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Milmascaras reviewed on 19 Apr 2013
WooHoo! Latest fixes noticed and appreciated!
My fave just got improved and fixed (subtle fixes)
Scrolling lyrics have proper space breaks between paragraphs restored, and overlap problem with bottom title is even cleaner!
Thanks for making this available!
[Version 2.1.3]


Milmascaras reviewed on 03 Nov 2012
Thanks You for this! : I pulled an old eMac out of the closet, and gave it the old maximum update and performance treatment, wiped/reinstalled selectively, pruning old, hacking anew, and was very pleased with the performance of SeaMonkey, including ability to use some modern extensions. This brought back positive memories of Netscape Communicator, and Firefox and Thunderbird combination, and feels quite uptodate in just about every way. Good Job!
[Version 2.13.2]


Milmascaras reviewed on 04 Oct 2012
Very nice freeware, quite useful on small screens like MacBook Airs. Tabbed browsing on Finder windows by itself is cool, I only use about 33% of the options, and find it extremely useful and natural feeling. Has potential to be a classic. Had to experiment a little to find out out exactly what some options did (most are obvious), could use a pictorial users' guide, but otherwise I give a solid 4.5 stars.. Thanks!
[Version 0.9.4]


Milmascaras reviewed on 02 Oct 2012
Straightforward & Solid; Does what it says. This is not an automated tool, but rather an 'Archivists' tool. I use it to back up my iTunes library and personal documents to a secure backup, that is separate from my regular clone backup... Well done, Thank You.
[Version 1.8.0]


Milmascaras reviewed on 20 Sep 2012
Mac OSX 10.8.2 & iTunes 10.7 ! Still Works!
What a nice venerable little plugin....
I still prefer the old school Vertigo effect, and whenever I activate this visualizer, it creates its own full screen space to run, and I guess I can get used to that, swiping between spaces as needed.
Remotes still control everything correctly in this mode...

No plugin from anyone can ever show lyrics from a Home Sharing library on local network, unfortunately, and that is an Apple limitation(?) that I wish I could overcome, as my gigantic library has lyrics embedded in every song.

Thank You for this!
[Version 2.0.2]


Milmascaras reviewed on 19 Sep 2012
WHOA! What a Freakin' Trip! This is fun/funny! I'm giving it a whirl, purely cosmetic with no performance hit to an old legacy machine, and no anomolies noticed. Looks like a keeper...
[Version 2.0]

Milmascaras rated on 19 Jul 2012
[Version 1.7.7]


Milmascaras reviewed on 14 Apr 2012
Hangs at 99% bug in versions 11.0.5 and 11.0.6.
Many discussions at Roxio website confirming issue.
Issue disappears when downgrading to v11.0.4.

Updates to 11.0.5 and 11.0.6 seem to come from using in-app update command, and updating from within: couldn't find them when logging into my Roxio account at Support.
Versions 11.0.4 and below available at website though, via your registered login
[Version 11.0.5]


Milmascaras reviewed on 10 Apr 2012
Nice update to ALAC bit depth setting, etc. Still best choice for handling cue sheets for me. Thank You for keeping this app so useful and vital!
[Version 20120407]

Milmascaras had trouble on 24 Dec 2012
Hello: I am posting here, because I am having trouble with my email, it keeps resending you my OLD email draft, sorry....

Bug report that I have been noticing, on Mac OSX 10.6.8
When you are on desktop, and dragging an item on desktop to another folder or volume, xtrafinder freezes the native finder "spring loaded folders and windows" function.
You end up with a ghost/shadow of the icon movement still visible, and a frozen finder
A force quit of finder is required, which also quits xtrafinder, but once xtrafinder is inactive and native finder is relaunched, normal correct behaviour returns.
Did not notice this bug in version 0.13.1, but this happens all time in version 0.14...

( I have no crash log, because it 'freezes' finder, requiring relaunch of finder, not an actual crash…)

Thank You for your help and updates
[Version 0.14]

Milmascaras had trouble on 26 Oct 2012
Hello, Thank You for your excellent finder enhancement!
Feature Request?:
Would like to be able to drag icon at top of Tab to desktop.
Would like to be able to 'right-click' on icon at top of Tab.

This is to restore functions that are available when standard finder window is open, without XtraFinder installed. In the past, I often right clicked on the icon on top of finder window, and could also drag that new icon on top of tab to new destination freely. Your XtraFinder is very good, would like to add back standard functions, please. Thank You
[Version 0.10.1]

Milmascaras had trouble on 19 Oct 2012
Very Nice re-skinning and integration. I like it.
I do not want to skew ratings with question, but for the life of me I cannot figure something out How do I make it "find" me ?, and use my current actual current location on the map? Everything else is very easy to customize and figure out, but I want function to find me where I am right now, as starting point for map and directions search and navigation. Thank you for this very nice freeware
[Version 2.9.0]

Milmascaras had trouble on 01 Oct 2012
Wow, good work Imagomat with v2.1 and scrolling lyrics! I am a giant fan of your plugin, it really is my favorite.

Observation, but not a real problem, just a cosmetic issue?
In versions prior to v2.1, you would auto-shrink the text to fit the available screen size, and your usage of scrolling now results in a bigger, and more consistently readable font in lyrics. That's a very nice improvement, thank you...

The cosmetic issue: Now the lyrics are overlayed and coverup the "Track" Title at the bottom of the screen. Only a problem in songs with very many lyrics (such as anything by Public Enemy" which has hundreds of words in their lyrics).. This is purely a cosmetic issue, so I am only posting in troubleshooting section, though my review would still definitely give you 5 stars for the newest version!
[Version 2.1]

Milmascaras had trouble on 23 Sep 2012
Safari Cookies 1.9.4 with Safari 6.0.1 and Mac OSX 10.8.2 often "disappears" from the Safari > Preferences.. Poof it is gone...

Occasionally a reinstall of SC would fix, but alas, no more. Its just no longer shows up in Safari Preferences. The Plugin still definitely remains within the /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins folder, but just no longer appears in Safari preferences. A couple days ago, same system & setup, it showed up, but has now been doing a weird disappearing act... Tried installing EasySIMBL, which only reads from users ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins, and put SC plugin in there also, but that doesn't fix and make SC reappear in Safari preferences.

Anybody notice this, and have a fix? Reinstall used to work, all components still in correct place, but now disappearing act is permanent?
[Version 1.9.4]

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