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Mikokim commented on 13 Apr 2014
Wait for the next update. This version force launches the Wacom Tablet Center — one ugly piece of software, BTW. There is no way to turn this off or disable it. I contacted support and they said they're working on it. Hope they're faster with this fix than they were with getting their kernel extension properly signed (which took several months). I uninstalled the Wacom Tablet folder from Applications for now because I got tired to have the Tablet Center pop up after every restart and then having to manually close it.
(OS X 10.9.2; MPB15 Retina)
[Version 6.3.8-2]

Mikokim commented on 22 Feb 2014
Curious: A certain Leo Mesentsev gives this app five stars. Of course he would; he's the seller. :)

Are sellers/developers allowed to rate their own apps on MacUpdate.com? Clearly that skews the star ratings — especially if not many "real users" have shared their experiences yet.
[Version 1.2]

Mikokim commented on 23 Jan 2014
Downloaded this app because I've been looking for an invoicing solution that enables me to sync via dropbox so I can keep track of time spend on a project in the office and on the road. TaskTime looked promising and I took it for a spin. Alas, the invoicing itself is not as flexible as I would like it to be (in terms of categories, layout, and design). I contacted the developer about the shortcomings for me, and within 24 hours he came up with some improvements along the lines of what I'm looking for (assigning categories to sessions). AMAZING! We went back and forth a couple more times, with equally fast turnaround on Terry's (the developer's) part. Although invoicing is still not quite what I'd like it to be, it's getting there, and I will certainly keep my eye on this app.( Just because it doesn't work for me, though doesn't mean it won't work for you ;) I just had to drop a note and comment on the fact that this app has a very responsive developer behind it. I don't want to abuse the rating system (hence, I'm leaving only a comment), but this dev deserves five stars.
[Version 5.1.2]

Mikokim commented on 19 Dec 2013
Tried to purchase their creative kit at a special holiday price (Intensify Pro and Snapheal Pro) at the developer site; during checkout, I noticed that the developer is "forcing" me to purchase also the download insurance — I never checked that option during placing the order, and I saw no option to remove it. So I tried contacting support — no go; you first have to place an order to get an account and access to their support (it seems). Sorry. But you just lost a purchase and a potential long-term customer. Too many hurdles — I hope the software is not as user-unfriendly as navigating through the websites support and store process.
[Version 1.0.1]

Mikokim commented on 17 Dec 2013
Took this for a trial run. Overall, I like the look and feel of this (despite some UI quirks and some awkward uses of English), but not sure I really need the app (although: it is nice to have the option to access docs in iCloud in your iDocument). I'm pretty good in keeping things organized in hierarchical folders. Couple things I noticed with this app:

* Performance: can rev up your CPU during indexing large folders (on my MBP 17" 2011 with 16GB RAM)

* Organization: the view area will list things alphabetically; in thumbnail view, each alphabetical category (#, 1, ..., a, b, ...) will open in expanded view; no command to collapse the view for easier scrolling to target a particular section.

* Footprint: you can throw all kinds of stuff into this app, but if you decide to remove content, there is no "garbage collection." Everything you add to the Library, will remain indexed in the Library > Thumbnails folder even AFTER you remove items from the Library. This can be an issue for space-conscious users (or users who want to store their Library in the cloud).

For example, I added a folder of some 30,000 images and documents to another folder I already had in iDocuments. The size of the Library increased from 2.5 GB to some 20 GB. Even after I removed the newly added folder and then restarted iDocuments, the Library folder remained at 20 GB; nothing got removed from the Thumbnails folder. No option to rebuild the Library/DB and remove irrelevant content. (The makers of the *pedia apps, Bruji, for example, give you the feature to Option-click Help and there you get all kinds of options to remove invalid or outdated data, including removing covers from items no longer in your *pedia database.)

Other than that, looks like a good (albeit somewhat basic) option for users with a penchant for throwing things into a bucket and tagging.
[Version 2.0.5]

Mikokim commented on 17 Dec 2013
Just an observation:

* No trial version?
* Lion is still featured on the developer's website as of December 17, 2013?
* Last updated in July 2012? So there is not one single little compatibility improvement with Mavericks that could have been done? (Even the free Mou, which appears to be very similar to this app has been updated recently.)

Frankly, this doesn't inspire confidence. Starting to look like abandonware.
[Version 1.0.8]

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Mikokim replied on 17 Dec 2013
Did send an email to the developer with the above as well — actually did get a response:
“We have been working hard on building the next version of Markdown Pro with many improvements…. We are in the final phases of development with great support for Mavericks.”
I guess, it's wait and see...
Mikokim commented on 21 Sep 2013
Just wondering: anyone using MU Menu with Bartender (on ML 10.8.5)? I noticed that when I put MU Menu into Bartender, it always shows as "Updated" not as "Regular"; even if no new apps are listed in MU Menu. The MU Menu icon set works just fine when it sits in the OS X menu bar. Anyone else experiencing this?
[Version 2.1.4]

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Mikokim replied on 28 Sep 2013
FWIW: latest Bartender update appears to have fixed the issue.

Mikokim reviewed on 14 Feb 2013
I Love my ScanSnap scanner--have moved almost all my "analog" documents (including books) to digital thanks to excellent OCR. However, I do have some issues with this software--and I've shared it with Fujitsu support more than a year ago. Two updates later, none of these have been addressed yet.

1. During scanning, the Image Scanning and file saving box is constantly on top. You can't minimize it; nor will it "disappear" into the background when the user clicks another window. Do they think users today use their computers only for one thing, i.e. if I scan I don't need to do anything else? The minizme button on the dialog box should be enabled and/or the behavior should be changed so it doesn't always stay on top.

2. Settings > Scanning Tab: When switching to Excellent Image Quality mode: every time the user gets an alert that this may slow down system performance. Why not add a check box "Don't show this message again" so users can click it and don't get this annoying message in the future? Likewise, on the File Option tab, when users select Convert to searchable PDF, an alert appears that warns users of extra time required. Needs a check box so users can option out of getting this alert. I don't need to see this each time I switch from non-OCR to OCR. Super annoying.

3. Focus: Each time something happens (say a jam or two sheets are pulled through at once), ScanSnap Manager steels focus from whatever one is doing -- whatever happened to having a bouncing icon in the dock? This behavior is pretty annoying, especially when you are working on an image in Photoshop and you are in the middle of cutting or drawing and the scanner jams and its dialog steals the focus of the action at hand.

4. Yes it's an ugly UI, but that's less annoying than all of the above. Alas, as a Fujitsu ScanSnap user, you're stuck with this app. It does its job, but it's super annoying...

BTW -- I wanted to give this three solid stars all the way through, but MU filled in star values for Features and Ease of use automatically, and I wasn't able to change the values. Not sure what's up with that... wish we users could edit ratings more easily.
[Version 3.2.63]


Mikokim reviewed on 16 Nov 2012
Changed my mind about the new version after downloading and trying out the Demo version from the company's site. Like others here, I was initially very disappointed that the company a) didn't offer an attractive upgrade path to longtime users with this new version by only offering a MAS download and b) the removal of some features. For a while, I used Calendar and Reminders instead of updating. Then I decided to give the trial version a shot -- and to my surprise everything I needed was there and working. The latest version still plays nice with Fantastical (important to me), even more importantly, like with the previous version, I have at-a-glance access to to-dos (Reminders) and events (Calendar) again instead of having to have two apps open (Calendar and Reminders) at the same time, plus -- a huge plus! -- I no longer have to look at the faux "leather" theme of Calendar (come on Apple, what's happening to your look and feel consistency across your design and products). In short: everything important to me and my workflow still works, and some of the new features that are not important to me (such as drag and drop of graphics) don't get in my way. I ended up upgrading to this version, although I wish the company would still offer the product through it's site, and not just MAS only. If your on the fence or still annoyed with the company's recent moves give the trial a shot and see if it still satisfies your needs. If not, stick with the previous version for now, or look for an alternative.
[Version 2.0.1]

Mikokim commented on 29 Oct 2012
Can someone tell me what's the difference between ABBYY FineReader Express and ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap (the one the comes with the Fuijitsu scanner)? Is it only that the one that comes with the scanner is tied to what you scanned with that Fuijitsu, or are there other feature differences?
[Version 8.2.6996]

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Mikokim replied on 29 Oct 2012
Thanks for your response. Looks like this may actually come in handy on occasion. I'll get it given the discounted price tag.
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