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Mikeaugustleo commented on 26 Feb 2014
The (friendly) developer has already updated his software to v1.6 to work with Mavericks OS 10.9.2.

Works like a charm!
[Version 1.5.0]


Mikeaugustleo reviewed on 27 Jan 2014
I'm not sure if this is just me but since I've been using v26 CPU usage really skyrockets. Even just opening FF pushes CPU usage past 60% and if I leave it running it goes up over 80% with the fans beating their hearts out.

I've tried disabling the few extensions I have but to no avail. And searching the net for a solution hasn't turned up much in the way of dealing with possible causes.

Everything was fine till this version and I've been flip-flopping between FF and Safari but Safari, though a good-looker, has annoying habits that I can't beat out of it.
[Version 26.0]

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Mikeaugustleo replied on 27 Jan 2014
I should add two things: I completely trashed FF yesterday and started from scratch but that hasn't helped. I notice too that it's often when I'm logged into Facebook that CPU use goes up...javascript the fiend

Mikeaugustleo replied on 15 Feb 2014
I've tried Safari a few times but it's annoying behaviours take me back to Firefox, which seems to have calmed down a bit with 27. With Safari I don't like 1.) That each time you open it the window opens in a different position. I like order on my desktop and each time have to move Safari back to where I like it. Haven't come to a solution about that. 2.) I'm still using 1password 3, and I need v4 to use it with Safari. 3.) There's no universal password in Safari, as there is in Firefox. 4.) Safari's text is small and when you zoom in, the tables don't get bigger, so that text disappears, if a webpage is made up of a variety of them (tables). This is not an issue in Firefox. 5.) Safari doesn't remember that you've zoomed in to make text larger anyway, unlike Firefox, which seems to remember individual website preferences for text size. 6.) There are more useful extensions/addons with Firefox. For these reasons I stick with it and don't use Safari on a regular basis.

Mikeaugustleo reviewed on 18 Jan 2014
As Mail Unread is being updated I gave this a try and it's great!
[Version 1.5.0]


Mikeaugustleo reviewed on 13 Jan 2014
I'm hooked! Looks good, deals with all my feeds without issue and I can link my Pocket saves as well!
[Version 2.3.3]


Mikeaugustleo reviewed on 25 Nov 2013
I like it. Quickly displays most lyrics clearly. There seems to sometimes be an issue when it comes across a song with no lyrics in that lyrics are presented that don't belong to the song but that could be on account of the websites it searches. I like that you can have iTunes running in the background and the lyrics automatically displaying as tracks change.
[Version 2.0.2]


Mikeaugustleo reviewed on 02 Nov 2012
I'd like to like Safari but there are a few gripes I have compared to using Firefox.

I'm using a 17" MacBookPro and what I find frustrating with Safari is the size of the text. Firefox allows me to increase the size of webpages, including tables, so that the whole lot is made larger for easy reading. Firefox remembers these settings so I only have to do it once.

With Safari I find each time I open it and go to a page I have to increase the size of text, i.e. settings aren't saved, and with some websites the text size is increased but not the tables, which simply doesn't make it possible to then read all the text that should be there. This doesn't happen with Firefox.

Another issue is that Safari never remembers it's window position. Each time it's opened it moves down and the right a notch so that I have to reposition it. I've heard about using that window resizer in the bottom right-hand corner, then closing Safari and reopening but that doesn't work. (This issue is also Apples' App Store). Firefox simple opens and is positioned where I last had it.

The last reason I don't use Safari anymore is that Firefox has some useful extensions that make life easier such as Sage for RSS feeds and Dictionary Switcher.

I'm wondering whether anyone else experiences these first two oddities? but can say that it's for these three reasons that I stick with FF.

Safari looks prettier and Firefox has a couple of issues but I'm not going back to Safari in any hurry.
[Version 6.0.2]


Mikeaugustleo reviewed on 24 Nov 2011
I have to say that after an extended fondness for Firefox, and having used it as my main browser for a couple of years, something odd has started happening. I've noticed since v8 and inluding 8.01 that FF seems to stall more and more when rendering webpages. I'm no techie but when I launch Safari for the same sites there's no issue. It's happening enough for me to return to Safari as my browser until I can try a new version of FF down the track.
[Version 8.0.1]


Mikeaugustleo reviewed on 26 Oct 2011
I'm happy with the software. I run a very small business and it's been a good way of keeping track of expenses and income. When I started using it the developer was very helpful in assisting me to set things up.
[Version 2.4.0]


Mikeaugustleo reviewed on 01 Oct 2011
Hi Phaleron...you can disable that feature. Go to Preference > Advanced > When Updates to FF are Found...I'm sure that will alleviate your anxiety. Cheers!
[Version 7.0.1]


Mikeaugustleo reviewed on 18 Sep 2011
A bit surprised to read a review of FF7 involving crashing all the time. I've been using it for about three weeks as my main browser and I think it's crashed once. I'm using a 2010 MacBook Pro and Lion. I'm liking FF7 for it's speed. My only gripe is the Read It Later add-on isn't compatible. But what do you get for using a beta?!
[Version 7.0]

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