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Mikebenda reviewed on 28 Mar 2014
I reluctantly bought this after the developer abandoned Time Log, which does not run under Mavericks.

I had been happily using Time Log for years and loved its straightforward simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use.

Timings is complicated and limited. Very little is self-evident and the help system provides almost no help. Maybe the reason the developer created this app and dropped support for Time Log is that it's meant to work with (and sell) his other application, Grand Total.

No longer can I set the status of an entry to "Invoiced" or "Paid", allowing me to track its progress. I can only mark entries as "Archived".

I'm really sorry that I started using this application.

I'm frustrated; spending valuable, billable time trying to produce a report that I can use to create invoices.
[Version 1.0.4]


Mikebenda reviewed on 31 Dec 2013
One app that gives me access to all of my cloud storage accounts using a consistent interface, and lets me transfer files between them is a brilliant idea. This app shows promise but feels incomplete and lacks polish.

The overall design is too bold and clunky. Everything is much too large.
There needs to be some way to turn off the bright red and yellow interface and replace it with grey.
The header bar is huge and get rid of the application name in the header bar.

Home window:
The statistics in the home window would be much nicer if they were replaced with a graphic (such as a pie chart) to quickly and easily see used and available space.
Either use “edit” and “delete” or use two icons. Mixing the word “edit” with a trash can icon is inconsistent.
Remove “Add Drive” from this window. Once I’ve added all of my accounts I don’t need to see this every time I use the app, plus it takes up a lot of space.

The icon and list views are great but there needs to be a column view, like in the Finder.
The list view needs a way to add or remove columns.
The numbers in “size” column on the right side are too close to the edge of the window.
Instead of needing to open two or more windows, this app needs a split-window function.
The “back” button needs a companion “forward” button.

This app is not very intuitive. What is the purpose of the dropdown drawer at the bottom of the window? The button to extend or retract it is all the way at the top, in the header bar, where there is no clue as to its purpose.
[Version 3.7.0]


Mikebenda reviewed on 24 Oct 2013
One more thing to add to my previous review. Now that it doesn't work with Mavericks, I can no longer use it to calculate the time I've spent on current projects... including some that I've been working on for over a month! I'll have to manually go through the calendar app and figure out the time and costs for my projects, which will take hours.
[Version 4.6.1]


Mikebenda reviewed on 24 Oct 2013
I've been using Timelog for years and was very happy with it. Today, after updating to Mavericks, I suddenly discovered that it no longer work. Is it really that hard to update an application to work with the new OS? I'd gladly have paid an update fee in order to keep using this application, rather than having to lose time researching what other options are available and changing my workflow. This sucks.
[Version 4.6.1]

Mikebenda commented on 11 Aug 2013
Was using this and found that I could not install my Bootcamp partition with Parallels Desktop 8.

Since I had previously renamed the Bootcamp partition to "Windows 8", I first tried renaming the partition back to "BOOTCAMP" to see if that was the problem. The OS wouldn't allow me to rename the partition.

I uninstalled this software and I still couldn't install the partition with Parallels, so I re-installed it.

Now I cannot mount the Bootcamp partition and System Preferences crashes every time I click on this applications preference. ("System Preferences quite unexpectedly while using NTFSforMacOSX plug-in") I can see the partition in Disk Utility but it doesn't show up on the desktop. The filename is: /Volumes/BOOTCAMP⿨ⶮタ￿맠ẫチ￿殢궷ソ￿맀ẫチ￿㵨궲

I regret ever having purchased and installed this application.
[Version 10.0.2]


Mikebenda reviewed on 30 May 2013
At first I thought this game looked kind of dumb, then I went to youtube and checked out the videos and read the reviews in the Mac App Store. Don't discount this before you try it.

The one huge thing that I don't like about this is the in-app purchase BS.
[Version 1.4.4]


Mikebenda reviewed on 18 Apr 2013
Dear developer,

Please sell your software to someone who will update and maintain it.

The user community
[Version 2.4]


Mikebenda reviewed on 31 Mar 2013
Talk about good timing. As I was looking for a way to increase the size of my Boot Camp partition, I stumbled across a bundle with included Camptune X... and this application.

Camptune X and the other bundled apps worked great.

However, I formatted a USB stick as "Windows NT Filesystem" (with one of the new formatting options that appear in Disk Utility) but Windows can't read the disk. Then I noticed that the "NTFS for Mac OS X" pane in my System Preferences gives me the option to upgrade NTFS for Mac. What?! Did I just buy an outdated application?
[Version 10.0.1]


Mikebenda reviewed on 06 Mar 2013
I used to love this app, then I liked the beta version, then I hated it.

Today I decided to give it another try as I am removing a lot of unused applications in order to free up some space on my hard drive.

It's honestly not bad now. The speed is decent and I found the secondary cleaning options such as a list of extensions (internet plugins, screen savers, kernel extensions, etc.), and iOS software images and backups really helpful.

Sure there are options that I don't need or that some other application might do better, but I simply don't use those.

I'm happy to see that the beta has been improved and hope the developer keeps giving us updates.
[Version 4.0.0 Beta 5]


Mikebenda reviewed on 06 Mar 2013
Little Snitch informed me that Skype requested 56 outgoing connections upon launch, including Facebook. I have six contacts.

I can understand it looking for updates, but 56 connections? What's going on?

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Mikebenda replied on 14 Mar 2013
@Davidravenmoon, I received an error with the first posting and hit send a second time as I thought my review hadn't been sent. Both posts were sent within a minute of each other and not after "Everyone keeps telling you this..." Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm using Little Snitch 3.0.3 and receive varying amounts of outgoing connection requests each time I launch Skype. I have never given Skype free access to all incoming and outgoing connections. Prior to this version, there was never a problem.
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