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Moebian73 commented on 25 Mar 2007
Great app, but FIRE is still my 1st choice. I just wish that someone would make it accessible to IM Myspace IM users, or video chat like iChat, or something new! But no, we just get improvements on existing things like whats listed.
[Version 1.0.2]

Moebian73 commented on 19 Mar 2007
What a brain dead idea. Safari d/ls flash video, why would you need this? I d/l flash video off of MySpace by just going to Safari's ACTIVITY list, and looking for's so easy, even a caveman can do it. Why would you need a seperate app to do something Safari does so easily?
[Version 0.9b2]

Moebian73 commented on 18 Mar 2007
It's a great app, but if only they would have it so that FLV videos could be shown on VLC, that would make it awesome.
[Version 0.8.6a]

Moebian73 commented on 15 Mar 2007
Oh sure, forget about those who have 10.3.9!!!!
[Version 0.5]

Moebian73 commented on 14 Mar 2007
$23? just so that I can convert FLV files to MPEG???? (Thats all I do on it.) Too much.
[Version 1.22]

Moebian73 commented on 24 Feb 2007
I havent had any problems with my Yahoo IM. I dunno why all you guys are fussin over it. It works for me just fine. The only thing I can't seem to do is look at the chat logs. How do I do that?
[Version 3.0b1r2]

Moebian73 commented on 22 Feb 2007
It's the best IM app on the Mac. It needs an update though. I, for one, would LOVE IT, if FIRE did everything AIM, YAHOO, & MSN can, as far as talk support, webcam support, and game support go. Because the AIM, YAHOO & MSN IM apps Mac have now aren't even updated to the latest versions and Yahoo IM has mediocre webcam support, but that's it. It would be cool to correspond with PC users through IMs & talk or play games, like Tic Tac Toe on Yahoo IM, & webcam all in one app. Just a suggestion.
[Version 1.5.6]

Moebian73 commented on 04 Aug 2006
That's lame. Every Mac app/game should be listed on here...beta or not. IT IS A MAC ITEM IS IT NOT? That's just not right. So you think your so great, MacUpdate/Versiontracker isn't good enough? You get exposure this way. You are totally out of your mind if you wanna delist from this site, or similiar sites.
[Version 1.0b8]

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Moebian73 replied on 04 Aug 2006
Anyway, Adium is probably the best IM app out there, except for FIRE. I once used ADIUM, & then I started to look back, (it says, "and you won't look back"). To really win me over though, it would be nice to add a MYSPACE IM feature, which every Mac IM app doesn't currently have at the moment. It would be cool to have a feature like that. I use FIRE just because of the e-mail alert feature.
Moebian73 replied on 04 Aug 2006
Why not just have a select few to test your betas then? Some developers do that.

A public download is a public download. There's no difference. It's all public. Not like Adium's site is a private webpage, it's as public as this site. I don't see why one site that's open to the public is different from another site that's open to the public just as much as the other site.

If you have these kinds of weird rules, you should pick 30 volunteers who know what they're doing & have them test your betas.

One critique about the beta: You should add Portuguese in future releases.
Moebian73 commented on 02 Aug 2006
Not bad...but Dirt Bike/Dirt Bike 3D is still the king of moto Mac cross racing in my book.
[Version 0.2]

Moebian73 had trouble on 28 Aug 2006
I downloaded iCab 3.0.3, but when I try to unDMG it, it gives me "no mountable file systems" as a warning. I've unstuffed many DMGs, why is this warning popping up?

As far as iCab is concerned, I think it's a great broswer. People tend to be picky, very picky, on their browsers. They want everything...EVERYTHING. iCab is good for those slower Macs, that have little HD space, and good for browsing the web like I do.
[Version 3.0.3]

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