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Mrc commented on 15 Oct 2011
Oddly, when using v3.8.9 with FF 7.0.x I get two (2) 1PW icons in the toolbar: one is in the shape of a key and the other is of the older "1P" design. When I remove one or both and but then restart FF both return to the toolbar. Weird.

This bug does not seem to occur in Safari.
[Version 3.8.8]

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Mrc replied on 16 Oct 2011

I have done that already, which I should have mentioned in my original post. I just tried it again to be sure and even did it manually, by going into my User > Library > Application Support, but after I reinstall the extension the issue returns.

Mrc replied on 18 Oct 2011
Hi guys,

I have been on the intertubes with some people from AgileBits and they have confirmed it is a known bug... So I am going to hold off on creating a new FF Profile etc.

Their temp solution is to move the 1PW button out of the FF add-ons bar and into the FF toolbar.

Mrc reviewed on 21 Sep 2011
"Adobe Flash Player is a lightweight browser plug-in..."

WTF does that mean? This plays video reasonably well, but for a plug-in it puts a huge load on the CPU - lightweight it is not.

Mrc commented on 25 Aug 2011
I am always interested in this thread as I see people commenting on how good or bad a particular version of Flash is...

To be honest I have not noticed changes in performance from this app since version 9. I am using the 11 beta at the moment and like the other versions, it plays video relatively smoothly, but also puts a huge load on the CPU.

I think it is time for Flash to fade away and let newer, better, technologies move in.


Mrc reviewed on 22 Aug 2011
Really more of an update for those, like me, who had major issues with FF after 3.6.20 and had to keep reverting. My initial problems with FF 4, 5 & 6 were with serious fan and CPU spikes and unresponsive interface problems (you can find my original post below).

I am happy to report Mozilla has (finally) dealt with the memory issues that started when they switched to their rapid release strategy. So far 7b1 seems to be working very well and, as promised, with far less stress on the CPU.

Also, most of my 5 add-ons work with the exception of FF PDF Plug-in. I have had a few force quits here and there, but I expect hiccups like that from a beta.

It looks like Mozilla has finally gotten it right... at least for the majority of Intel users. Oddly no HTML5 support for sites like YouTube etc... or at least I have not found a setting that forces FF to load video as HTML5 instead of Flash. Any ideas?

MacBook Pro late 2007
OSX 10.6.8
FF 7b1 (Stable)
FF 4,5,6 (unstable)
[Version 7.0]


Mrc reviewed on 17 Aug 2011
I am still having major issues with each new release of FF since 4.0. I keep having to revert to versions 3.6.x as it is the most recent iteration of FF that does not give me consistent spinning beach balls and CPU spikes.

• Every 20 minutes FF takes up 100% and fans go to their max RPM.
• Search, bookmarks bar and tabs become unresponsive and I get a spinning beach ball... but the Force Quit Applications window does not list FF as unresponsive.
• After ~3 minutes FF recovers and its CPU usage goes back to normal.
• This happens when I launch FF in both extensions DISABLED mode and NORMAL mode.
• This even occurs when FF is sitting idle with no page loaded.
• Have tried completely uninstalling all FF components and than reinstalling. No fix.

My Gear:
MacBook Pro
OSX 10.6.8
FF 4,5,6 (not stable)
FF 3.6.20 (stable)

Any suggestions or insights on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. I have filed a bug report with, but I have found no solutions and the problems persist.
[Version 6.0]

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Mrc replied on 17 Aug 2011
Thx to all of you for your quick replies. Much appreciated.

@Fyreflye: At first I thought it might be a RAM issue too, but I have installed FF 5.0.1 on Macs with 4GB or more of RAM and I have experienced the same problems... in fact it is not hard to find online threads outlining this CPU spike problem... there seems to be no solutions as yet though. However FF 7.0 is supposed to focus on memory use and is supposed to be "50% better" perhaps Mozilla is finally addressing the issue? We will see.

@Kenaroni: Thx for the suggestion. I think that I found all of those supporting files that you outlined when I did the clean reinstall of FF 6.0. However, I will try again using your method step by step to see if it makes a difference and to make sure ALL of the FF files have been removed before they are reinstalled.

Mrc replied on 18 Aug 2011
Just a couple of points of interest: I have just installed the FF 7b. So far so good even if it breaks the Mac PDF extension. Since I installed it I have had no CPU spikes. This version seems to be designed to reduce the system load that FF requires. There is even a preference that you can opt into that reports FF CPU usage and performance data to Mozilla.

I will update if the CPU spikes return.
Mrc commented on 12 Nov 2009
yup, I purged cache, cookies and history when the issue first emerged (I should have mentioned that in my original post).

GORDON142s idea seems to have worked somewhat... I still get very slow page loads, but at least the entire page loads. Before, I would often get a page that was "done" but still had not loaded the main body of text. I had to refresh to get the page to load completely.

I think I will use Appcleaner and Easyfind to remove all of FFs components and then reinstall the browser from scratch.
[Version 3.6b2]

Mrc commented on 11 Nov 2009
Since upgrading to Snow Leopard has anyone noticed that FF 3.5.x takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrr to load pages and that sometimes those loads are incomplete? I removed the 3 add ons I had installed to see if they were the culprit, but it has not solved the problem.

I have been a longtime user of FF and while not always the fastest browser for Mac, I always felt it was a very solid product. But for the first time I find myself looking for other options, like Chrome, which seems to run very well and QUICKLY. So far FF Support has been useless telling me that "FF is being evaluated with Snow Leopard." (Thx guys, that is very helpful).

Anyone with bright ideas are welcome to chime in.

MacBook Pro early Core 2 Duo
OSX 10.6.2
Firefox 3.5.5
[Version 3.6b2]

2 Replies


Mrc replied on 11 Nov 2009
Thx GORDON142. I will give that a try after backing up bookmarks etc. Your help is greatly appreciated. And... here... we... go!

Mrc replied on 12 Nov 2009
Hmmmm... not sure why my reply to O5220803 got posted as a new post in this thread, but it did. But Thx for your input O5220803, see above for my reply.
MRC commented on 05 Dec 2007
About to add this app and take it for a test drive. Just wondering how it works... is it an application that runs in the background like Hierarchy or OldFolder?
[Version 1.1]

Mrc had trouble on 30 Jun 2011
Hello smart people at MacUpdate,

I am having an issue with both FF 4 and 5. It seems FF 3.6.18 does not have this problem:

• Every 20 minutes or so FF takes up 100% of my CPU causing my Mac to get HOT and my cooling fans to ramp up.
• My bookmarks bar and tabs become unresponsive and I get a spinning beach ball... but the Force Quit Applications window does not list FF as unresponsive.
• After 3-5 minutes FF recovers and its CPU usage goes back to normal.
• This happens when I launch FF in both extensions DISABLED mode and NORMAL mode.
• At first I thought it was Flash that was causing the problem, but I have found the issue persists when the Flash plug-in is disabled or when I load a URL with no Flash content.
• This does not seem to restrict itself to any particular Mac model... all of these computers are effected in my household:

- Early 2007 MacBook Pro 15"
- 2007 Black MacBook
- 2009 MacBook 13" Unibody
- 2011 MacBook Pro i7

All are running OSX 10.6.8 and FF 5.0.

Any suggestions or insights on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. I have filed a bug report with, but I have yet to find a permanent fix.
[Version 5.0]

Mrc had trouble on 24 Oct 2010
ProKit 6.0.1 breaks DVD Studio Pro 4.1.2. Best to stick with ProKit 5.1 for now... or at least until Apple comes out with ProKit 6.0.2
[Version 6.0.1]

MRC had trouble on 30 Aug 2009
Odd, I have an Intel Mac running 10.5.8, but for some reason I get a message that I can't install this version of Chax?! Anyone have any ideas?
[Version 3.0a2]

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