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Mikofox reviewed on 10 Jan 2014
Overall I'm glad this exists, but one problem I had suggested to fix years ago is still there in the latest version.
It still does not let one pre-select the Highlighted Text Color for a Bookmark or remember the color choice for it.
In the main Preference Pane there should be a checkbox and selector for Bookmark Text Color or the Bookmark Edit Pane should remember the settings
As is, one needs to check the Highlight box and select the color each time the Bookmark Edit pane opens.
I don't know if this is too complicated, but maybe check how some Firefox Highlighting plugs handle this so elegantly.

There is also a problem that I can't bookmark at all, unless I click each verse to open in a separate window, which is not the case in v.2.2.12.
[Version 2.4.8]

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Mikofox replied on 10 Jan 2014
Disregard last paragraph, appears to work now.

Mikofox reviewed on 17 Dec 2013
Works very well! Thank You! Puzzles me that neither Safari nor Firefox lets one save a webpage as a gap-less pdf.
[Version 0.6.7]


Mikofox reviewed on 08 Apr 2012
Okay, it just claims to be a reader, but still would like to see a way to group books together in categories and some of the features iBooks has. Sorry, but so far not very useful to me.
[Version 1.0.3]


Mikofox reviewed on 08 Apr 2012
I like this app and it's iOS counterpart. Very elegant design and works well, but I really wished it could handle sending files to the device in the background, to not interrupt usage of our iPad by family members. I assume that's caused by Apple restrictions and hopefully will change in the near future.
[Version 1.5.1]


Mikofox reviewed on 15 Mar 2012
Have been an Amadeus user/fan for a long time, but Audacity has many similar features and is free. Have used it a few times to remove dead space from lectures/audio books for shortening and it works quite well.
[Version 2.0]


Mikofox reviewed on 15 Mar 2012
Wow Apple, what took you so long? Finally Panasonic FZ35/38 Finder support. Thought I'd photograph roots growing into my coffin before that would happen. Thank You many times nevertheless!
Had to restart, as there were only small RAW2 previews in the Finder and my Nikon NEF's didn't show any longer. (cold sweat)

If yours wasn't covered this time, rumor has it, there's always hope with Apple.
[Version 3.10.0]


Mikofox reviewed on 21 Dec 2011
This Test Utility works quite well and is part of the NetUse Monitor app. The author has provided me with excellent support regarding configuration questions. I highly recommend the NetUse Monitor app as it is the only app for the Mac that can measure/log reliably the WAN traffic from your router to the ISP gateway.
[Version 1.2.4]

Mikofox commented on 02 Dec 2011
This app has a ton of features and I especially like the PPP controls for restarting a VPN.
BUT it remains relatively useless for me, as it cannot monitor true WAN traffic, i.e. between router and modem to get a total of BW usage by all clients. I assume it does not handle SNMP. If one could select the WAN interface it would be great.
[Version 4.5.4]


Mikofox reviewed on 02 Dec 2011
Okay I still stand by my comments below, but I did download it as this app seems to be the only one that can connect to SNMP to get TRUE internet traffic INCLUDING that by other clients on the same LAN.
The UI looks nice and has all the information needed in one place.
The NetUse Monitor Assistant aka SNMP Test Utility was/is really useful in determining the right network interface (which turned out to be difficult, but digging through the router pages revealed the correct WAN pipe.) I was actually baffled by the amount of interfaces our dd-wrt mega router (Linksys WRT600N) shows.

The app crashed once but picked up on the data after relaunching it.

Here are a few suggestions:
Billing date start day is fine, but maybe should be expanded to select the time-zone as the zero-hour usually starts at midnight where the ISP is located.
The MenuBar icon is too wide. Have an option to switch off the Counter.
Actually if the whole BW window could be dropped down from the Menu it would be fantastic, as one would not have to switch Spaces.
Allow for choosing the notification sound from System Sounds.
The app really needs a log to document the usage over several month to a year. Something that can be copied/saved/printed for proof/comparison versus the BW metering crap of the ISP. Having a constant quarrel with them and no proof until now.

Great app! Keep on fine-tuning.
[Version 1.2.3]


Mikofox reviewed on 01 Dec 2011
Apps that can measure the true WAN traffic between the router and modem seem to be very difficult to find. From the description I assumed one can pick the correct network interface and that this app would measure internet traffic only, including clients on the LAN. In order to be able to do so, it needs to use the SNMP feature a router may provide.
The interface I was looking for (WAN interface vlan2 or eth2 on my ddr-wrt, Linksys WRT600N) was not listed, just en0, en1,and others. So I assume this app can not connect to SNMP.
In several hours testing it displayed about 7% of the actual internet traffic NetUse Traffic Monitor displayed. I had en0 and en1 checked. So it misses a whole lot of traffic, probably even from the machine it is installed on.
It is nowhere explained what the "Watch internet usage only" checkbox does. TrafficBot Helper is running.
Maybe the dev could explain its limitations?

Here is what I would like to see changed:
1. Have a limited test version on your website to avoid the App Store download and no-refund baloney.
2. State clearly if it can monitor internet traffic by ALL clients connected to a router.
3. Data usage should be selectable by calendar date from-->to.
4. Explain the network interface abbreviations, so users know what to select. (I know that's a difficult one as these seem to be named and assigned differently from router to router)

The only app which seems to do the trick at the moment (at least in basic function) seems to be NetUse Traffic Monitor.
[Version 1.2.0]

Mikofox had trouble on 29 Sep 2012
Love my Firefox but recently the drop-down menus don't work. For example can't log into Twitter or if I go to dpreview nothing happens when I hover over the links. Can't explain why, deleted cookies and cache and addons disabled but no go.
[Version 15.0.1]

Mikofox had trouble on 20 Feb 2012
The latest version 2.4.4 would not update automatically. Just seems to download the file but then the update fails. Downloaded it then from the website and moved it into the Bundles folder manually, but afterwards Mail would not open at all. OS 10.6.8. Prev versions worked okay.
[Version 2.4.4]

Mikofox had trouble on 11 Jan 2011
Slight problem I had when trying to sort by creation date, when adding files that are shot within seconds. Is it possible that the sorting only works by the minute and disregards seconds? In any case it did not sort correctly when adding files with the same file name/different file ending from a folder of Panasonic jpg/raw I had previously renamed with Adobe Bridge.
[Version 2.3.3]

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