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Mmueck commented on 23 Mar 2014
It's really great to see this back and being developed! As a bonus the version number has skyrocketed past 0.9 recurring, skipped 1.x altogether and gone straight for 2.x - so you know it's gonna be good ;-). Welcome back, you have been missed.
[Version 2.00b15]

Mmueck commented on 22 Mar 2014
This is a great editor to be sure, and right around the time I paid for it (December 2013) the developer went dark and hasn't been heard from since. The forums on his website are buzzing with people asking what's going on and quite a few people are now openly saying he's abandoned the product (although that's conjecture). Bummer.
[Version 2.0.2]

Mmueck commented on 05 Mar 2014
Just so you know what you're dealing with here:

[Version 4.0]

Mmueck commented on 28 Dec 2013
Why is this version showing up today on MacUpdate when it was released to the AppStore over 2 months ago?
[Version 6.2.4]

Mmueck commented on 01 Dec 2013
So this is curious. I just went to dropbox.com to check out the forums to see if the release notes were available and it says that 2.4.8 is the latest stable version - not the 2.4.9 version that MacUpdate says became available yesterday (11/30). The download link here does indeed contain 2.4.9 and it's dated as 11/27. I guess I'm not sure about updating dropbox until the dropbox folks announce it first...
[Version 2.4.9]

Mmueck commented on 09 Nov 2013
Just making a comment here - I'm certainly not trying to put down this software! People are saying that this saves them several hundred MBs, and I pretty much can't remember the last time I had a computer with less than 250GB. So we're talking about saving around 0.25% of disk space (for people like me I suppose). The vast majority of my hard drive consumption is in media files and those can't be trimmed. Trimming code signed programs is always a bit of a risk, and there are definitely programs that can't be trimmed (and you often find that out the hard way) and you're rolling the dice with system stability (especially when upgrading the OS). The unix OS (including OS X) needs to keep about a good 5% (or more) of available disk space for virtual memory, cache files, temporary files, and other such things. If you're cutting it that close, it's time for a new hard drive. Just saying...
[Version 1.5.8]

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Mmueck replied on 09 Nov 2013
I actually fall into the category you refer to, and I guess I'm saying the risk isn't worth it. If there was an additive you could add to your gas tank that got you an extra 0.25% mpg but it ran a little risk of the car needing a subsequent service would you do it?
Mmueck commented on 05 Nov 2013
After an exhaustive process of trial and elimination, I'm fairly certain MenuEverywhere is the cause of my dominant grief under 10.9 - I kept getting major and frequent system slow downs involving a process called com.apple.iconServicesMonitor and the only way to get my MacBook Pro back to normal was to kill that process. That process is supposed to pop up every now and then, do its thing and then vanish, but it seems MenuEverywhere keeps repeatedly forcing it into the open once it appears on its own. MenuEverywhere has problems anyway, it hasn't been updated in a year and it's likely abandonware at this point.
[Version 2.0]

Mmueck commented on 29 Sep 2013
So how does this software end up with the coveted bold red text at the top of MacUpdate's list at the end of the day? It has a really poor rating yet other software that rates much higher and has more downloads than this doesn't make the cut...
[Version 6.1]

Mmueck commented on 23 Sep 2013
Do you have a version that calculates your age in dogcow years? This is a Mac software site after all ;-)
[Version 3.0]

Mmueck commented on 22 Sep 2013
Yowza - I just looked up MacCleanse and noted the bold red text at the top of the MacUpdate listing saying to avoid Koingo. So I read a quite a few posts about this and it boils down to an issue between MacUpdate and Koingo whereby there is a dispute over the inclusion of 2 products in an offered bundle. The purchasers of the bundle were led to believe they were paying for one thing, but got another and are the meat in the sandwich in this dispute. So say this happens in a retail store - you find a mispriced item and take it to the register. At the end of the day, the customer had rights and he gets the item at the marked price and then retailer and company that manufactured the product have something to sort out (leaving the customer out of it). I've taken advantages of several such snafus on the internet and I'll bet many of you have found similar such deals. Koingo and MacUpdate have something to settle here - let their lawyers engage and let their fight begin etc. - but keep us out of it! Koingo shouldn't have pulled licenses purchased in good faith (that *might* have even been illegal), and the flame wars between the two on the MacUpdate forums is just unprofessional. My impressions of both parties has been tarnished as a result.

As an aside - way, way back when Koingo was either starting up or struggling, they offered some kind of deal for sale that effectively meant I had free updates for life for everything they ever sold. They've honored that to this day and, aside from this MacUpdate spat, I've found them to be an entirely reputable company. Anyway, that's my story - your mileage may vary...
[Version 4.0.2]

Mmueck had trouble on 26 May 2011
Downloaded this from the developer's website and couldn't get it to work. It briefly brought up a couple small malformed windows before yielding the main screen, and then a sheet was produced explaining that a demo period was in effect and it had a couple buttons for yes/no asking to buy it. I clicked on No because I wanted to try it and it didn't respond! It needed force quitting. Tried again, same deal. This is not ready for prime time yet...
[Version 4.0]

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