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Michel_louette reviewed on 28 Mar 2014
Back for first rev.
I'm still not happy with it. It may seem simple but is not.
I tested one only album (Aloe Blacc - Lift Your Spirit) with this 1.1.0 rev. and nothing was really more accurate.

The drop folder doesn't work, i had to drop files instead (so why asking for folder drag and drop?).
4 songs of 11 had wrong covers, plus different mistakes on tags.
Still no possibility to select tags I want to apply, I do have to apply all or none. Isn't that a bit silly? And still no possibility to change tags…

A lot of tags are missing (compared to iTunes tags), and i cannot add any.

How could I describe this piece of software? As simple as a freebie.
At least, when you don't pay, you don't have to cry…

OK, the good part is the dev is consistent.
I still have the covers crap in my Application support folder: 18 covers for 11 songs (only 3 different covers with many different sizes). I love to waste my time not applying wrong tags and covers, quit, then find cover craps to trash!

I really don't get the purpose of this rev. but hey, if it takes that long to change minor bugs, how long for real improvements?

Still waiting for a serious revision…
- Let us choose the tags we want to apply (radio button?)
- Let us modify tags and covers (i.e. copy/paste from other songs)
- Add tags (the same iTunes has, since it works with it)
- Don't keep all those covers after a quit!
- Don't open your webpage at first launch - I don't want to buy the app, it's already bought! Damn.
[Version 1.1.0]


Michel_louette reviewed on 12 Oct 2013
OK, this is the very first version, so it can't be perfect.

I just bought it today and tried it on some of my music out of iTunes, before messing up anything with a long-time stored music collection.

3 identified albums: Nina from Kellylee Evans; Arabia- The Essential Album (compilation); Big Blue Ball (a Real World compilation).
I do have right tags and covers for all of them.
You might tell me these albums aren't that easy but - hey - i don't need to pay for a piece of software that only identifies me the latest Miley Cyrus album!

Without any surprise, it goes to Gracenote DB, like many other music solutions. And i must say, authors and titles are pretty accurate. This is the good.

Very useful for a start.

The bad is…
- A folder "might" be an album.
The compilations are just ignored. The app finds references for each song, ignoring everything the whole stuff: the finders sorting, the existing tags…
For each song, it finds any album, even other compilations, but NEVER the actual compilation i do own. This makes different album tags, different dates, different covers… A real mess.
Infos may be accurate but these are not the infos i need.
- Different covers: now it's about anything that might seem to be a cover. Singer pictures, flyers, ads from the singer or someone who's supposed to be the singer, any format, any size. Let's say you always get an image, not a cover. Unusable.
- So you may want to change, and you can (please get that back to the good).
But… You can only change… Song per song: you just can't select multiple songs and change! Speaking of wasting time.

For your record, i just closed the software without changing anything. Tests sometimes saves your day.

- The baddest is still to come.
TidyMyMusic stores every cover into /Library/Application Support/TidyMyMusic/Artwork.
My little test got me exactly 169 covers! This means every single pictures and alternatives are permanently downloaded. Even for the Real World compilation - only one song was not tagged from the album - i got different pictures for each song, different pictures for the same album cover! Please dev, can you just download ONE picture when only one is needed?
Seriously, i got 111.5 MB of useless pictures permanently hidden on my Mac for 3 little albums (53 songs)…
Let me guess, if i try for all my iTunes songs (16,000+ songs): i'm gonna buy another storage disk for the pictures!

Sorry to be that sarcastic, but i can't use an application that is only accurate for authors and song titles.
- Folders sometimes indicates files are from one only action, let's say album. Why isn't it possible to tell the app?
- Existing tags might be a good start, too: let users tell the app!
- When getting a cover, please get a real cover not anything that covers.
- Please indicate the pictures sizes: i found pictures that were almost 2 MB. Not everybody want to get that size to store on their iDevices.
- When the job is done and everything is stored, please add a preference to DELETE all UNUSED downloaded pictures!

Now, i'm patiently waiting: i may change my mind on the next release if these things change. Hope to see it very soon!
[Version 1.0.0]


Michel_louette reviewed on 17 Jan 2013
PrintFab is now Mountain Lion compatible… at last.
After several months waiting, i find the update… is a paid one.

Since i don't see any improvement except the ML compatibility (and some new drivers that obviously don't concern old clients), i don't see the point of paying for a piece of software i already own.
More, i read PF website: "for a small surcharge… use it on up to 3 computers. Small surcharge? More than double the price!
People can count, ya know…

So now i'm stuck with this choice: keep my PrintFab version that's not compatible with Mountain Lion, or paying a fee to be able to use it. I hate that!

Dear PrintFab people, i don't want you to get my money for nothing more than a compatibility issue.
We're in the iOS apps era, small fees and free updates.
Forget the 90's and expensive upgrades for nothing, long waits for compatibility…

I'll find another solution. Starting by saving a few…
[Version 2.50]


Michel_louette reviewed on 21 Mar 2011
Great tool, i need it on a daily basis.

But today's update (2.08) zip file seems to be corrupted: can't unzip it…
[Version 2.08]

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Michel_louette replied on 21 Mar 2011
Oops, i didn't check the auto-update (bad habit).
Still, your zip file has strange behaviour on my Mac. Apple zip utility gzips it, StuffIt reports error, Springy can't open it, as Zipeg does.
It's ok for me with auto-update, but i'd say you should check the original file and use a regular zip compression, in any case…
Mileage may vary ;)

Anyway thank you for keeping this great piece alive!
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