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Morannon commented on 12 Nov 2013
I'm sorry to say that but I dislike Macupdate's silly and childish behaviour against Koingo Software. I don't need Macupdate's stupid advice not to buy the products of Koingo Software. It's a really poor attitude of Macupdate — the one person who wrote not to buy Koingo's products should tell us just a single reason. If I were Koingo Software, I would sue the responsible person at Macupdate. Just my opinion. And no: I never bought a product of Koingo Software.
[Version 4.0.7]


Morannon reviewed on 24 Jun 2013
I am a longtime user of GraphicConverter and use this application on a regular basis. I especially like GCs batch conversion of pictures and its ability to edit IPTC metadata. That being said, the developers of GC obviously don't want to tap the full potential of that application: The stack that lies on the bottom of every browser window, could be the central point of control in GC.
Unfortunately, the only thing you can do with the stack is to put in pictures, rename them, save or copy them in another folder, show them as slide show or send them via mail.
But he great potential in this stack is to run some predefined actions on the pictures in it or to edit the IPTC metadata of those. It's a pity that the developers of GC refuse to expand the functionality of the stack.
That's why I bought Lightroom to edit the IPTC metadata of my pictures. I still use GC but only to run batch conversions.
[Version 8.7]


Morannon reviewed on 19 Jun 2013
When I first discovered Hazel I couldn't imagine all the possible ways of using it! My favorite purposes are:

- Automatically copying new images from my inserted flash card, labelling the imported images so that they are not reimported, opening a slideshow of the imported images in GraphicConverter to scan through them and deleting the ones I don't need and let Hazel organize the remaining ones by date in folders that are named by date.

- After downloading my account statements from my online bank as zip file, Hazel unpacks the zip file, renames all credit and debit files by date and type (credit/debit), labels them by year, sorts them in the corresponding folder and opens the account statements in Preview for sighting.

- I use ExactScan Pro to scan my papers to a certain folder. Then, Hazel opens the scans in Adobe Acrobat Pro to do OCR and save the files as ClearScan which reduces pdf file size enormously.

I'm very happy with Hazel although one needs some knowledge of AppleScript to use it gainfully. If you are not a regular AppleScript programmer you will spend some hours until everything works as expected. That's why it's important that Hazel gains new features that are not bound to a programming language.

Hazel introduced the possibility of uploading files to a FTP server in version 3.1. As much as I like this new feature, it's a pity that I can't use it because I can't and don't want update to Lion.

Is there any chance to get a version of Hazel 3.1 that works with Snow Leopard? It's quite exceptional that Hazel changes system requirements while not upgrading to the next full version (i. e. version 4.0). I'm rather disappointed about this behaviour.
[Version 3.1]


Morannon reviewed on 26 Jan 2013
Mellel is getting better and better. The only thing that prevents me from using it regularly is the way Mellel handles images: Yes, it's possible to let the text float around an image, but unfortunately there is no option to have different paddings on the four sides of the image – just an extra space that has the same value for left, right, top and bottom padding. Hopefully, Redlex is adding this feature soon!
[Version 3.0.3]


Morannon reviewed on 07 Dec 2012
I want to like ChemDoodle because it has a rich feature set and is relatively easy to use. Nevertheless I don't like ChemDoodle as it has a clumsy and ugly user interface; it just doesn't feel like an Mac application.
Apart from that, I would give it an overall rating of 4.5 stars. But as long as the developpers of ChemDoodle refuse to hire someone to polish the user interface, I will continue to use my old ChemDraw version which has not as many features as ChemDoodle, but has a clean user interface without dozens of different colors and shapes.
[Version 5.0.1]


Morannon reviewed on 24 May 2012
I wanted to buy Coda 2 and started testing it today. Shortly: Coda 2 is a really pleasant html editor with a lot of functionality you don't want to miss. What I really appreciate is that Coda 2 is a real time saver: Its autocomplete function works fine and without hassle.
Nevertheless I have one big complaint: Coda 2 misses the WYSIWYG CSS editor that Coda 1 once owned. The new CSS editor of Coda presumes that you already know all availabe CSS attributes. This is a huge step backwards and prevents me from buying Coda 2 – as low as the introductery price may be.
[Version 2.0]

Morannon commented on 14 Dec 2011
Great, I'm looking forward to the final version of TextMate 2.0. I wrote my last Website using TextMate und CSSEdit only, so there was absolutely no need for a WYSIWYG editor. Thanks to the developer for the continuous hard work!
[Version 2.0]


Morannon reviewed on 01 Dec 2011
There was a time when Spotlight was a huge help to find files. But Apple made Spotlight more and more unfit: It didn't find the files I was searching for, and I didn't like the way the results were displayed.
That was the moment when Alfred came into play. The installation was really easy, and I liked Alfred's user interface. Alfred just worked for me in a few minutes, and since then, I never used Spotlight anymore.
I prefer Alfred to Spotlight because of the following reasons:

1) Alfred's much faster.
2) Alfred find's ALL my files (in contrast to Spotlight).
3) I can control my search by far easier than using Spotlight: To start applications and to open folders, I just type in a word. To search for files and its content, I press the space bar before entering my search term.
4) Alfred knows what I want to search for. In other words: Alfred seems to remember my search behaviour much better than Spotlight does.
5) I can configure custom searches, for example to directly find a term in wikipedia or to look up an translation of a word in
6) Alfred places the results of my search before my very eyes – I don't have to look in the right upper corner and read the results in a tiny font size.
7) Alfred is prettier.

These are my seven good reasons to use Alfred. As I bought Alfred's powerpack to expand Alfred's functionality, there are even more reasons to use Alfred. Thank you, developers, to offer such an huge time saver for free.
[Version 1.0]


Morannon reviewed on 14 Nov 2011
I like DockMenus a lot because it's simple and intuitive. I always wanted to remove the clutter from my desktop but DragThing appeared to complicated to me (too many options I don't need), so I bought DockMenus. To make DockMenus even better, I have three suggestions:
1) Make the icon in the menubar optional: Once the DockMenus are installed, you won't need its menubar icon anymore. To make the menubar icon visible, you could press the alt button on your keybord while opening DockMenus. This behaviour is well known from apps like Desktop Curtain.
2) Add an option to the preferences to show the titles of the items directly in the DockMenus.
3) When a DockMenu is fixed on the right side of the screen, it's not possible to see the names of the items when the mouse moves over the items. This is as the names of the items always appear on the right side of a DockMenu, so if the DockMenu is fixed on the right side the item names are outside of the screen.
[Version 5.2]


Morannon reviewed on 03 Nov 2011
Beware: 1Password 3.8.x is discontinued. The upgrade to version 4 will cost 50 $, and as version 3.9.x of 1Password is Mac App Store only, all loyal costumers that don't want to or cannot upgrade to MacOS X 10.7 are left behind. Also, there's no reduced upgrade price for users of version 3.
All in all, the behaviour of AgileBits is very disappointing: There's no obvious reason to offer 1Password 4 in the Mac App Store only and for Lion users exclusively. I once spent 40 $ for this application, and as the browser plugins are not updated anymore for 1Password 3.8.x I'll either have to stick with my current browser versions or I'll have to search for a replacement for 1Password. Sorry to say that, but this isn't the way to treat loyal customers, AgileBits! Shame on you!
[Version 3.8.10]

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Morannon replied on 04 Nov 2011
So do you guarantee that the future browser plugins will work together with Snow Leopard – even in two years? I can't and won't upgrade to Lion just because of 1Password 4's system requirements. Anyhow, it's very disappointing that you offer 1Password solely in the Mac App Store.

Morannon replied on 05 Nov 2011
Sir Gadabout! Why should I apologise for things I've said? Just my "Shame on you" was a bit harsh, and yes, here's my excuse for that. But all the rest remains as I said it:

- 3.8.x IS discontinued: There will be no 3.9 for Snow Leopard users.
- There is no guarantee that updated browser plugins will work for 3.8.x users.
- There will be no permanent upgrade price for ugrading to version 4, so if you miss the time that 1password is offered at a reduced price in the MAS, you have to pay the full 50 $. Probably YOU are stopping by in the MAS every day to look if there are any apps to get at a bargain price. Believe me, not everyone does like the MAS, nor has everyone the time to visit the MAS regularly.
- There is certainly no obvious reason to offer 1Password 4 in the MAS only. Many developpers continue to offer their apps independently from the MAS.

In the end, the only goal of the MAS is to bind developpers and users to Apple and to dictate Apple's conditions. Once this system is installed, you can't go out. This is called trusted computing, and it's Apples obvious goal (just have a look at what happens with the iPhone/iPad).

Beside that, I bought 1Password one year ago at the full prize. Do you really think I will spend another 50 $ for an application that stores passwords? Keep on dreaming! I will definitely leave 1Password, and I regret that I have ever bought it.
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