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Mike-Ryan reviewed on 12 Dec 2013
I gave up on this with the transition to Mavericks. It has just turned out to be a piece of useless junk software.
[Version 7.1]


Mike-Ryan reviewed on 23 Oct 2013
This version DOES NOT WORK with Mavericks.

Will someone please release a dock utility that will remove the ridiculous dock shelf so the app icons float freely and we can easily see the small lights of those apps running? As it stands now you can't figure out what is running and what isn't because the shelf gets in the way.
[Version 1.7.0]


Mike-Ryan reviewed on 14 May 2013
I'm a current 2.0.4 user and totally love this app - and despite those who poo poo the upgrade, it is well worth it. That being said, I can't find a way to upgrade from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5. BusyCal has no settings anywhere to check for updates. So how do I upgrade to this version?
[Version 2.0.5]

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Mike-Ryan replied on 14 May 2013
Duh... found it. Went to App Store and checked for updates. There it was. Now installed. VERY happy with this app. Love the ability to write full review of my day. BusyCal is very much a daily daily diary and/or journal. I love adding the icons for tasks, appts and the syncing between my iPhone and iPad. All very well done.

Mike-Ryan reviewed on 14 Dec 2012
To all of you professing the beauty, ease and power of this latest version please understand that your IP address is NOT hidden from your internet provider. If you are signed on with Time/Warner, Comcast, AT&T and a host of other providers they are now working in tandem with the music and movie industries to provide your identity for legal purposes. In the past providers would only provide your account information if they received a court order but today they are gladly handing over your private information. It is just a matter of time before your service is throttled or cut off entirely and you get a nice nasty letter from the music and movie industries.

Many of us have repeatedly requested the developers of Transmission to add an IP blocking feature or to return Transmission to offer sock protection. Version 1.71 is the last Transmission version to offer sock protection. This allows you to sign on with IP hiding services such as GTGuard and several others. AVOID, with a passion HMA (Hide My Ass) a service that also works in tandem with the movie and music industries and promptly hands your private information over with just a request.

Again - Transmission developers - upgrade Transmission with a feature to hide our IP addresses or return SOCK protection back in your next release.
[Version 2.75]

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Mike-Ryan replied on 15 Dec 2012
I am complaining that if I choose to have my mail delivered to another address and have that address forward or bounce that mail on to me I should be able to do so. Proxy support would allow that yet Transmission has removed Proxy support after v1.71.

As it stands now any one wanting to take me to task for downloading what they conceive is wrong material, Transmission is aiding and abetting them in doing so by displaying my IP address, which in turn, can and will be used against me by a host of providers.

Transmission Developers could easily remove the feature that displays your IP address so nothing is displayed or replaces the IP address with something like "IP Address Blocked".

Understand here, IP hosting services are now acting as Internet Police. They've strapped on badges and going through your baggage, your trunk, your pockets for what they consider to be contraband. Legally they have no right to do so but they hold the power of service and can/will use that power to destroy their own customers - especially the customers they dislike.
Mike-Ryan commented on 30 Oct 2012
Every time I turn around there is a new Dropbox update. Why? Why can't these guys put out one update every month or so - preferably every 60 days instead of day in and day out. I won't use the product for the specific reason that they can't seem to get it right, right out of the box.
[Version 1.5.42]


Mike-Ryan reviewed on 27 Oct 2012
This version seems to bog down with memory leaks. If I open too many tabs or separate windows the browser comes to a crawl. I have to wait and wait for a page to be updated or to react. Why don't they test these things before they dump it on the Mozilla community? I get so tired of poor performing products and updates forced down your throat. I look up and suddenly, "Your Firefox has been updated..."
[Version 16.0.2]

Mike-Ryan commented on 19 Oct 2012
I dropped Transmission because they dropped Proxy support. Without the use of a proxy your IP address is clearly visible. AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and others don't hesitate to throttle and/or close your account.

Does Transmission now have proxy support?
[Version 2.73]

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Mike-Ryan replied on 20 Oct 2012
Trackers are exactly how ISPs monitor p2p activity. Those of you NOT using a proxy or anonymous IP address are exposing yourself to criminal prosecution. I know you think "it won't happen to me" but it does happen, your activity is monitored and flagged by your ISP. AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, TimeWarner, are willing partners with the movie and music industry. If you download a TVShow the producers open transmission and look and note all the IP addresses downloading and sharing that show. They then contact the account holder ISP and complain, who in turn, pull up your record and see the file has been downloaded over their service.

Transmission works hand-in-hand with the ISPs by exposing your IP address. When I don't use a proxy I hear from my ISP. When I do use a proxy the ISP had no idea what it is I am downloading and quite frankly, it is none of their business.

For all of you trumpeting Transmission you are surfing the internet with blinders on and it is just a matter of time before you are pulled over.

Mike-Ryan replied on 20 Oct 2012
The last version of Transmission that supported Proxy was v1.71. It is still available still a solid P2P app. There are a few companies that offer Proxy services some free proxy services such as the Vidalia Bundle and Tor. tor stands for The Onion Router, (named because it hides you behind multiple "layers") it's a system of multiple "nodes" that routes your traffic through multiple proxy servers, so that if anyone tries to trace it, they have to go back many many layers, and can't guarantee if they've found the source. i've had really good luck with vidalia, and it's my main choice for anonymous browsing online and bypassing filters.

The commercial services (GTGuard is one) is easiest to setup for newbies and charges perhaps $5 - $9 a month. In short they send you the settings, an id and pwd, for Transmission 1.71 and you are set. Everything you download displays their anonymous IP. They have top-notch broadband servers whereas the free proxies can be hit or miss.

Stay away from "Hide My Ass" if you are a P2Per. HMA has thousands of valid IP addresses and you can hide your real IP using one of theirs - except the Music/Movie people complain to them and they in turn, complain to you to stop. Thus, they are merely acting as a middle-cop and you pay for it. If, otoh, you simply want to remain anonymous and you don't download p2p files, HMA does a good job of keeping you anonymous.

I hope this helps. I encourage all Transmission users to nudge Transmission's developers back to adding proxy support. OR, include some sort of IP hiding in the application itself. Now THAT would be worth buying.

Mike-Ryan replied on 22 Oct 2012
Get ready: If you use AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, or Verizon as your Internet service provider, you will receive the first of one of these notes starting in the next two months.

The Internet provider is delivering the message, but the legwork is being done by the copyright owners, which will monitor peer-to-peer networks such as BitTorrent.

They use a service called MarkMonitor, which uses a combination of people and automated systems to spot illegal download and turn it over to the Internet providers, which will match up the address with the right customer and send the notification.

Thus, your internet provider is now taking on the role of internet cop. With three notifications they will shut off your internet service.

What can you do? Hit them in the pocketbook. The first time you get a notice immediately look around and switch to a local internet provider, even if it is a DSL or slower connection. Let these providers see their income drop. Won't take them long to rescind their ill-fated policy and you can return to them (if you want).

Transmission developers - add the option in transmission to block or disguise the user's IP address. If not, Transmission becomes a dead product very quickly. Go ahead, slap a $10 fee on it and Transmission will be well worth the money.

Mike-Ryan reviewed on 05 Aug 2012
Always like this program but with this release I find I am unable to check the boxes for Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French and all the others that are not defaulted checked. What's up with that? I don't need Flemish on my system...
[Version 1.5.0]

Mike-Ryan commented on 29 Jul 2012
The developer has got to settle down and really work on this program. Even after this update I continue to have unbelievable problems with it and Mountain Lion. And you're right, if you rely on the "check updates" feature it is going to lie to you and that's a clear indication that the developer(s) have fallen down on the job. So disappointed because I loved this program under Lion but now I've simply disabled it entirely. Very annoying. They had MONTHS to update this program for Mountain Lion and it is sheer laziness on their part. Now they are scrambling, pumping out update after update to fix this and that and still it is pretty useless to me as I'm sure to others.
[Version 1.3.11]


Mike-Ryan reviewed on 25 Jul 2012
Nice. Installed easily enough. One problem tho' ... they brought back that silly dock shelf. I have removed it on every OS update so far but now they've gone and renamed the png shelf image(s) and I can't figure out which image(s) to delete. Anyone know?? Puh...lease tell us. That shelf drives me crazy, it is annoying, an eyesore, takes up valuable screen space. I just want the dock icons (and the little lights under those apps that are running.
[Version 10.8]

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Mike-Ryan replied on 25 Jul 2012
No, I mean the entire dock shelf, that piece of dung that your icons appear to be sitting on. It is a ridiculous piece of no-nothingness. On a MacBook it takes up a considerable amount of bottom screen and there is no reason to. Simply remove the shelf and let the app icons stand alone. If they are in use a small white light appears below them. With the shelf I can't tell if an app is running or not. In previous OS X versions you could go into the dock.app package and remove five little png images, reset your Dock and presto - the shelf would be gone. But they've changed it now and I can't find the images that make up the shelf to remove them. Has anyone else had any luck? BTW, who wants app icons running UP the side of the screen? That is just as annoying as the shelf itself!
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