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Mileslong commented on 08 Jan 2010
Does anyone know if Firebug works with3.6 yet??
[Version 3.6rc1]

Mileslong commented on 06 Jan 2010
I have all the crash data, I sent it to mozilla. Im not sure where you want me to post this. I have adblock running as well.

i have the following setup and add ons running:

iMac 27" 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 8GB 1067 MHz DDR3
Mac OS X 10.6.2
Firefox 3.5.7

Flash Addons:

Shockwave Flash
Silverlight 3.0.40818.0

Some of the errors include:

GS_googleAddAdSenseService is not defined
GA_googleAddAttr is not defined
GA_googleFetchAds is not defined
GA_googleFillSlot is not defined
[Version 3.5.7]

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Mileslong replied on 08 Jan 2010
Macfool, I appreciate all of your hard work on this project. I have been a user since Firebird and have turned on literally hundreds of people to Firefox through the years and insist on it within my organization.

I have rarely had any problems with Firefox, in fact only two through the years stick out.

1) I couldn't use Firefox 3 in XP without crashing due to some kind of admin privilege problems, never solved it but eventually it went away with later updates to FF3.

2) This latest crashing with FF 3.5.7 on flash heavy sites. I personally think it has something to do with Snow Leopard as well as FF and Safari.

Mileslong reviewed on 06 Jan 2010
Firefox 3.5.7 has now crashed every single time I have viewed a video on ESPN. Just ridiculous that a browser this far along in its development still crashes on flash videos. Very disappointing.
[Version 3.5.7]

mileslong commented on 21 Aug 2009
Again kennedy, i don't have a clue what your comment means about you CAn design a website from scratch but you CANT design one without downloading their developer tools and learning their software.

Well, I hate to be the one to break this to you but you have to learn somekind of software before designing and coding a website. I don't care if it's dreamweaver or textedit, you have to use software to design and implement a website.

When referring to developer tools you mean Theme SDK, that is for designer who wish to build their own templates and sell them as themes usually. I can take a nice RW template or any other for that matter I purchased for around $10 and then transform it into something that doesn't even resemble the original template (in a good way sometimes).

There are also blank templates that have no theme at all and you just code away, this isn't the developer SDK (which is free by the way).
[Version 4.3rc1]

mileslong commented on 14 May 2009
I think the two guys below me need to at least really try the software before writing such inane comments. You CAN build pages from scratch, there at least three different themes which come to you blank and you simply design away to your hearts content, yes, a blank canvas.

Secondly, every single theme available is modifiable. If you guys know so much about coding then you would have figured this out by now. The themes simply allow a nice looking quick template for those who aren't coders. If you are handy with code, the great themes available save you tons of hours in design and writing lines of code.

They have the best support for any software I have ever tried and if you want an answer to a problem, just go to the forums and you will have experts answer it for you within minutes usually. The only negative about Rapidweaver is that sometimes it does act buggy on my sites during design but I use an insane amount of javascript. Most people won't ever even notice this issue. Doesn't affect the way the site performs on the web either.

Again, you need to try a product before slamming it, really inaccurate posts, probably competitors or something.... Here are links to just some of the blank themes available, several are FREE as well...
[Version 4.2.3]


mileslong reviewed on 02 Sep 2008
Blocks is the best plugin for Rapidweaver hands down. I can't imagine designing an entire website without using it at least for some of the pages.

Makes a great product, RW, even better. Great developer as well, all of his products are first rate.

If you are going to start using RW then this is your first plugin to buy.
[Version 3.2b1]


mileslong reviewed on 31 May 2008
Man, some people are never happy. People either complain that there aren't any updates and a product seems to be dead, or that it is updated too often.

Here is a news bulletin: If don't like to update a lot THEN DON'T. Use the same version for a month then update it and see if there is another new version.

When a FREE program like this is updated a lot to me it means that the developer really cares about their product. It mean they are passionate about it which usually means it becomes a great program in the end.

This is a very cool program, for free, with a developer who really wants to put out a great program, be happy about that. Critique it by giving feature requests and report bugs but don't slam the guy for trying to consistently making it the best it can be. 5 stars from me!

Just think if the clown who makes Acquisition and Xtorrent cared this much. That guy Watanabe is very talented and makes beautiful apps but has the worst attitude on the planet.

Just think if he had this developers passion and drive, how good would those two programs be now? Instead, they are all but dead and they are pay programs...
[Version 2.0.18]

mileslong commented on 30 Apr 2008
donde está la biblioteca?

i wish i could speak spanish, looks like a promising app but english would be nice on an english site...
[Version 1.04]

Mileslong had trouble on 25 Nov 2010
I would love to try this software but the last several times updates have come out they simply won't launch.

i have an iMac 27" 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 and Forklift will never load, not once. Really the only software I have ever installed that won't even launch. Very disappointing.
[Version 2.01]

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Mileslong commented on 25 Nov 2010
i will send you what i just posted here..

Mileslong replied on 22 Dec 2010
i still cant even open it even in this latest version 2.0.5

have no other issues with any other program doing this. sent it crash report but no response.

iMac 27" i7 8gb ram
Mileslong had trouble on 20 Apr 2010
I can't get Utorrent to connect to Demonoid, does anyone else have this issue? All other apps like Transmission have no problems.

mileslong had trouble on 17 Sep 2009
Am I missing something? I can't find the Chinese RMB anywhere on the list...
[Version 1.4]

mileslong had trouble on 16 Dec 2007
can't login with my sirius account. i can login to my sirius player for mac but not this application, so like, whats the point?
[Version 1.0b7]

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mileslong replied on 17 Dec 2007
i have had a sirius account for a long time. i have a sirius player at my office that i own and one at my home. i recently downloaded the sirius for mac player on my mac and use it often. i liked the interface of this new app but i can't login. i have tried repeatedly but to no avail. the help function is of no use here. perhaps i am doing something wrong but it shouldn't be difficult for someone like myself with an MBA and business owner to login to an application.

mileslong commented on 08 Jan 2008
there is no tree or special login area in the bottom right hand corner. there is an option for "star desktop" i go to it and there are three options "sirius login" "star player" and "preferences"

i go to the login area and type in my login info which works on sirius player but it keeps telling me that the login info is incorrect and it is not incorrect. it always starts up like its going to login to some station but the throbber just keeps spinning and never does anything. very frustrating to say the least.

mileslong commented on 09 Jan 2008
ok, i signed up a seperate account and got it to login, our other account must have been changed somehow as far as login info. i tried to hit the red "record" button but get the script error "The variable test is not defined. (-2753)"

any fix for this? i appreciate the customer service...
mileslong had trouble on 27 Dec 2006
i have been using onyx for a long time but in the last two versions i cant get it to work anymore. it installs but then when i open it it wont give me a window anymore. when i tried to use th unistaller it wont do anything when i click the execute button. very strange. i have deleted the app several times and reinstalled but nothing works.

i have a powerbook 17" ppc.

thanks for any help
[Version 1.7.7]

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mileslong replied on 27 Dec 2006
yes i have, there are no remnants of onyx left, i just dont understand why it wont open now. really strange, any other suggestions?

thanks for your help
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