words, select a puzzle shape and difficulty, and press "Create!" In a moment you'll have a puzzle you can print, and a "cheat sheet" for you. You can also print to PDF, do a "rectangular" select, and copy the puzzle to an email or document.

Of course you can make puzzles you will enjoy solving, too. Just ignore the "solution" below the puzzle (hide the window if you like) and only print the first page (the second page is the solution).

A nice future feature might be the ability to hide the solution in the window so you can save paper if you only want to solve your own puzzles. Still, a very good and entertaining v1.0 effort!

Full disclosure: I was a beta tester and the developer did use some of my suggestions.
[Version 1.0]

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