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Monkeyjunkey rated on 23 Apr 2014
[Version 2.9.3277]

Monkeyjunkey rated on 23 Apr 2014
[Version 5.0.1]

Monkeyjunkey rated on 23 Apr 2014
[Version 4.1.0]

Monkeyjunkey rated on 23 Apr 2014
[Version 1.1.0]

Monkeyjunkey rated on 23 Apr 2014
[Version 6.9.1_2014-04-18-ab10]


Monkeyjunkey reviewed on 22 Apr 2014
Nice to see some updates for this. But it's still missing basic functionality like WLAN sync.

Seeing less crashes though, so they are doing at least something good on this.
[Version 3.1.1]

Monkeyjunkey rated on 21 Apr 2014
[Version 1.3.38]

Monkeyjunkey rated on 20 Apr 2014


Monkeyjunkey reviewed on 20 Apr 2014
Still no support for OpenDocument format, no support for iWork format?

The windows varian of MS Office has had ODF support for quite some time now.

This is getting ridiculous.
[Version 14.4.1]

Monkeyjunkey rated on 19 Apr 2014
[Version 1.2.2]

Monkeyjunkey had trouble on 13 Oct 2013
FF 24 has issues. Many downloads end up in 0 byte files. Also happening with FF25b7. This is a huge problem. Found a ticket about this on their bugzilla. Let's see, where this goes.
[Version 24.0]

Monkeyjunkey had trouble on 10 Jan 2012
I wish it would properly update the view when files get changed/deleted/moved. Often a restart of PathFinder is necessary. Nasty bug, has existed for a long time. They even have something in their bug ticker matching this, but that bug is set to "fixed". Maybe they should consider re-opening it. I assume this is the same issue:
[Version 5.8.1]

Monkeyjunkey had trouble on 17 Nov 2010
Serious issues with Flash:

Hope this gets fixed soon.
[Version 4.0b7]

Monkeyjunkey had trouble on 16 Jun 2010
I just wish it was easier to get all the songs from iTunes over to songbird. It finds 184 files from my over 23000 tracks when I select Import Media from the file-menu and then choose the iTunes Music folder.

I hope I'm doing something wrong. How are you supposed to proceed? The initial import didn't bring up all my files.
[Version 1.8.0b1]

Monkeyjunkey had trouble on 07 Oct 2009
Sadly BBC still requires this otherwise superfluous player. I don't get it, why they don't switch to flash or quicktime. Big question: Does this verion (11.1) work with the BBC Radio Widget? v11.0 used to produce audio dropouts.

I just tried it and it seems to work. We'll see if it works longer than 10 minutes later ;)
[Version 11.1]

MonkeyJunkey had trouble on 25 Jul 2009
ATM Album-Art isn't imported for AAC-Files. This makes it really hard to move on from iTunes. My iTunes library is about 50% AAC und 50% MP3. Hoping on an update...
[Version 1.2]

MonkeyJunkey had trouble on 31 Mar 2009
I really like this widget. Very quick and very simple. But am I the only one with some trouble? I can't connect to the World Service (I'm in germany, don't know if that matters). It worked this morning, than the stream suddenly stopped. Tried Rebooting but that didn't help. I use v3.4 on an MBPro OS 10.5.6, RealPlayer 10 is installed.

All the other streams work. I can't figure what I'm doing wrong.

Any suggestions?
[Version 3.4]

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MonkeyJunkey commented on 02 Apr 2009
Working again. OK folks. Don't ask me what i did. I didn't change anything. Was away a few days. Came back and it's working again. Maybe the stream was down for a while? Whatever, thanks for this extremly helpful tool!
MonkeyJunkey had trouble on 30 Jan 2009
Thanks to the developer team for finally fixing many bugs that have kept me from using Audacity for a while (e.g. the MP3 export produced wrong times/length and so forth).

But now when I try to open a aiff-file with Audacity the application starts and instantly hangs-up.

Am I the only one with this problem?

Would be great if this could be fixed.
[Version 1.3.7b]

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MonkeyJunkey replied on 31 Jan 2009
Ok, they're working on it...

MonkeyJunkey commented on 02 Feb 2009
This release works:

Or check for newer nightlys here:
MonkeyJunkey had trouble on 07 Jan 2009
First: I really enjoy using this app. I'm quite new to this and am learning very slowly what this is capable of...

BUT I have a very annoying bug here. I get massive crashing when I use the "Go To" "Start Application"-Tool. That crashes the whole PathFinder! Sometimes I get that when I go to it and then it directly crashes, or more often I get crashes when I call up that screen then push it away again (with the hotkey) and then reopen it (again with hotkey) - almost every time that results in a crash.

Using 10.5.6 here. Please take care of that and fix it, otherwise I can recommend PathFinder.
[Version 5.0.5]

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MonkeyJunkey replied on 20 Jan 2009
Sure reported it. They said, there was some issue with NVIDIA 8600 and 8800 chipsets and "Launch App".

And that they will fix it asap.
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